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  • Current Sensing Probe

    Company: Teseq AG

    The CSP 9160 is a broadband RF current sensor probe as defined in CISPR 16-1-2. Beside the compliance measurements of asymmetrical disturbance currents as e.g. required in CISPR 16-2-1 and CISPR 22, the probe can be used in a number of diagnostic applications to measure superimposed RF currents flowing in conductors, or cable harnesses.A convenient feature of the CSP 9160 is that, from 100 kHz to 120 MHz, it has a flat frequency response with a 0 dB transducer factor, allowing voltage measurements to be read as current, directly without any correction. The probe can be easily and quickly clipped around the cable under test and the RF currents measured using an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, or EMI receiver. Its large aperture (25.4 mm) can accommodate most cables and can handle power lines with currents up to 50 amps.

  • Electrosurgery Analyzers

    Company: Fluke Biomedical

    Electrosurgery Analyzer is the ESU tester you can depend on for complete preventive maintenance and electrosurgical device safety to completely test these critical functions:* Measures current, voltage and power output.* Tests RF leakage from output to ensure no hazardous currents are present.* Performs Return Electrode Monitoring (REM) tests.* Measures crest factor.* Performs automatic power distribution curve at a wide range of test loads.

  • PS3000 Energy Analyzer - Energy Analyzer

    Company: AYA-Instruments

    Complete power/energy/cost analysis. Measures voltage, current KW, KVA, KVAR, true power factor, displacement power factor, KWH, elapsed and estimated cost, and duty cycle. Complete logging and manual waveform capture ability.

  • FG1290 - Switching Power Integrated Energy Efficiency Analyzer

    Company: Fuzhou Fuguang Electronics

    Multi-function: DC, 1-phase, 3-phase AC 3 key indexes: system efficiency, input power factor and input current harmonics Online test, no effect to the working of any devices

  • 6811B - AC Power Source / Power Analyzer

    Company: Keysight Technologies

    The Keysight 6811B is ideal for applications such as power supply testing, UPS testing, avionics ATE, the testing of power factor corrected equipment and devices. Set up is made easy with the Graphical User Interface, which requires no programming. The Keysight 6811B provides a complete AC and DC power and measurement solution with extensive features to protect valuable DUTs.

  • i/iX Series II - AC Power Sources

    Company: Ametek Programmable

    Combination AC and DC Power. Source and Power Analyzer Replaces multiple instruments with a single multifunction unit. 3000 VA to 30000 VA of Output Power. Capable of handling a wide range of loads with 0 to 1 power factor. Arbitrary Waveform Generation Test products for harmonics immunity. Built-in Digital Power Analyzer Analyze frequency and time domain of both voltage and current on all phases. Scope Capture Capability Built in voltage and current waveform acquisition capability (iX Series II)

  • 1000A - 3-Phase Power Analyzer/Datalogger

    Company: AYA-Instruments

    Large backlighting LCD displays 10 parameters simultaneously (kW, kVAR, kVA, PF plus the voltage and current of the the 3 phases)Up to four current probes can be connected to the analyzerClamp-on True RMS power measurements with softwares for Harmonics analysisDisplays Active Power (kW), Apparent Power (kVA), Reactive Power (kVAR) and Power FactorCurrent measurements to 1000A and Voltage measurements to 600VkWH, kVARh and kVAh energy measurementsAutomatically logs up to 20,000 sets of measurements and manually logs up to 99 sets

  • EMS Series - Network Analyzers

    Company: Contrel Elettronica

    The new EMS electrical network analyzer has advanced analysis functions whichallow measurement of the main single-phase or three-phase electrical parameters: voltage, current, frequency, power factor, active and reactive power, active and reactive energy.

  • FU2000 - Multifunction Internet Power Analyzer

    Company: Beijing GFUVE Electronics

    IntroductionFU2000 is a multifunction power analyzer, It can measure all the electric parameters in the circuit, and it has RTC, calendar and one pulse output.Measurement ParametersVoltage (Ph-N); Voltage (Ph-Ph); Current; Frequency; PF; Active Power (W); Reactive Power (Q); Apparent Power(S)ComputationForward active power energyReverse active power energyForward active power energyReverse reactive power energyMeasuring Range30~600V, 0~6A, 45~65Hz, -1~0~1Measuring AccuracyFrequency: 0.1%Electric energy: 0.5%, 1.0%Voltage : 0.2%±0.1V Current : 0.2%±0.001APower : 0.5% ±0.4WPower Factor : 0.5% ±0.001

  • QA-ES III - Electrosurgical Analyzer

    Company: Fluke Biomedical

    The QA-ES III Electrosurgical Analyzer simplifies testing to ensure the performance and safety of electrosurgical units. With generator output current accuracy as low as ± 2.5 %, the QA-ES III is capable of testing all modern high power electrosurgical units. - See more at: Test all critical ESU functions with precise power, current, frequency, crest factor and load resistance ranges.

  • 6510e/6530 - High Speed Power Analyzers

    Company: Magtrol

    The Magtrol 6510e Single-Phase and 6530 Three-Phase Power Analyzers are easy-to-use instruments ideal for numerous power measurement applications. From DC to 100 kHz AC, the 6510e and 6530 measure volts, amps, watts, volt-amps, frequency, crest factor, Vpeak, Apeak and power factor in one convenient display

  • PROVA-6200 - Graphic Power Quality Analyzer

    Company: TES Electrical Electronic

    Analysis for Single Phase and Balanced 3 phase system. True RMS Value(V and I). Active Power(K,KW,MW,GW). Apparent(VA,KVA,MVA) and Reactive Power (VAR,KVAR,MVAR). Power Factor(PF),Phase Angle( £X ). Energy(WH,KWH,KVARH,PFH). Programmable PT(1 to 3000)Ratios


    Company: EMSYST Ltd

    NET VISION 2010 is a portable device designed for a quick and precise measurement of the electric values of a three-phase network. It is used by power engineers for check of AC motors, relay current protections, electricity meters, etc. The true RMS values of the three-phases of voltage and one current are measured simultaneously. Active power, reactive power, power factor, sequence of rotation, frequency, phase angle between two voltages, phase angle between voltage and current, peak values, crest factor are computed and indicated.

  • 6300 - Three Phase Energy Analyzer / Data Logger

    Company: Duncan Instruments

    AC Voltage - Trms to 600VAC Current - Trms to 1000A (3000A CT Optional)Power – Active, Apparent & ReactiveEnergy – Active, Apparent & ReactivePower Factor (Cosø )Frequency (40 – 70 Hz)Demand MeasurementNeutral Current (Only on 3 Phase/4 Wire measurement)

  • Power Quality Analyzer

    Company: MEWOI Electronics

    Power quality analyzer is a product carefully developed by our company and specially designed for field test of three phases, multi-functional and intelligent, man-machine operation and concise and comprehensive test instrument. It is easy to use, large LCD screen display, high resolution, interface in both Chinese and English, shock-proof shell structure and so on. Can simultaneously measure the 4-channel current (ABC three phase and neutral wire current), 4-channel voltage (ABC three-phase voltage and neutral line voltage to ground), the peak value of current voltage, maximum/minimum value over a period, three-phase imbalance factor, short-time voltage flicker, transformer K factor, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor and displacement power factor, active power, reactive power, apparent power, total harmonic distortion and harmonic, etc; Display real-time waveform, harmonic ratio bar charts of current voltage; Dynamically capture instantaneous change of voltage current, monitoring starting current, monitoring the power parameters and generate the alarm list, generate the trend chart for a long time record test data.

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