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The transmission of energy through material or space.

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  • Detectors for Ionizing Radiation

    Series X - First Sensor AG

    Alpha, beta, gamma, and X-ray radiation can be detected with silicon PIN photodiodes either directly via the absorption in the crystal lattice or indirectly via the measurement of the luminescence radiation of a scintillation crystal. The Series X from First Sensor features optimized silicon PIN photodiodes, which form wide, fully depleted space-charge regions even at low reverse voltages in order to guarantee the maximum absorption of radiation. For high-energy radiation we offer detectors with a CsI:TI scintillation crystal.

  • Radiation Meters

    Mirion Technologies

    Handheld radiation meters provide accurate radiation measurements across a wide variety of applications. From performing hand held gamma radiation surveys, to measuring alpha and beta, radiation detectors make it easy to perform the measurements critical to any radiation safety program. These radiation meters provide flexible options for most basic radiation detection scenarios.

  • Radiation Monitors


    Portable combined multifunction radiation monitor is designed for measuring X-ray, gamma and neutron radiation ambient dose equivalent and ambient dose equivalent rate, alpha and beta radiation surface activity and flux density from contaminated surfaces, and neutron radiation flux density.

  • Radiation Counters

    PCE Instruments

    At PCE Instruments you will find UVA radiation counters, devices for measuring illumination, electro magnetic fields, solar radiation and solar activity detectors. The radiation counters for electro magnetic fields, solar radiation and lux are becoming more and more important due to increased negative effects of the environment by use of fossil fuels and leakingRadiation counters: UVA radiation counter (365 nm) for professionals electromagnetic fields. Radiation counters are used for both personal and professional use for measuring such things as transformers, power lines and electrical devices. It is also used extensively in the industrial sector or in research and development.

  • Solar Radiation

    Aero Nav Laboratories, Inc.

    This test determines the effects of direct solar radiation on components and material. The heating effects of solar radiation differ from those of high air temperature in that the amount of heat absorbed depends on the roughness and color of the surface on which the radiation is incident and the angle of incidence to the sun. Variations in the intensity of solar radiation over the surface of the component, may cause components to expand or contract at different rates, which can lead to severe stresses and loss of structural integrity. In addition, degradation due to photo-chemical changes can occur such as fading of color, deterioration of natural and synthetic elastomers and polymers. The test items that are subjected to solar radiation testing are those that are exposed to solar radiation during its life cycle, in the open, in warm climates.

  • Net Radiation

    Aanderaa Data Instruments AS

    The Net Radiation sensor measures the difference between incoming and outgoing radiation at the Earths surface. It is designed for use with Aanderaa Automatic Weather Station 2700.

  • Radiation Measurement

    GE Oil & Gas Digital Solutions

    Stemming from the Reuter Stokes legacy of excellence in radiation measurement, GE offers an expansive line of radiation detectors for neutron scattering research, Homeland Security and safeguard applications.

  • Radiation Monitor


    TM-91 & TM-92 Radiation Monitor are the survey meter in measuring the beta, gamma and x-ray radiation. It is useful in monitoring the environment/home safety, nuclear, medical, mining and metal industries. It is also ideal for the border control, customs and cargo inspections.

  • Radiation Detection

    Fluke Biomedical

    Radiation detectors for safety quality assurance is top of mind for hospitals, nuclear power facilities, nuclear medicine laboratories, x-ray manufacturers, government agencies, state inspectors, emergency response and HAZMAT teams, and police and fire departments around the world. Fluke Biomedical offers a complete line of radiation detection, personal dosimeters, staff radiation dosimeter monitoring, and safety products and solutions that allow these professionals the versatility they need to get the job done and the quality they trust in a radiation-safety device.

  • Radiation Detectors


    High Purity Germanium (HPGe) DetectorsSilicon Charged Particle DetectorsScintillation DetectorsORTEC is a leading supplier of solid-state, high resolution, semiconductor radiation detectors. These radiation detectors are used in research, commercial industry, environmental protection, health and medical physics, as well as homeland security to detect gamma-rays, X-rays, and charged particles.

  • Radiation Finder

    Osun Technologies, llc

    This Radiation Finder will detect EMF strength of your cell phone, microwave oven, TV, computer monitor, alarm clock, hair dryer, and other appliances. Based on the measurement you can choose the appliances with lowest radiation, determine the save range of microwave oven, and adopt other steps introduced in the manual attached to the product to avoid potential harmful effects.

  • Radiation Data

    BGeigie Nano Kit - International Medcom

    If you know how to solder (or want to spent 10 minutes learning how) you can build the Nano Kit in an evening, and be Safecasting the next day. The bGeigie Nano can take individual spot readings, and if attached to your car will collect geotagged radiation data that can be uploaded to:


    Rapiscan Systems

    The danger of a terrorist acquiring nuclear materials is one of the most urgent and serious threats to global security. In fact, in the last two decades almost 2,500 incidents of trafficking radioactive material have been reported to the International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA) by member states.

  • Radiation Detector

    Pace-Alert Mini - Osun Technologies, llc

    Specially designed for pacemaker and ICD wearers (patented), this ultra compact device is portable and discrete for users to keep a safe distance from magnetic field (EMF) and high frequency (RF) sources, effectively preventing pacemaker interference.

  • Radiation Testers

    MRC ltd.

    Real time recorder, save the data into the SD memory card and can be downloaded to the Excel, extra software is no needRadio field strength power measurements: GSM, CDMA, TDMA, WiFi, WiMAX, Bluetooth, Security system, cordless phones, ZigbeeFrequency Range: Wide band, 50 MHz to 3 GHzSensitivity: -55 dBm to 0 dBmMeasuring unit: dBm, uW/m2, mW/m2, W/m2Backlight graphics dot matrix LCD with 4 function screens, digital and bar-graph display with warning symbolBeeper will sound for warning if measuring data are ove the alert valuePower supply: DC 1.5V battery (UM4/AAA) x 6 PCs or DC 9V adapter inputOptional data Acquisition software, SW-U801-WIN, SW-E802Optional USB cable, USB-01Optional SD Card

  • Radiation Area Monitor

    NT6103 - Testech Group Co., Ltd

    NT6103 Radiation Area Monitor is economical multi-ray detection equipment with inbuilt high sensitive radiation detector. It adopts high speed of microprocessor, LED display and super threshold sound and light alarm function. The instrument can be fixed in a radioactive area, also can move to a temporary monitoring area according to the need as mobile radiation detector. It can be applied to environmental laboratory, radiation chamber, nuclearmedicine, molecular biology, radiochemical, nuclear material storage, etc. for γ and X ray radiation dose rate detection.