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  • Vector Signal Analyzers

    Keysight Technologies

    Vector signal analyzers combine superheterodyne technology with high speed ADCs and other DSP technologies to provide fast FFT-based, high-resolution in-channel spectrum measurements, demodulation, and advanced time-domain analysis. A vector signal analyzer is especially useful for characterizing complex burst, transient, or modulated signals in aerospace & defense, radar, wireless communications, and avionics.

  • Vector Signal Generator

    MGKS - Holding Informtest

    The MGKS vector signal generator is designed to reproduce arbitrary waveforms, as well as sinusoidal signals with amplitude, frequency, phase modulation or without modulation. The generator can be used for research, tuning and testing of systems and devices used in radio electronics, automation, computing and measuring technology, instrument making.

  • Vector Signal Generator

    VSG25A - Signal Hound

    The VSG25A is a 100 MHz to 2.5 GHz vector signal generator, featuring a 12-bit I/Q baseband arbitrary waveform generator which can be clocked at virtually any frequency from 54 kHz to 180 MHz, and includes a 4096×16 bit pattern buffer for built-in or custom modulation.

  • Vector Signal Generator

    R&S®SMW200A - Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

    Performance and functionality requirements vary depending on test setup and application. The R&S®SMW200A is unrivaled in mastering  this challenge and sets new standards for signal generators. When developing and verifying any type of DUT, including component, module and complete base stations – the R&S®SMW200A always easily generates the appropriate test signals with top performance. The flexible modular design of the R&S®SMW200A can be equipped with the exact options required for specific applications. Any configuration is possible, from a classic single-path vector signal generator to a multichannel MIMO receiver tester.

  • Vector Signal Generator

    VSG6G1 - Triarchy Technologies Corp.

    Frequency Range: 1MHz to 6.2GHzOutput level range: -50dBm~+10dBm (1MHz ~2.2GHz) -60dBm~+0dBm (2.2GHz ~6.2GHz)Working mode: CW mode, frequency sweeping, frequency hopping, pulse modulation and simultaneous I&Q modulation.

  • Vector Signal Generator

    Triarchy Technologies Corp.

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  • Vector Signal Generator

    VSG2G1 - Triarchy Technologies Corp.

    Frequency Range: 1MHz to 2.2GHzOutput level range: -50dBm~+10dBm (1MHz ~2.2GHz)Working mode: CW mode, frequency sweeping, frequency hopping, pulse modulation and simultaneous I&Q modulation.

  • PXI Vector Signal Analyzer


    PXI Vector Signal Analyzers feature a wide frequency range, real-time signal analysis, and advanced signal processing. PXI Vector Signal Analyzers can perform measurements for a broad range of wireless technologies such as GSM, EDGE, WCDMA, LTE-Advance Pro, 5G, Wireless LAN, and Bluetooth. Select models also feature a LabVIEW-programmable FPGA that you can customize for advanced measurement applications. PXI Vector Signal Analyzers are ideal for microwave test, wireless test, RADAR test, spectral monitoring, software-defined radio (SDR), radio monitoring, interference detection, signal intelligence, and other applications.

  • VXG Vector Signal Generator

    M9484C - Keysight Technologies

    The M9484C VXG is the industry’s first dual-channel vector signal generator capable of generating signals up to 54 GHz with 2.5 GHz of modulation bandwidth per channel. The VXG vector signal generator helps you deliver the next frontier of wireless technology such as 5G and satellite communications with a fully integrated, calibrated, and synchronized solution.

  • PXI Vector Signal Analyzer

    Keysight Technologies

    Keysight's PXIe vector signal analyzers are ideal for design validation and manufacturing applications that require fast, high quality measurements where quality control, product conformance and test optimization are essential. With a small footprint, speed, scalability repeatability, and the flexibility to configure a solution with a shared processor, frame/chassis, display, and interface, PXIe vector signal analyzers provide the building blocks for your single or multi-channel modular test solution.

  • PXI Vector Signal Analyzer

    PXIe-5667 / 782366-01 - NI

    Up to 7 GHz PXI Vector Signal Analyzer—The PXIe‑5667 is optimized for spectrum monitoring applications such as radio monitoring, interference detection, spectrum regulation, and related applications in line with ITU recommendations. It features real-time signal analysis and advanced signal processing using the capabilities of the built-in FPGA. The PXIe‑5667 includes options for various frequency ranges and instantaneous bandwidth.

  • PXI Vector Signal Transceiver


    The PXI Vector Signal Transceiver (VST) combines the flexibility of a software defined radio architecture and RF instrument class performance. You can use the VST to test a variety of cellular and wireless standards, and you can easily expand the VST's three-slot, 3U PXI Express form factor to support multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) configurations. The VST software is built on LabVIEW FPGA, and features several starting points for your application including application IP, reference designs, examples, and LabVIEW sample projects.

  • PXI Vector Signal Transceiver

    PXIe-5842 - NI

    The PXIe-5842 is the first VST to offer continuous frequency coverage from 50 MHz to 23 GHz in one instrument. Applications and standards ranging from WLAN, Ultra-Wideband (UWB), Bluetooth, 5G NR, and radio prototyping can now all be tested with one capable and versatile instrument. The combination of the cutting-edge dual synthesizer (PXIe-5655) with the high-frequency coverage means you can use the PXIe-5842 for various aerospace and defense applications (A/D/G) from the VHF to K bands. Applications include radar target simulation, spectrum monitoring in electronic warfare and satellite communications, or for parametric test of ESAs (Electronically Scanned Arrays) components commonly used in radar and satellite communication systems.

  • RF and Vector Signal Analysis Software

    SignalVu-PC - Tektronix, Inc.

    SignalVu-PC is the foundation of RF and vector signal analysis software that helps you easily validate RF designs. Whether your design validation needs include EMI/EMC pre-compliance testing, wideband radar, wireless LAN or frequency-hopping communications, the SignalVu-PC comprehensive suite of tools and application software can speed your time-to-insight by showing you the time-variant behavior of these signals.

  • 6.6 GHz PXI Vector Signal Generator

    PXIe-5673E / 781262-01 - NI

    PXI Vector Signal Generators offer custom and standard modulation, as well as the ability to generate communications standards formats such as GPS, WCDMA, DVB-H, and more. They support quadrature digital upconversion, which reduces waveform download and signal generation time, as well as stream-to-disk capabilities. The power and flexibility of PXI Vector Signal Generators make them ideal for use in scientific research, communications, consumer electronics, aerospace/defense, and semiconductor test applications as well as for areas such as software-defined radio, radio-frequency identification (RFID), and wireless sensor networks.

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