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Video Inspection

Evaluation of an object through the analysis of video representation.

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  • Video inspection


    – Video endoscopes – Pipe / drain cameras building inspection.

  • Inspection Video Scope


    The Video inspection scope is for remote inspection of areas generally inaccessible to the naked eye. It comes with a distal video camera for internal inspection of engines A/C system and any space such as walls or old trees.

  • Video Inspection Systems


    This optical video inspection system can provide a high magnification image without chromatic aberration and distortion. Micro Zoom Video Inspection Systems have high magnification applications, no chromatic aberration and distortion, detented zoom body for repeatable settings, inter-exchangeable objective lens and couplers, variable magnification configurations, and much more.

  • Video Inspection System

    FTE5100 - Terahertz Technologies Inc.

    The Video Inspection System is an indispensable tool when working with fiber optic test equipment. Testing to make sure connectors on the fiber being tested are clean and not damaged will not only help ensure test results are accurate, it also helps to maintain the performance and serviceability of test equipment. If dirty or damaged connectors are attached to fiber optic test equipment you can get incorrect test results and there is also the possibility of damaging the connector on the equipment leading to time and money lost. TTI offers the FTE-5100 Video Inspection System and also incorporated the a video inspection system into the FTE-7500 and FTE-8000 series of test equipment. With the use of the VIS-300 Video Probe the integrity of the connector to be inserted into test equipment can be checked quickly and efficiently.

  • Video Inspection Systems

    The L. S. Starrett Company

    Starrett video inspection systems offer a variety of solutions for many applications such as inspection, assembly processes, engineering and design analysis and training. Custom configurations and solutions are also available.


    Diamond SA

    Contamination is the first reason for troubleshooting optical networks. Proactive inspection and cleaning of fiber connectors can prevent poor signal performance, damage to equipment, and network downtime. DIAMOND's Video Microscope Kit contains all necessary tools for proper inspection and cleaning of the connector's front-faces to help ensure optimal connector performance.The Video Microscope meets today's requirements for safety, reliability and quality by incorporating the performance of a laboratory microscope into a portable, easy-to-use field inspection tool.

  • Optic Video Inspection Probe

    GAO-OFI-101 - GAO Tek Inc.

    GAOTek Fiber Optic Video Inspection Probe with Low Weight (Magnifier) is a high-performance portable video microscope used to inspect all kinds of fiber optic terminations and errors, especially for the female ones. This device eliminates the need to access the backside of patch panels or disassemble hardware devices prior to inspection. It can be conveniently used for both male and female adapters and its high magnification allows errors to be identified quickly.

  • Video Inspection Scope


    The video inspection scope goes beyond vehicle inspection and can be used for applications in and outside of the car. View inside door panel or other limited access and poorly lit areas of your vehicle. Save time by not having to remove tire or engine components to inspect, retrieve, move, and help find items in hard to reach, compact spaces.

  • Video Inspection System

    vCamLSR - Vivax-Metrotech Corp

    The vCamLSR video inspection system is portable and compact enough to be carried to the most confined and hard to reach spaces. Use the vCamLSR to inspect pipes and duct ranging from one inch (25mm) up to three inch (75mm). The vCamLSR comes with a locatable 512Hz sonde to locate the position of the camera head while underground.

  • Video Inspection Probe

    Anritsu Corporation

    With today's high data rates and high definition services, connector quality and inspection has never been so important. Research reveals that up to 75% of all optical network failures are attributed to poor connector quality - reduce your installation time and ensure your network is reaching its full potential.The Video Inspection Probe (VIP) application for Anritsu field testing platforms gives operators a safe, easy way to analyze and document connector conditions.

  • Video Inspection Software

    Inspector™ Family - IneoQuest

    The Inspector family is designed to inspect your video content both before and after content preparation (encoding, transcoding, and packaging) and provide the metrics you need to be sure the video going to your viewers is ready for prime time. Along with a long list of standard features, IneoQuest''''s proprietary iQ-MOS technology provides a simple 1-5 score for your content''''s Quality of Experience (QoE) level while a bits per pixel metric allows you to align your delivery costs with the desired QoE. In addition, Inspector products check that your content preparation block provides smooth, QoS-friendly output streams. And when a deeper inspection is called for, thumbnails and video streams are available for greater analysis.

  • HD Video Inspection System

    VisionZ - Vision Engineering Inc.

    Utilize the power of HD digital imaging with the VisionZ video inspection systems. With magnification options up to 120x, VisionZ provides high contrast imaging, with ultimate simplicity for any task requiring precision magnification. High resolution HD 720p imaging. Range of zoom magnification options, up to 120x. Long working distance, up to 333mm.

  • Video Inspection / Analyzer Software

    VideoInspector - KC Softwares

    Tools designed to provide you with as much information as possible about your video files. With VideoInspector you'll know why your video files has no sound or refuses to play correctly. VideoInspector will help you installing the required CoDecs (coder/decoder software) for an optimal performance.

  • Video Inspection and Measurement System

    VideoMic VSA - Operations Technology Inc.

    The VideoMic VSA split-axis series provides rapid, non-contact 3-axis coordinate measurement with increased accuracy. This capability allows the user to verify critical dimensions on first articles, production samples, or entire runs. With toleranced reporting, thresholds can be set to enable timely corrections to the process or, when necessary, interruption of production to minimize scrap.

  • Video Inspection and Measurement System

    VideoMic VSM - Operations Technology Inc.

    The VideoMic VSM split-axis series provides rapid, non-contact 3-axis coordinate measurement with remarkable speed and accuracy. This capability allows the user to verify critical dimensions on first articles, production samples, or entire runs. With toleranced reporting, thresholds can be set to enable timely corrections to the process or, when necessary, interruption of production to minimize scrap.