SNMP: Simple Network Management Protocol

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  • SNMP Agent

    EDB GmbH

    The SNMP Agent provides comprehensive monitoring features on all technical layers and an SNMP MIB consisting of more than 1000 SNMP operations and traps.

  • SNMP Client

    EDB GmbH

    The SNMP Client ‘SAMager-Console’ is a comprehensive Network Management System (NMS) software for operators, service staff and system engineers, especially suited to monitor Digital TV and/or Mobile DTV networks.

  • MIMIC SNMP Simulator

    MIMIC SNMP Simulator - Gambit Communications, Inc.

    MIMIC SNMP Agent Simulator creates a network of up to 50,000 SNMP-manageable devices. You can create any SNMP-based device with any number of public or private MIBs to run a large variety of device configurations with your SNMP management application. It lets you generate thousands of SNMP traps to simulate disaster scenarios.You can use it in many different ways:1. SNMP Testing - Test SNMP based Applications.2. Training - Easy to provide SNMP training3. Disastrous condition simulation - Generate SNMP trap storm and create pathological network conditions.MIMIC simulated devices respond to SNMPv1, SNMPv2C and SNMPv3 queries. It appears to the SNMP Network Management Application as if it is talking to actual devices. Each device has its own IP (or IPv6) address, independent read and write SNMPv1 community strings or SNMPv3 USM and VACM parameters, and notion of uptime. Devices can be configured at run-time, both on an individual and collective basis.MIMIC Discovery Wizard can record your production network or test lab with thousands of real-world devices to simulate them and multiply many times. MIMIC MIB Wizard can compile any number of MIBs, in any order at the same time.MIMIC ships with a large number of pre-compiled MIBs, networks and devices from the leading networking companies.A suite of predefined scenarios is provided to investigate all the possibilities you can face in your mission-critical environment. For example, network down, router down, a range of traffic conditions over a shorter period of time.Supported Platforms: Windows®, Solaris, Linux and Amazon Cloud.

  • SNMP Agent Simulator

    InterWorking Labs, Inc.

    Often developers and quality assurance engineers will need to test the SNMP management application to be used with a new SNMP agent. Verifying SNMP-based network management applications requires an SNMP agent simulator.The technology of SNMP agent simulation provides provides a simulated network management environment of unlimited scale at a fraction of the cost of traditional laboratories.Gambit Communications, an IWL partner, offers the MIMIC Agent Simulator for simulating SNMP agents, IPMI, cable modems, IOS, etc.

  • Automated SNMP Agent Tester

    SimpleTester - SimpleSoft Inc.

    The SimpleTester™ is the industry leading SNMP test tool that automatically exercises SNMP v1, v2C, and v3 agents. All types of SNMP Agents (standalone, proxies, sub-agents) implementing one or more standard, experimental or private MIBs can be exhaustively tested, within minutes.

  • NetDecision SNMP Agent Simulator


    The NetDecision SNMP Agent Simulator enables simulation of standalone SNMP agents to test and demonstrate SNMP-based management applications. Its unique ability to create default values from any SMIv1 or SMIv2 compliant MIB or record variables from an existing agent and create variations on this basic simulation enables rapid simulation of SNMP devices.

  • SNMP Monitor, Manager & Analyzer

    Visual MIB Browser Professional - NuDesign Technologies, Inc.

    Visual MIBrowser Pro (and Pro for HMS), the user can enable SNMP Traffic Monitor and Analyzer functionality monitoring, capturing and storing SNMP packet exchanges between the MIB Browser and the Agent, an invaluable tool when pin-pointing difficult problems.

  • SNMP Vulnerability Probe

    SimpleSleuth - SimpleSoft Inc.

    SimpleSoft's SNMP Vulnerability Probes enable administrators and manufacturers to quickly and easily test enterprise SNMP v1, v2c and v3 implementations for vulnerability to denial-of-service (DoS) attacks.

  • SNMP Test Tool

    SimpleTester For NTCIP - SimpleSoft Inc.

    SNMP managers and agents can communicate because they share a common understanding of the data being exchanged (MIBs) and use the same mechanism to exchange that data (SNMP protocol). Hence, to ensure interoperability, an agent must be tested to verify that its data matches the MIB definition, and if it adheres to the data exchange mechanisms (Get/GetNext/Set/GetBulk operations) specified in the SNMP protocol.

  • SNMP System Manager

    Advantech Co. Ltd.

    Advantech SNMP system manager is an intelligent system management module for efficient system monitoring and out-of-band management. Notifying users to take necessary action to avert system failure through multiple communication protocols, the SNMP manager helps in developing better.

  • SNMP Agent Simulator for NTCIP

    SimpleAgent™ - SimpleSoft Inc.

    SimpleAgent™ is an easy to use, MS Windows based SNMP agent simulator that supports the MIBs you want with just a few mouse clicks. Given the SNMP MIB definition files, it can either create default variables (instances) on its own or learn variables from an existing agent. All SNMPv1 and SNMPv2C operations (Get/GetNext/GetBulk/Set/Traps/Notifications) are supported.

  • SNMP Test Suite

    SilverCreek - InterWorking Labs, Inc.

    SilverCreek is the Authoritative SNMP Test Suite -- designed to test implementations of the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP agents) and standard and private MIBs (Management Information Bases). SilverCreek incorporates thousands of small, single function tests written in the Tcl scripting language to exercise one or a small number of parameters. The syntactic tests verify protocol compliance, error and exception handling, and boundary condition behavior. The functionality tests (semantic tests) verify performance, trap/alert/event/notification handling, counter accuracy, security, and many other implementation specific areas.

  • AFDX / ARINC664 SNMP Manager

    snmpXplorer - NuDesign Technologies, Inc.

    The snmpXplorer combines the robust SNMP monitoring, test and analysis features with AIM’s industry leading ARINC664 interface modules and complete suite of ARINC664 test and analysis tools. The snmpXplorer is fully compatible with AIM’s PCI, cPCI, PCMCIA, and PMC AFDX/ARINC664 modules.

  • SNMP Network Simulator

    SimpleAgentPro - SimpleSoft Inc.

    SimpleSoft's simulation tools enable management application vendors to develop, test, and demonstrate their applications without requiring real devices. SimpleAgentPro® is a SNMP Agent Simulator with an easy to use GUI that can simulate an entire network of LAN-WAN components made up of thousands of SNMPv1,SNMPv2C and SNMPv3 manageable devices.

  • SNMP Agent Simulator

    SimpleAgent - SimpleSoft Inc.

    SimpleSoft's simulation tools enable management application vendors to develop, test, and demonstrate their applications without requiring real devices.