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  • Predictive Maintenance for Heavy Duty Machines

    M-PdM ® - M.E.A. Testing Systems Ltd.

    Provides friction analysis for predictive maintenance, without coupling to encoder or external load.

  • Friction Analyzer

    M.E.A. Testing Systems Ltd.

    Friction analysis for predictive maintenance without coupling to any encoder or external load. Provides dynamic performance tests data, including: speed and torque spectrum, friction torque and friction spectrum.

  • On-Line Electric Motor Analyzer

    EMAX - PdMA Corporation

    The EMAX tester allows for proactive predictive maintenance without requiring a shutdown of the motors for access. The power and convenience of dynamic testing collects data without interrupting production processes. The EMAX can be used for process analysis with motor current signature analysis and also provides voltage, power, and efficiency data.

  • Personal Logging Dosemeter System

    05NK004 - Castle Group Ltd.

    The leading logging industrial dosimetry package for Health and Safety officers, occupational hygienists and managers. The ideal group noise dosimetry system. Simple to use instruments. Fully logging dosemeters with analysis software . Full exposure calculations and predictive results.

  • Turnkey Oil Analysis Laboratory

    ITL - Spectro Scientific

    The Spectro Industrial Tribology Laboratory (ITL) is a turnkey system providing condition monitoring for machines, lubricants and engines by oil analysis. The measurements made using the ITL determine both lubricant and machine condition, the cornerstones of any effective predictive maintenance system.

  • Condition Monitoring System


    Cut costs and boost productivity with a condition-monitoring tool designed for ease of use and scalability. The Dynapar OnSite™ system is a powerful predictive maintenance system targeted at preventing failures before they occur. It can slash unscheduled downtime, improve efficiency of route-based vibration analysis, and provide real-time analytics and trending to warn of possible machine failures.

  • Fiber Optical Monitoring Alarm System

    FOMA - Radiantech, Inc.

    FOMA (Fiber Optical Monitoring Alarm System) is integrated RTU (Remote Test Unit) 、Center Monitoring Server and its management software to achieve integrated operation、remote management、unattended monitor、periodic fiber scan、predictive analysis and support the instant fiber with status information and alarm warning, accurate of long-term fiber data record.

  • Fiber Optical Monitor System

    PON FOMA - Radiantech, Inc.

    PON FOMA ( PON Fiber Optical Monitoring Alarm System) is integrated RTU ( Remote Test Unit )、Center Monitoring Server and its management software to be integrated operation、remote control、periodic fiber scan、predictive analysis and support the instant fiber with status information and alarm warning, accurate of long-term fiber data record, fiber analysis and management. RTU monitoring station is embedded Linux system which is with the advantage of high security, stability, efficiency.

  • Resistive AC Load Bank

    Junxy Energy

    AC load bank testing offers you whole solutions of predictive failure analysis for UPS(uninterrupted power supply), generator, transformers, PV system, inverter etc, to validate the condition and output of such power systems comprehensively. Integrated AC & DC load bank could be made in one unit or separately with different load voltages as per your need for different applications.

  • Advanced Analytics

    SAS Institute Inc.

    Data Mining, rise to any challenge with big data predictive analytics. Whether you're analyzing customer data, crunching sales numbers, monitoring supply chain operations or trying to detect fraud, apply powerful statistical analysis to all your data to get the most accurate answers. Generate large quantities of high-quality forecasts quickly and automatically. Uncover insights hidden in text data with the combined power of natural language processing, machine learning and linguistic rules. Identify the scenarios that will produce the best outcomes.

  • Equipment maintenance and repair

    Scanimetrics Inc.

    You want a safer operation, lower costs, and less frustration. We make it easier. Scanimetrics delivers a complete condition monitoring solution for heavy equipment that includes hardware, software, and expert support. We give you the data and the analysis you need to accurately monitor your equipment health and to schedule maintenance based on equipment condition. Our approach (predictive and condition-based maintenance) helps you reduce costs by cutting down on unnecessary preventive maintenance, and reduce risk by anticipating and preventing costly failures. The result: a safer operation, lower costs, and reduced downtime. Here's how we do it.

  • Condition Monitoring & Machinery Diagnostics Tools

    Oneprod - Vibralign Inc.

    The ONEPROD line features two portable tools, HAWK and FALCON, and two online systems, EAGLE and MVX. All four are supported and connected by the NEST software platform, which serves as an analysis and reporting interface as well as a database for measurement data. The NEST can be deployed either as a cloud-based app, installed to a server, or loaded onto a single computer. Each ONEPROD tool is designed to fill a specific niche or gap in an overall predictive maintenance plan-of-attack. The HAWK takes the mystique out of vibration analysis by performing complex analysis algorithms in seconds to quickly deliver machine health diagnoses, all while the user is standing next to the machine. The FALCON, with its built in stroboscope, camera, and pyrometer, is an all-in-one portable toolbox for performing route-based vibration analysis. The EAGLE is a wireless online vibration and temperature monitoring system that can monitor machines in confined or hard to reach spaces remotely. The mighty MVX is a powerful and intelligent multi-channel data analyzer that gathers multiple data-types, including vibration, IEPE, and voltage, continuously in real-time. The NEST software allows each of these tools to communicate and share data with each other, creating an airtight, fully integrated condition monitoring program.