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Magnetic Field Sensors

detect fields of magnetism.

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  • Magnetic Field Sensors

    SpinTJ - Micro Magnetics

    The SpinTJ magnetic sensor family builds upon Micro Magnetics? in-house expertise developing low-field magnetic tunnel junction sensor products. Based on our proprietary fabrication processes, we have developed patented recipes for fabricating macroscopic, micron-scale, and submicron MTJ field sensors.

  • Magnetic Field Sensors

    Analog Devices Inc.

    Analog Devices magnetic field sensors combine integrated bulk Hall cell technology and instrumentation circuitry to minimize temperature related drifts associated with silicon Hall cell characteristics. The architecture maximizes the advantages of a monolithic implementation while allowing sufficient versatility to meet varied application requirements with a minimum number of components.

  • Magnetic Field Sensors

    Balluff GmbH

    Our cylinder sensors for pull rod cylinders can be integrated into many applications. They are mounted with mounting brackets on cylinders with tie rods and DUO rails. The concept is suitable for the most common types of cylinders with any piston diameter. Features: contact-free detection of the piston position, tie rod Ø up to 17 mm, reliable switching behavior, wear-free, resistant to dirt, secure grip, easy installation.

  • Weather, Motion, Magnetic Field Sensors

    PocketLab - Myriad Sensors, Inc.

    PocketLab Voyager, PocketLab Weather, and PocketLab One connect with a single button to a smart phone, tablet, Chromebook, or computer and instantly stream data that you can see and record. PocketLab has the same features as lab equipment that costs thousands of dollars but is low cost and intuitive to use. PocketLab is a science lab that fits in the palm of your hand. PocketLab connects with a single button to a smart phone, tablet, Chromebook, or computer and instantly streams data that you can see and record. PocketLab measures motion, acceleration, angular velocity, magnetic field, pressure, altitude, and temperature.

  • 3D Helmet Coil

    SanSys Electronic GmbH

    With the 3D Helmholtz coil system 3-dimensional magnetic field vectors can be generated. By means of superposition, it is possible to produce a field-free space or an artificial earth magnetic field vector in the interior of the coil arrangement. The coil arrangement was developed for the calibration of magnetic field sensors.

  • MO-sensors | Magneto-optical visualization

    MO-sensors - Matesy GmbH

    Magneto-optical sensors:Magneto-optical visualization of magnetic fieldsOur highly sensitive magneto-optical sensors are the basis for the visualization of magnetic fields and are available in sizes up to 3 inches. Applications for the sensors can be found in forensics and quality control of magnetic materials.

  • 3D Geo-Magnetometer

    ROM-Elektronik GmbH

    For the measurement of magnetic equilibria such as the earth's magnetic field, for the determination of anomalies and biologically active location factors. Three highly sensitive magnetic field sensors, as well as a dedicated microprocessor, are integrated into the measuring probe. The sensitive magnetic field sensor is connected to a PC, notebook or laptop (not included). The main features in brief:

  • cmos-magview | Magnetic field viewer and measurement device

    cmos-magview - Matesy GmbH

    cmos-magview - the magnetic field camera:Visualization of magnetic fields and structures.The devices of the cmos-magview family are high-resolution and precise measuring and visualization systems for magnetic materials, components and surfaces, with which it is possible to measure the magnetic flux density in addition to making magnetic fields and magnetic structures visible. Depending on the area of application, we offer you the devices with different magneto-optical sensors and sensor sizes. The devices are available in the versions cmos-magview S, cmos-magview M, cmos-magview L and cmos-magview XL.

  • Magnetic Sensors

    Bee Instruments

    Magnetic proximity sensors are characterized by the possibility of large switching distances, available from sensors with small dimensions. They detect magnetic objects (usually permanent magnets), which are used to trigger the switching process. As the magnetic fields are able to pass through many non-magnetic materials, the switching process can also be triggered without the need for direct exposure to the target object. By using magnetic conductors (e.g., iron), the magnetic field can be transmitted over greater distances so that, for example, the signal can be carried away from high temperature areas.

  • Magcam MiniCube1D

    MagCam NV

    Magcam's MiniCube1Dmagnetic field camera provides quantitativeBz magnetic field mapping in a 12.7mm x 12.7mm 2D planewith 0.1mm spatial resolution, measured at high speed. The camera is based on Magcam's unique integrated 2D Hall sensor array technology, featuring more than 16000 microscopic magnetic field sensors on one single chip. Each sensor independently measures the local magnetic field, resulting in quantitative2D magnetic field maps with high spatial resolution, measured athigh speed. These magnetic field maps contain a large amount of information about the magnet's properties, which can be extracted using Magcam's powerful MagScope measurement and analysis software.

  • Electrical Current Sensors

    Campbell Scientific, Inc.

    Electrical current sensors detect the flow of current along an electrical wire by measuring (or sensing) the magnetic field that is generated by the flow of electrical current. The sensors output signals that are transmitted to dataloggers

  • Phase Mounted Fault Indicator For 6-69KV Overhead Line

    LineTroll 110EU - Nortroll

    Linetroll 110E contains magnetic and electric field sensors surveying line current and line voltage. The magnetic sensor automatically adapts to line current, detecting preset current increases. The electric field sensor is monitoring the presence of line voltage. The sensor signals are processed and compared with user set alarm criterias.

  • Automated Wafer Prober for Magnetic Devices and Sensors

    Hprobe Company

    Hprobe design and fabricate turnkey automated testing equipment (ATE) for electrical characterization and testing of integrated circuits under magnetic field such as MRAM (Magnetic Random Access Memory) and sensors. In each phase of the technology and product development as well as during mass manufacturing, a dedicated magnetic tester is available.

  • Magnetic Proximity Sensors

    SICK Sensor Intelligence

    SICK offers an extensive portfolio of magnetic proximity sensors in metric (MM) and rectangular (MQ) configurations. The sensors are available with large sensing ranges and the Advanced series offers an extended sensing range, with entirely new application options opened up due to the smaller magnets. MM sensors in NAMUR design complete this comprehensive product family. MQ sensors offer all the advantages of a magnetic proximity sensor in a compact plastic housing. Magnetic proximity sensors are designed specifically for use in harsh environments and are unaffected by dust, heat, or vibrations. Typical fields of application are also those where other sensors reach the limits of their technology.

  • Magnetic System

    NMR-EA300 System - Caylar

    The NMR-EA300 system is the reference for calibrating magnetic sensors. It allows to generate an absolute magnetic field at <±10mG (0.1 uT) without temperature drift (<0.1ppm/C°) over a range from 14mT to 3T. This system is composed of an EA300 electromagnet with NMR poles, a MPU-16U ±150A ±70V current source of class 1ppm and a NMR20 Teslameter with a magnetic field controller (FR020).A thermostat chamber can be installed in the air gap (Optionally available on 50mm and 70mm gap poles).

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