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  • 4700 - Photodiode Characterizer

    Company: DBm Optics

    Complete PD Measurement System. The 4700 Photodiode Characterizer is a complete photodiode test system. It will characterize PDs or APDs (upcoming) without the need for additional power supplies. It is this simple: connect your device and press start. Like the dBm Optics optical power meters, the dBm Optics photodiode meters employ an electrometer-based design. 

  • 2502 - Fiber Alignment Photodiode Meter

    Company: Keithley Instruments

    The Model 2502 Photodiode Meter is designed to increase the throughput of Keithley's LIV (light-current-voltage) test system for production testing of laser diode modules (LDMs). Developed in close cooperation with leading manufacturers of LDMs for fiberoptic telecommunication networks, this dual-channel instrument has features that make it easy to synchronize with other system elements for tight control over optical power measurements.

  • OPX-LTS - Loss Test Set

    Company: AGIZER

    High quality power meter. InGaAs Photodiode with large sensitive area (1000μm) installed right to the optical adaptor on front panel.ORL Meter and another calibrated power meter (PD coupled to fiber, same port as light source) for bidirectional testing and talk set.

  • PDA-750 - Photodiode Amplifier

    Company: Digital Communication

    The PDA-750 is a low noise, high gain, transimpedance amplifier and current meter that is designed to provide a direct digital readout of the current generated from a photodiode, photomultiplier, or similar current source. It provides for digital entry of detector responsivity in units of Amps/Watt which enables it to be used as a sensitive, high precision optical power meter. It also incorporates a digitally controlled bias source (from -14 to +14 volts) that may be switched to be in series with the detector under test. This permits in-circuit detector biasing as well as easy measurement of detector leakage currents. A serial port is supplied that allows the user to both control the unit and log data.

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