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  • COM Express Type 2 Basic Module With Intel® Celeron® Processor J1900/N2807

    CEM841 - Axiomtek Co., Ltd.

    The CEM841 computer on module is based on the ultra-low power Intel® Celeron® processor J1900/N2807 which provides impressive CPU and graphics performance improvements. The CEM841 is equipped with double deck DDR3L SO-DIMM sockets supporting system memory maximum up to 8 GB. Coming with 8 PCI Express lanes, the power efficient system module is designed with all necessary components and offers the most updated bus interfaces targeting at POS and kiosk systems, gaming, medical PCs and HMI and industrial automation controllers.

  • Computer On Modules

    Qseven - Advantech Co. Ltd.

    Qseven supports Intel Core i and Intel Atom processor. As a new concept in ultra-small form factor, Qseven can deal with low power processors, like Intel Atom, with on-board memory and storage. The Qseven module transfers all the major signals and interface to the carrier board via golden fingers at the PCB edge, instead of using traditional board-to-board connectors as other COM form-factors. From Intel Core i to Intel Atom processor, Qseven can meet all demands and provide best performance.

  • DFT, ATPG & Silicon Diagnostic Tool

    Modus Test Solution - Cadence Design Systems

    Concerned about your test costs? Reduce your SoC test time by up to 3X with the Cadence® Modus™ Test Solution. Introducing a new patent-pending 2D Elastic Compression architecture, this next-generation tool enables compression ratios beyond 400X without impacting design size or routing. With a complete suite of industry-standard capabilities for memory BIST, logic BIST, testpoint insertion, and diagnostics, the solution can help you reduce your production test costs and increase silicon profit margins.

  • Digital Miniature Multi Channel Analyzer

    MCA 527 - Baltic Scientific Instruments, Ltd

    Automated base line restorer and threshold adjustmentAutomated or manual pole zero adjustment without oscilloscopeSystem dead time and count rate indicationDead time correctionAutomated spectrum recordingPeak stabilizationBasic analysis functions (energy calibration, FWHM, peak area and integral calculations, spectrum stripping and smoothing)File menu: write/read functions with drive/path - and file pick list functionsSetup menu: ADC, Amplifier, Presets, Memory splitting, MCA mode, MCS mode, Multi spectral recording mode, automated instrument configuration using setup file

  • Dual Channel Digitizer PXI Card

    GX2472 - Marvin Test Solutions, Inc.

    The GX2472 is a high performance, dual differential channel, 14-bit digitizer offering high dynamic range and excellent SFDR. The module's differential inputs, coupled with its low distortion makes it an ideal instrument for analyzing high performance or low level analog signals. Each channel offers 3 selectable low pass filters, a 14 bit, 70 MS/s ADC, and 512 KB of memory. A 50 MHz or 70 MHz clock with a divider provides a common acquisition clock source for both channels.

  • Fanless Embedded System With Intel® Celeron® Processor N3160, VGA, HDMI, 4 COM, 2 GbE LAN, 4 USB, And 2 PCI Express Mini Card Slots

    eBOX625-853-FL - Axiomtek Co., Ltd.

    The eBOX625-853-FL is powered by the latest Intel® Celeron® processor quad-core N3160 (formally codename: Braswell) with one DDR3L-1333/1600 SO-DIMM socket with up to 8 GB memory. The reliable Intel® Celeron® N3160-based embedded box computer supports Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT-x) which maximizes flexibility and enhances security and efficiency. The eBOX625-853-FL is ideal for IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), retail equipment, Multi-Media Kiosk, industrial gateway, automation, and many more.

  • Flash In Card

    FIC Series - Axiomtek Co., Ltd.

    Axiomtek's FIC (Flash in Card) series complies with CompactFlash™ specification and provides complete PCMCIA-ATA functionality and compatibility. This CF card is available in memory capacities ranging from 128MB up to 32GB in standard & industrial temperature to meet the demand of critical application. The operating temperature supports standard temperature grade (0°C ~+70°C) and industrial temperature grade (-40°C ~+85°C). The FIC series is an ideal solution for industrial storage application requiring reliability, high performance, and low power consumption.

  • Flash SATA Disk /SATA2 SLC

    FSA 2.5-inch Series - Axiomtek Co., Ltd.

    Axiomtek's FSA (Flash SATA Disk) series is a high performance 2.5" flash disk and fully compatible with SATAII standard which make it an ideal replacement for conventional SATA HDD without any driver or system modification. This 2.5" SATAII flash disk is provided with huge capacities up to 256 GB to meet diverse needs of data storage. With the features of high capacity storage, data integrity, anti-vibration and low power consumption, the FSA series is surely a solid solution for expanding an industrial computers memory.

  • Flash SATA DOM

    FSD Series - Axiomtek Co., Ltd.

    Axiomteks FSD (Flash SATA DOM) series is designed into Serial ATA II protocol type with compatible Serial ATA standard interface based on flash memory technology. This flash module is offered with various capacities ranging from 128 MB up to 32 GB and can operate under industrial temperature range goes from -40°C ~ 85°C in the harsh operating environments. The features of reliability, high performance, cost-effective and easy-tointegrate designs make FSD series a perfect solution over traditional storage devices.

  • Intelligent Liquid Level Transmitter

    HR8000/K/RK - HighReach Measuring & Controlling System Co.,Ltd

    HR8000 intelligent liquid level transmitter is an input type liquid level measuring instrument, which realizes full-scale digital linear correction, digital temperature error compensation in full temperature zone, and stores compensation parameters in non-volatile memory, adopting multiple security protection mechanisms. Of the product being unusable due to the loss of the calibration parameters is avoided; the circuit module has the power supply monitoring, the watchdog monitoring function, and the input structure is all stainless steel sealed, which greatly improves the reliability of the product.

  • Interface Module

    C Series LIN - NI

    C Series LIN Interface Modules are bus interfaces for developing applications with the NI-XNET driver. The NI-XNET device-driven DMA engine couples the LIN bus to host memory to minimize message latency. You can import, edit, and use signals from LDF databases in integrated LIN databases. C Series LIN Interface Modules work well for applications requiring real-time, high-speed manipulation of many LIN frames and signals, such as hardware-in-the-loop simulation, rapid control prototyping, bus monitoring, and automation control.

  • Isolation Measurement System

    DM-8000H - IWATSU Electronic Co., Ltd.

    -The input block, control block and display block are isolated with optical fiber cables.(DM-900A/AL, DM-910A/AL)-Frequency bandwidth: DC to 500MHz.-Simultaneous multi-channel measurement of many channels of different reference potentials. (2 to 24 channels) (DM-900A/AL)-Long-life battery drive. (The system can be driven by three batteries for about 12 hours)(DM-900A/AL, DM-910A/AL)-Measurement using long memory. (DM-900A/AL, DM-910A/AL) -Simultaneous measurements of the inverter's switching waveform and ON-voltage.(DM-910A/AL)

  • Lab Power Supplies

    SYSKON Series - GMC-I Messtechnik GmbH

    The analog interface is equipped with two programmable trigger inputs and three signal outputs, which can be linked to various device functions for indication, or for controlling external devices and an auxiliary power output. Beyond this, monitor outputs and control inputs for voltage and current setpoints are available as well. Sensing leads allow for auto-sensing operation at the power consumer. Strict menu-driven operation supports highly diverse programming functions. The device is transformed into a freely programmable test signal generator by means of an expanded sequence memory and extra functions.

  • Microohmmeter

    MMR-620 - Sonel S.A.

    The MMR-620 Series meters are professional portable instruments for measuring very low resistances. Due to their special measurement algorithm they can be used for both resistive and inductive type of a specimen that makes MMR-620 a perfect instrument for electricianstesting electrical junctions, motors and power transformers windings.The results can be stored in the internal memory and send to a computer via serial interface. A quick PASS/FAIL test function with results displayed and acoustically indicated simplifies measurements considerably. The MMR-620 meter can also be used for testing the quality of the junctions in a production process via the interface.

  • Moisture Meters

    Control Company

    Traceable® Moisture Meter displays material, wood, wood product, and paper moisture content 9.0 to 30.0% with a resolution of 0.1% and an accuracy of ±(4% of the reading plus 5 digits). Memory contains nine material groups such as fiberboard, construction material, and calibrations for 150 types of wood. For all other products, user establishes reference moisture readings. Once programmed, the meter reports directly in percent moisture. Simply touch a material to measure moisture. Takes only seconds. Jumbo-size digits are 1-3/8 inches high.