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detect a physical event then translate to a representative analog signal.

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  • MSCL Sensors

    Geotek Ltd.

    Geotek specialises in designing core logging systems with multiple sensors to acquire both geochemical and physical properties non-destructively from geological core samples. The range of sensors that can be accepted onto each Multi-Sensor Core Logger (MSCL) is dependent on the type of core to be logged and the MSCL system selected.

  • Sensors & Switches


    We provide reliable, flexible, high-performance sensors and switches. We offer one of the broadest line in the industry including proximity and photoelectric sensors, limit switches and safety switches, and RFID and operator safety devices. Our knowledgeable team is ready to tackle your toughest application challenges.

  • Weight Sensors

    Flintec Group AB

    Flintec offer a market leading range of high quality, precision weight sensors for use across multiple applications and systems.Our range of products incorporates sensors and weight measuring devices, designed to be a complete weighing system. Flintec’s electronic measuring devices are well known for their accuracy and reliability.

  • Flow Sensors

    First Sensor AG

    Core competencies of First Sensor are the development and production of sensors for measuring mass and volume flow rates. Our flow rate sensors quickly record even the smallest flows with a high degree of accuracy. We offer leading solutions for medical and air conditioning technologies as well as for industrial applications.

  • Color sensors

    SICK Sensor Intelligence

    Color sensors detect the color of a surface. The sensors cast light (red, green, and blue LEDs) on the objects to be tested, calculate the chromaticity coordinates from the reflected radiation and compare them with previously stored reference colors. If the color values are within the set tolerance range, a switching output is activated.

  • Tilt Sensors

    ASM GmbH

    Inclination sensors measure inclination between 0 and +/-180 in a non-contact, wear-free and absolute way. Utilizing the MEMS technology, these sensors are extremely resistant to shock, vibration and dirt, and are therefore well suited for outdoor applications. Various sensor enclosure designs open possibilities for many different types of applications.

  • Pressure Sensors

    First Sensor AG

    First Sensor develops and manufactures powerful platform-based pressure sensors as well as unique sensor solutions for demanding customer specific requirements. A core competence of First Sensor is the development and manufacture of piezoresistive pressure sensors in a variety of stages such as sensor element, component, sensor and sensing system for OEM customers worldwide.

  • Photoelectric Sensors

    Balluff GmbH

    Angle sensors from Balluff are a logical development of Balluff's fork sensors for more demanding applications. Their custom housing design and beam geometry enable approach and recognition of objects from almost every direction. Installation is very simple, even with space constraints: the transmitter and receiver are firmly aligned with each other.

  • Met Sensors

    NRG Systems, Inc.

    Use our comprehensive line of met sensors in your next resource assessment campaign, site monitoring station, or meteorological application. Benefit from the durability and consistent performance we have built into our sensors over more than 30 years of providing measurement solutions to the wind energy industry.

  • Small sensors

    ML-series - EKO Instruments Co., Ltd.

    The ML-series small sensors are used as multi-purpose cost effective sensors for qualitative radiation measurements in the fields of photovoltaics, horticulture, agriculture and industry. Those compact all-weather sensors rely on a passive high quality detector. Based on the integral construction of each sensor type, irradiance (W/m2), illuminance (Lux) or photosynthetic photon flux density (mol/m2/s) can be measured. All sensors have an optical quality glass dome which minimizes the soiling of the diffusor and optimizes the cosine response. Within the operating temperature range, the ambient temperatures has a rather small effect on the sensor output and makes it a reliable sensor under varying environmental conditions. The compact dimensions of the sensor body make it easy to integrate to any type of applications. For mounting the sensor in an horizontal position, an optional mounting plate is available.

  • Optical Sensors

    Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.

    Vishay's proximity, reflective, transmissive, slotted interrupters, optical and ambient light sensors put the "smart" into smart devices. Advantages of Vishay sensors include best-in-class performance, in-house chip manufacturing and assembly including AEC-Q101 automotive grade product lines, and comprehensive range of package types for wide range of applications.

  • Sensors and Transducers

    Logic Beach Inc.

    To assist our customers with the procurement of a complete data acquisition system that meets their specific application requirements, Logic Beach sources, qualifies and resells a variety of sensors and transducers from reputable companies. We offer these commonly deployed sensors as a convenience to our customers in assembling  proven data acquisition, alarming and reporting systems.

  • Automotive Sensors

    TE Connectivity Ltd.

    TE Connectivity (TE) is committed to making vehicles safer, greener and more connected. To transport passengers safely and efficiently, vehicles need data. Our vehicle sensors can sense and respond to changing conditions, inside and out. TE's automotive sensors help provide the data for control, adaptation and response of vehicle functions that increase safety, comfort, and efficiency. Our technology is an integral part of many modern nervous systems in cars, trucks, buses and off-road vehicles. TE’s automotive sensors are designed and manufactured to exacting specifications, often on a custom basis.

  • Inertial Sensors

    Lord MicroStrain Sensing

    Our CV5 line of board-level OEM inertial sensors is ideal for platform stabilization, precision agriculture, terrain compensation, and more. Their small footprint and low weight enable them to install easily into almost any application. Our CV5-25 AHRS, CV5-15 VR, and CV5-10 IMU sensors offer industrial-grade precision at a fraction of the cost.

  • Photoelectric Sensors

    SICK Sensor Intelligence

    SICK's vast range of photoelectric sensors offer precise optics and advanced technology, creating market-leading solutions with sensor intelligence. By using the latest SIRIC® and LED technologies, these sensors offer the highest level of operational reliability regardless of any interference factors. Additional sensor information can be used to simplify modern production processes.

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