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  • Q-Master2 - Video Quality Testing Software

    Company: QoE Systems

    Measure and test video quality with our Q-Master2 Video software, heavily relied on by many organizations. This standards-based software provides a quality assessment of a number of video devices such as encoders/decoders, transcoders, head-ends, STB, for networks and both 2D and 3D mixing/de-mixing algorithms.

  • VIP472 - Video Line Insertion Processor

    Company: FM Systems

    The VIP472 is a line switcher that will insert any one video test signal line onto your NTSC video path so that you can monitor the trasmission signal quality. This process allows the video test signal to pass through all digital compression systems to verify that your video is being delivered accurately without distortion.

  • VTG 400DVI - Programmable Video and Audio Test Generator

    Company: Extron Electronics

    An advanced, programmable, and upgradeable Video and Audio Test Generator that delivers accurate, full bandwidth video signal reproduction and high performance audio test signals. This test generator is a professional quality reference tool for set-up, performance evaluation, calibration, and troubleshooting audio and video systems. DVI, RGBHV, component video, S-video, and composite video output

  • SITE Test System - Telecommunications Network Test System

    Company: Keynote Systems

    The SITE Test System provides network operators and manufacturers the most powerful and precise test platform to discover, investigate, analyse and report the quality and performance of telecommunications network. The modular structure of SITE guarantees maximum flexibility in: Service Testing, Protocol Testing, End2End Testing, Roaming Testing. Tests; SMS, GPRS, WAP, IVR, IN/Camel, MMS, Streaming, WLAN, Web, Voice Quality, Video Telephony, Telephone, Video Quality and Blackberry.

  • 3D Video Quality Measurement

    Company: QoE Systems

    3D video quality and 3D technology have traveled great lengths over the past several years. As a result, the 3D quality of experience has entered the spotlight for video technology. As 3D production studios continue to refine the way they capture and deploy 3D media, the companies who build 3d playing devices must find efficient and best-of-breed solutions to measure and test 3D quality within their video playing devices.

  • VG10 - Multi-Functional Video/Audio Test Generator

    Company: Gekco

    The VG10 is a low cost Television Test Signal Generator well suited for maintenance and alignment of video equipment in most television, cable or video production environments. This design takes advantage of large scale integration, which provides you with a low cost, high quality video generator, and passes the savings on to you.

  • E-TESTCHART - A3 High Resolution CCTV Test Chart

    Company: EAGLE Technology

    Our new CCTV Test chart is an extremely useful tool for the CCTV technician/installer to have. It allows the user to test several qualities of a particular video signal such as resolution & colour reproduction. This can be useful in trouble shooting or for comparing video quality of different products such as digital recorders, cameras and monitors.

  • VQL - Sophisticated Audio and Video Test Patterns

    Company: VideoQ

    VQL Instantly reveals your video display, codec, scaler, converter or other video device performance VQL test patterns cover all 3 levels of video QA/QC: Instant visual-aural Quality Estimation Objective Measurements of video and audio performance Fully automated (unattended) Quality Control VQL features: Compatibility with all commonly used software or hardware codecs and media players VideoQ VQV / VQMA / VQTS / VQDM compatible tests Wide range of video frame sizes: from 192x108 to 4096x3072 Variety of bit rates up to uncompressed 4:4:4 4K @60 fps, 48 bit per pixel Variety of video and audio formats, color spaces and level schemes All test patterns remain suitable for accurate measurements even after low bitrate coding, heavy scaling and/or cropping, e.g. after down-conversion for mobile devices Standard, custom and semi-custom tests for development labs, content processing facilities, CDN systems, software developers and high volume manufacturers

  • OxSync - HDTV Universal Sync and Test Generator

    Company: High Performance

    The HDTV Universal Sync is a cost effective High Definition Test Generator, providing a variety of high quality HDTV analogue and serial digital test patterns in the common HDTV video standards.

  • IPTV Testing

    Company: EXFO

    EXFO offers IPTV test solutions to assess the network copper physical layer, validate the xDSL service and test the performance of the IPTV component at any stage of the deployment. Our Ethernet IPTV testing, IPTV analysis capabilities and advanced IPTV monitoring solutions offer complete end-to-end quality of experience (QoE) assessment for IP video. EXFO enables providers to successfully introduce video services faster and manage them more cost-effectively, by continually ensuring the highest service quality.


    Company: GME Technology

    The HG139 is an easy-to-use handheld video pattern generator that generates a wide variety of test patterns for comprehensive testing, calibration, and repair of HDTV, analog television monitors, and other video equipments. The HG139 delivers the quality and functionality you would expect from the expensive high end HDTV pattern generator at a very affordable price.

  • VQTS-200 - Video Generator-Analyzer

    Company: VideoQ

    VQTS-200 is a self-contained solution, combining: 3G-SDI/HDMI/DVI player/recorder - based on AJA Kona LHi card Built-in RAID storage - uncompressed YUV signals in and out, up to 1080p60 Visual, instrumental and automated tests using VQL Test Patterns Library Sophisticated image quality VQMA3 software analyzer - complete quality report in 2 seconds Ideal tool for development labs, software developers and high volume manufacturers Easy-to-use tool, instantly revealing your video camera, codec, scaler, converter or other video device performance User-selectable reporting modes: machine-readable file with Pass/Fail marks detailed multi-page PDF document

  • GAO360 - IPTV Tester

    Company: GAO Tek

    GAO360 IPTV TESTER is a professional IPTV tester. This tester not only has xDSL test function but also can test the video frequency quality (Dithering, package loss, transmission speed, MDIDF delay), code stream quality (ISO TR101290 three ranks warning) and net configuration.ST360 IPTV tester supports TS and ISMA which is the mainstream nowadays; Supports many kinds of networks transmission protocols like UDP, TCP and so on ; Supports many kinds of sounds video frequency code form like MPEG4 H264 AVS and so on; Support transmission quality analysis real-time curve demonstration; The support interception with the group broadcasts in the environment set top box simulation test; Simultaneously provides many kinds of tests pattern like the simulation, interception, series connection, straight connection and so on.

  • W3-KB330 - Multi-function CCTV tester

    Company: Zhuhai Witson Industrial

    *Video test. The video signal and the quality of picture can be tested. *It has the basic operational test of PTZ products, function include pan/tilt, zoom in/out, preset setting and operation, speed adjustment etc; support multi-protocol and baud rate, communication via RS-232, RS422 simplex and RS485 port. RS485 protocol include: Pelco D,P, Samsung, Panasonic, Molynx. Additional Protocols may be added as per customer requests.

  • Spectatorâ„¢ Family - Speed Test

    Company: IneoQuest

    When it comes to video streaming, a simple speed test is not enough. Speed tests simply move large data objects from a server across a network to your device, and measure performance based on how long it took. But it will not tell you how well-distributed the transfer was. For today''''s streaming, performance consistency is critical to a high quality streaming experience. Spectator NOW measures actual streams for accurate results. Using your provided video URL, or one of the included test URLs, Spectator NOW identifies the video''''s available source bit rates (the rendition set), and graphically illustrates the current and average playback bit rate and rate shifts during the playback session. IneoQuest''''s patented VeriStream measurement and scoring technology delivers easily understood results. Spectator NOW also measures the streaming capacity of the connection, so you can learn if your network connection can support even higher quality, such as 4K/UHD or HD 1080p.