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Traffic Generators

simulate communications over a network.

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  • WiFi Traffic Generators

    LANforge WiFIRE - Candela Technologies Inc.

    wireless traffic generator is an excellent choice for testing Access Points and other WiFinetworks. The CT520 uses a modified Wireless driver for WiFi NICs based on the Atheros chipset. It cansupport up to 32 Virtual Stations. Each of the Virtual Stations has its own IP address, IP port space, MACaddress and routing table. The Virtual Stations can be assigned to communicate to a particular AccessPoint, use a particular SSID, and have a WEP (64 or 128bit) or WPA/WPA2 key assigned. More advanced802.1X authentication is also included. There is a single WiFi radio per CT520 but multiple LANforgesystems can be clustered together for more realistic radio interference patterns and increased trafficgeneration capability. The radio supports 802.11 a, b, g or n mode. Transmit power andchannel/frequency is configured on a per-radio basis. Most other settings are configurable per virtualstation

  • Forensic Test Call Generation

    Osprey - Roscom

    Osprey is our Forensic Test Call Generation (TCG) solution that encompasses a strategic, risk based approach to Independent Event Generation (IEG). The system uses non-intrusive independent event generators and a targeted risk based framework to generate network traffic and replicate real subscriber activities.