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  • Solar ATE

    MS 1534 - Meltronics Systemtech

    The Inverterless ATE is an automatic test equipment which is used to test the all functional and various test conditions of Inverterless Solar Unit. This ATE shall be a GO/NOGO Tester for Inverterless Solar Unit. All production units can be tested with this ATE for functional testing and clearance. This ATE reduces the man effort for quality checks and detects the failure units. The Inverterless ATE can check the UUT with minimum user interactions. It shall test and generate test report in PDF format for the conducted tests with necessary data. The ATE operates on 230V AC power. The ATE has In-Built AC-DC converter which provides 12V DC for operate the unit. Also it has additional AC-DC converter to simulate solar power to the Inverterless units. The main objective of the ATE is to test the Inverterless S in all possible test scenarios without external test equipments and less user interactions.

  • Solar Installation Test Kit

    PV210 - Seaward Group USA

    The Seaward Solar PV210 PV installation tester provides a highly efficient and effective test and diagnostic solution for PV systems, carrying out all commissioning tests required by IEC 62446 and performing fast and accurate measurement of I-V curves in accordance with IEC 61829. With direct connection to individual PV modules or strings using the supplied lead sets, tests can be conducted easily and within a matter of seconds at the press of a single button. A high contrast display is clearly visible in direct sunlight and shows open circuit voltage, short circuit current, maximum power point voltage, current and power, as well as the fill factor of the PV module or system under test, and insulation resistance (as part of an auto sequence or a discrete probe to probe measurement). If the measured curve deviates from the expected profile, the PV210 alerts the user to this, identifying the need for further analysis.

  • PC/104 Multifunction Analog I/O Boards

    104-AIO16A/E - Acces I/O Products, Inc.

    The 104-AIO16A is a high-performance 16-bit resolution PC/104 board which provides speeds up to 500kHz for 16 single-ended or 8 true differential analog input channels. This multifunction board features an excellent price/performance value for precision PC/104-based data acquisition, control, or signal analysis of standalone environmental test stations, compact production test equipment, portable testers, avionics and other applications.

  • C-Mic Auto Test System

    BK9010B - BaKo Co., Ltd

    Based on the BK3010V2 C-Mic Tester, the BK9010B is our fastest C-mic test system. Fully automatic, the BK9010B loads the mics in place and after testing, it sorts passing microphones into 8 quality classes, and failing microphones according to the reason they failed. Each mic is put into its appropriate bin. As testing progresses, you can view the data graphically in real time or save it to be viewed or analyzed later.

  • Dimensional Calibration

    Alliance Calibration


  • Universal Tensile Testing Machines

    Dongguan Amade Instruments Technology Co., Ltd

    Universal tensile testing machines are testing equipment that are used to conduct mechanical testings of static load, tensile, compression, bending, shearing, tearing, stripping, applied to plastic sheets, pipes, tapes, rubbers, electric wires, springs, sponges, fibers etc. Tensile test is performed to measure and analyze the physical performances of different types of materials and finial products, playing an important role in developing new materials and controlling products quality. From the perspective of function, universal tensile testing(UTM) machine is an omnipotent instrument Just as the name implies. Clamps or fixtures are interchangeable on the basis of different test pieces, enabling various testings to be carried out on one tensile testing instrument. Options of single-column stand or twin-column stand can be available based on the specimen’s tensile/compressive force and dimension. Computerized tensile tester is preferred rather than microprocessor version If users want testing results including curve graphics between time, force and displacement.

  • Semiconductor Test Solutions Test System

    EV500 - Test Evolution Corporation

    The EV500 Test System is the industry’s first self-contained tester based on the AXIe standard. It provides all of the power, cooling, and device loadboard interfacing required for up to 5 AXIe instrument cards. The EV500 can be used as a standalone test system or as a rack mountable subsystem upgrade for existing test systems. Device loadboards use high-density direct connections to the AXIe instrument cards and can easily be interchanged as required for different devices.

  • High Precision LCR Meter

    MCR-5000 series - Matrix Technology Inc.

    MCR5000 series is a multifunctional LCR preci­sion meter used for testing various electronic components. Adopt 4.3-inch TFT LCD display, simple display, elegant layout. It is a high speed, wide band, 5 bit test resolution impedance measuring instrument with 40hz-200khz multi­pie frequency points and 0.1% accuracy, which can meet the requirements of component parameter detection in various occasions. Is a high - quality cost-effective tester.

  • Drop-In In-Circuit Test Fixtures

    The Chameleon - Circuit Check, Inc.

    The Circuit Check kit called the Chameleon allows easy re-use of a majority of an ICT fixture’s major components. The Chameleon includes a full size probe plate and interface alignment plate so all valuable tester resources are available. The probe plate assembly is held in place with twelve (12) screws and the vacuum box’s interchangeable push plate is easily replaced by removing four (4) shoulder screws.

  • Component Test


    Our innovative multi-function Electrical Component Testers have advanced functions such as voltage power control feed to activate components like radiator fan, headlights, horn, actuators, etc. and the sensor simulator can provide simulation of voltage signals, frequencies, square waves & duty signals with varying intensity to test the feasibility of good sensor signals in comparison to bad ones when troubleshooting vehicle electrical faults.

  • Generic Probe Cards, PIB's, and Loadboards

    Test Spectrum, Inc.

    Test Spectrum can provide generic Probe Cards, Probe Interface Boards (PIB), and loadboards. Choose from existing configurations already designed, or a generic test board for your specific tester configuration can be designed quickly.Teradyne J750 Probe Card and PIB; Teradyne Integra Flex PIB; Teradyne Ultra Flex PIB; Teradyne Catalyst PIB; Credence Quartet PIB (Probe Interface Board); Advantest 93K 1024 PIB

  • Potentiometer Module

    YAV90084A - 6TL Engineering

    4x 8-Bit 1KOhm reostat 4x 8-Bit 40 Ohm reostat 2x 8-Bit 5 MOhm reostat 10x Electronic Potentiometer 8-bit resolution -256 steps- with build-in selft test. 10x Voltage to current source 0(4)..20mA 10x Analog Outputs (Buffer for voltage or frequency) 36-Ch Test Point voltage divider 2xCAN Bus Channels Terminators tester Expandable with NI PXI-6723 and PXI-6345.

  • QT Enterprise Software

    Vitrek Corporation

    Procedures stored via QT Enterprise can be recalled via a barcoded scan to enable fast and accurate setup. In situations where multiple test points are involved, the software can interface with Vitrek’s 964i High Voltage Switching Systems, operating in conjunction with V7X & 95X Hipot Testers to further automate the process. For complex setups, QT Enterprise can display detailed instructions and images to the operator to ensure proper connections prior to testing.

  • 2WD Dynamometers

    MD-100 SERIES - Mustang Dynamometer

    Our pioneering experience has led us to be the world leader in the design and manufacturing of durable dynamometer equipment that stands the test of time and the 100 model has been one of our most durable models. Mustang has supplied over 50,000 variants based on the 100 chassis over the last 25-years and we estimate that about 1.5 billion tests have been performed on the 100 model during this time. The 100 series offers the small shop owner the right equipment for road testing and power checking of today’s modern automobiles and pick up trucks. The 100 is offered at an attractive price and with features that meet the needs of repair professionals more concerned with repairs than performance tuning. The 100 is also an excellent choice for high schools and colleges as it can be used for educational purposes. Optional emissions testers can be added to teach students how to use the dynamometer for reducing emissions. The 100 can be installed in a pit or paired with Mustang’s lightweight composite ramps for installation above-ground.

  • LED Power Driver ATS

    8491 - Chroma ATE Inc.

    1. DC Electronic Load : Chroma 6310A/6330A Series2. Transducer Unit/Module*1 : Chroma A849101/A849102, A849103, A8491043. Time/Noise Analyzer : Chroma 80611 & 80611N card4. Sytem Controller*2 : Industrial PC5. DC Source: Chroma 62000P Series6. Digital Power Meter : Chroma 66200 Series7. OVP/Short Circuit Tester : Chroma 806128. ON/OFF Controller : Chroma 80613*1 : A849101 transfers UUT output signal to voltage signal, and measure by 84911 LED power driver measurement card (200kHz). The optional 80611N Noise card is required for 20MHz ripplecurrent measurement.*2 : The controller includes both 84911 LED Power Driver measurement card and 84903 control card.- 84911: Measure rms current, dimming current/frequency/duty, timing, power & ripple current (200kHz)- 84903 : Provide BL control signal(DC level, PWM, SM bus), and enable ON/OFF signal.C Source : Chroma 6500/61500/61600 Series

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