Water Flow Meters: Measure the movement of water.

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  • Kalibro FMT - Flow & Heat Meter Test / Calibration

    Company: VMH Kalibro Ltd

    Vemit Kalibro Ltd manufactures test and calibration equipment for flow meters; water meters and heat meters. The equipment are sophisticated, computer controlled systems, by which can different type of flow meters (mechanical, magnetic, ultra-sound etc) be calibrated using cold, warm or hot water. Depending on the size of the meters, there can be several meters calibrated simultaneously.

  • Mc Propeller - Flow Meter

    Company: McCrometer

    McCrometer has set the standard for liquid flow measurement performance, ease-of-use and value in the agricultural and turf markets since 1955. Its leading-edge propeller flow meters offer economical and versatile flow measurement. The Mc Propeller is especially suited to dirty water flows, municipal and other high-volume water applications.

  • Flow Sensing

    Company: Ams AG

    Ams offers market leading solutions for flow metering applications. Especially for the growing market of static meters the ams ultrasonic flow converters for heat, water and gas define trends in cost, compactness and performance of such meters.

  • GU-3001 - Magnetic Meter

    Company: Lutron Electronic

    The third most common flowmeter (behind differential pressure and positive displacement flow meters) is the magnetic flow meter, also technically an electromagnetic flow meter or more commonly just called a mag meter. A magnetic field is applied to the metering tube, which results in a potential difference proportional to the flow velocity perpendicular to the flux lines. The physical principle at work is electromagnetic induction. The magnetic flow meter requires a conducting fluid, for example, water that contains ions, and an electrical insulating pipe surface, for example, a rubber-lined steel tube.

  • EZ-View Flow Meters

    Company: Badger Meter

    Hedland EZ-View flow meters provide a lower cost alternative to standard Hedland flow meters. Made from high-impact thermoplastics like polysulfone and Radel, these variable area meters (rotameters) contain a minimum number of moving parts, offering a reliable, trouble-free flow rate indicator. Fittings, available in brass, stainless steel and PVC, with NPT or BSP ports, allow the meter to be installed in a wide variety of applications. Meters can be used in oil and water processes, with the ability to add a flow switch, which can be used to trigger alarms.

  • Water Specialties Propeller Meter

    Company: McCrometer

    The Water Specialties Propeller Meter is the best choice for measuring clean water flows in municipal and industrial applications. The meter is engineered to deliver superior performance, low maintenance and unsurpassed durability. Meter materials and performance meet or exceed AWWA standard C704/92.

  • Open Channel Flowmeters

    Company: R&B Instrument

    Open Channel Flowmeters is designed for continuously monitoring the flow rate and total flow in open channel. It is suitable to measure flow under open channel condition of water conservancy, hydropower, environmental protection and other industrial and agricultural environment. The meter is built in EEPROM module, ensure that total flow will not be lost when power failure.

  • Flow Measurement Trainer Using Orifice Meter

    Company: Unitech Scales And

    This setup is a table top model, it comprises of source and measuring tank. The measuring tank is of acrylic with liters graduated. A small FHP pump is fitted to circulate the water. A orifice meter with U-tube manometer is provided to measure the flow rate. A rotameter is provided to measure the exact flow rate. Control valve is provided to control the water flow rate. Digital timer is provided to notedown the duration of flow.

  • Liquid Flow Meters

    Company: Alicat Scientific

    Alicat’s L-series liquid flow meters uses our patented laminar flow design to provide users with fast, accurate, and repeatable volumetric flow measurement for water or selected other liquids (see Quick Specs below). At the heart of Alicat’s L-Series liquid flow meters is an internally compensated, laminar differential pressure measurement technology that yields linear results over a wide flow range.

  • Flow Totalizer

    Company: R&B Instrument

    Flow Totalizer Universal input, can be used with various types of sensors, transmitters used in conjunction, without compensation to achieve a liquid (such as water, oil) flow parameters measured display, alarm control, instantaneous flow transmission and cumulative flow totalizer; can receive orifice differential input or vortex flowmeter, turbine flowmeter, electromagnetic flow meter and other flow meter input signal; a prescription, small-signal removal and multi line input correction function; can achieve 4-bit 8-bit instantaneous flow and cumulative flow with the screen display. Through the serial communication port can be implemented in the host computer to read and write all parameters. By setting the instrument parameters can be quantitatively (volume) control.

  • Moisture Test Chamber

    Company: Thermotron Industries

    The chamber features a self-contained water recirculation system that eliminates the cost and inconvenience of plumbing in a facility water supply. Water is injected into the test enclosure through specifically-sized nozzles. Flow meters with adjustment valves supply the spray at specified flow parameters. A rotating test platform can be incorporated to promote even moisture distribution over the surface of the products under test.

  • E-Series - Ultrasonic Meters

    Company: Badger Meter

    E-Series Ultrasonic water meters from Badger Meter use solid-state technology in a compact, totally encapsulated, weatherproof, and UV-resistant housing, suitable for residential and commercial applications. Equipped with an easy-to-read, 9-digit LCD display, the ultrasonic meter reports consumption, rate of flow, reverse-flow indication, and alarms. With no moving parts, the E-Series Ultrasonic meter improves reliability and has greater extended low flow accuracy compared to mechanical meters.

  • AEM1-D - Handheld 1-D Electro-Magnetic Current Meter for Rivers

    Company: JFE Advantech Co

    AEM1-D is a 1-D electro-magnetic (EM) current meter for the flow measurements in rivers, streams and various waterways. The measurement range is 0 to 5m/sec. The EM sensor can accurately measure water speeds at a shallow depth of 3cm.

  • RBBH DN50-300 - Building Ultrasonic Heat Meter

    Company: R&B Instrument

    RBBH DN50-300 Building Ultrasonic Heat Meter is an innovative heat meter with static flow sensor based on the ultrasonic measuring principle. RBBH Ultrasonic Heat Meter is designed for measuring the use of heating in which water is the heat-bearing medium. RBBH Ultrasonic Heat Meter utilizes ultrasonic measuring methodology and microprocessor technology. All calculation and flow measuring circuits are designed on one single board, thus offering exceptional accuracy and reliability.

  • VEROflow - Portable Water Meter Utility Service Analyzer

    Company: MARS Company

    Field Testing residential water meters is easy with the unique VEROflow Utility Service Analyzer. The MARS VEROflow is a precision microprocessor-based test instrument designed to:– Verify residential water meter accuracy to within 1/2 of 1% by merely connecting the instrument to the customer’s hose line. – Check both static and flow pressure at the residence. If any blockage exists, this data will indicate which side of the meter the problem is on.