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  • DLC-X Diamond-Like Carbon System

    Veeco Instruments Inc

    Deposit dense, uniform, and repeatable thin, diamond-like carbon (DLC) films for longer-lasting TFMH slider overcoats and landing pads with Veeco's NEXUS DLC-X System. The Nexus DLC-X features the industry's first production-worthy Pulsed Filtered Cathode Arc Source to enable sub-20A overcoat thickness, and supports improved step coverage for better process yield compared to previous generations.

  • Hardware-in-the-Loop Test Systems

    HIL - Genuen

    Our early development efforts and NI VeriStand expertise uniquely qualify us to maximize the benefits of and provide top-notch integration services for this software platform. Wineman Technology offers powerful and flexible MIL and HIL testing solutions, such as: Full range of MIL and HIL test systems. Software for testing. Software for simulating electronic control modules. Fault insertion unit (FIU)..

  • Measurement & Control DAQ Systems

    Gantner Instruments

    Our modular, scalable DAQ measure­ment systems can be connected to all sensors commonly used in test applica­tions. We specialize in precise measurement of temperature sensors, strain gauge signals, complex frequency signals, and voltages up to 1500 V. We offer measurement DAQ solutions that border on the limits of the possibility, such as tempera­ture measure­ment using a Pt100 sensor with a stability of 0.02° C/K.

  • Miniature Vibration Test System

    G-2 Series - Shinken Co. LTD.

    The G-2 Series Miniature Vibration Test System, though compact & handy, consists of a sweep oscillator, sine controller, power amplifier and vibration generator, thus suited to a variety of applications; calibration of sensors, standardized vibration tests for small parts, school teaching materials and modal analysis. The G-2002 is handy, with all the composed units being incorporated in a portable case.

  • Multifunctional Primary Testing System

    Raptor - EUROSMC, S.A.

    The Raptor system consists of a main ‘master’ unit and a number of optional units that enable the execution of virtually any commissioning or routine testing jobs on the primary equipment of medium and high voltage electricity installations. A large diversity of test jobs can be accomplished, including circuit breaker and re-closer testing, ground grid integrity verification, transformer saturation analysis, burden and ratio measurement, and more.

  • Nano-focus X-ray Inspection System

    X-eye NF120 - SEC Co., Ltd.

    Nano-focus Tube of 400 nano resolution is installed which is specialized for Semiconductor Packaging, Wafer Level Packaging(WLP) requiring detection of Sub-micron defects.Able to trace and inspect defected area precisely by precise movement of axis with Anti-vibration table.Tomography is available if 3D CT module is added and Wafer Bump Automatic Inspection is available from loading to inspection with wafer handler systems.

  • RISC-based DIN-rail Embedded System

    Axiomtek Co., Ltd.

    The RISC-based DIN-rail fanless embedded system series is designed to simplify device-to-cloud connections, which can be used to develop powerful and low power IIoT applications such as machine monitoring and predictive maintenance. They enable machines to connect to the internet and communicate with one another easily. The vertical din-rail makes this series product easy to be installed in a small cabinet and offers various fast-transfer input/output ports

  • SAP Continuous Delivery System

    ActiveControl - Basis Technologies

    ActiveControl allows SAP systems to respond to new business requirements at high speed. Its range of powerful automation features support agile development, DevOps and Continuous Delivery in SAP environments, generating more business value through faster, safer application delivery. ActiveControl consists of four component modules that combine to accelerate change without putting business continuity at risk.

  • Tunable Wavelength Systems (OPOs)

    NT230 Series - EKSPLA uab

    Integrated in a single compact housing diode pumped Q-switched laser and OPO system offers hands-free, no-gap tunning from 193 to 2600 nm. Producing high up to 10 mJ energy pulses at 100 Hz pulse repetition rate, tunable over a broad spectral range, NT230 series lasers are realiable solution for many laboratory and OEM applications.

  • Automated Thermal Stress System

    ATSS Series - Thermotron Industries

    Thermotron's Automated Thermal Stress Systems (ATSS) facilitate extremely rapid product temperature change rates in a space-saving, self-contained design that accelerate a Thermal Stress test. Thermotron's ATSS chambers meet the latest MIL-STD 883E and MIL-STD 202F thermal shock specifications as well as JEDEC and IPC test methods. ATSS chambers are capable of the following: Rapid thermal shocking, Accelerated product stressing, Controlled thermal cycling in a self-contained, compact design. With separate hot and cold zones, the Automated Thermal Stress System was designed with a patented retractable product transfer carrier that makes full use of the available working volume in both temperature zones for increased product loading and throughput. The product transfer carrier reduces the overall height requirements of the chamber and is made as light as possible to minimize thermal loading restraints. Thermotron ATSS chambers can be used as part of most commercial reliability and quality control programs, helping to determine:

  • Battery Cell Formation System

    17000 series - Chroma ATE Inc.

    Chroma 17000 series is specifically designed for the formation of Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer secondary batteries. The 17000 series is a complete turn-key system, including carrier trays, robust battery probe contacts, high quality charge/discharge modules and intuitive software all under computer control. Patented Battery Voltage Tracking (BVT) DC-DC conversion power modules minimize power consumption in battery charging, and Energy Recycle Modules (ERM) recycle the discharged energy directly back to the DC power system for increased power efficiency. These power saving designs provide a planet friendly solution along with cost savings by reducing energy consumption. The intuitive software provides a flexible selection in the charge/ discharge channel, current rating, and modules under test. These features allow the Series 17000 to be used for final cell development, pilot line production, high volume production and ongoing reliability monitoring/quality control.

  • Automated Optical Inspection System

    UltraVision - DCB Automation

    4M pixel colour CCD camera (Firewire B for fast image transfer) providing 10.6M resolution suitable for 01005 componentsTelecentric Lens to ensure no distortion of image.Laser Co-planarity capability for BGA and IC lead inspection (automatic lead height profile) now providing the highest level of performance from a bench top AOI system. Standard inspection area 470mm x 450mm.

  • Cable Harness Test System

    Data Patterns Pvt. Ltd.

    Data Patterns has built high reliability Cable Harness Test Systems for large installations. These are primarily used in launch vehicle aircraft and missile level cable harness test validation. Installations with upto 20,000 lines test capability at a single location have been supplied by Data Patterns. Portable version capable handling of as small as 384 points have also been addressed.

  • C-Mic Auto Test System

    BK9010B - BaKo Co., Ltd

    Based on the BK3010V2 C-Mic Tester, the BK9010B is our fastest C-mic test system. Fully automatic, the BK9010B loads the mics in place and after testing, it sorts passing microphones into 8 quality classes, and failing microphones according to the reason they failed. Each mic is put into its appropriate bin. As testing progresses, you can view the data graphically in real time or save it to be viewed or analyzed later.

  • Cylinder type Transformer Systems

    YDTW\YDTCW series - Shanghai Jiuzhi Electric Co., Ltd.

    Conventional AC test transformers are especially designed for testing objects of medium capacitance. These systems are particularly suited for tests requiring stable voltage even if the load changes under voltage (corona, wet & pollution tests) or when the load is inductive (inductive voltage transformers). The possibility of stacking several of these transformer modules allows reaching very high voltage levels by keeping reasonable floor space.

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