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connect input to ouput to test I/O loop.

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  • iMcV-DS3/E3-LINETERM,BNC/SSFX -SM1550-SC (1550XMT/1310RCV)

    850-14411 - B+B SmartWorx

    Supports BNC to Single Strand Fiber, Single Mode 1550-SC (1550xmt/1310rcv)Operates at 45 Mbps (DS3), 34 Mbps (E3) or 52 Mbps (STS-1)Modules must be used in pairs, and the Remote Module supports secure, out-of-band managementConduct Loopback tests, monitor/manage the Modules with free software, iView²LED Line Diagnostics, including PRBS test patterns and Alarm Indication Signals (AIS)iMcV-DS3/E3-LINETERM,BNC/SSFX -SM1550-SC (1550XMT/1310RCV)

  • RS-232 Line Driver with Control Signals and LCD Display

    Model 224 - Telebyte, Inc.

    FEATURES: DataSpy® Status Display; Full Duplex & Handshake; Loopback & DTE/DCE Switch; DC to 19.2 KBPS; Supports DTR & DCD; Optically Isolated. The Model 224 RS-232 Line Driver with Control Signals and LCD Display provides for transmission of a handshake signal in each direction, in addition to communicating full duplex data up to 19.2 KBPS and providing complete optical isolation.

  • PoE Checker

    NF-488 - Shenzhen Noyafa Electronic CO.,LTD

    Test the information of the standard PoE device, such as af\at standard, power supply voltage, power supply polarity, and crossover mode.· Identify the supply voltage, power supply polarity, and crossover mode of non-standard PoE devices.· Check the short circuit, crossover and open circuit status in the network cable with the far end.· Test the power consumed by DC appliances.. The loop-back test function of the switch.

  • Test FMC Mezzanine Module

    TFMC900 - TEWS Technologies GmbH

    The TFMC900 is an FMC (FPGA Mezzanine Card) Mezzanine Module designed to test ANSI/VITA 57.1 FMC Carriers during development or series production. Additionally, it offers the possibility to realise various I/O solutions for connected FMC Carriers. Interconnection of the High Pin Count FMC Connector signals can be verified by JTAG and by functional tests. A loop-back of the 10 multi-gigabit transceiver interfaces allows interconnection checks for the high-speed serial interfaces.

  • E1/T1/Data FOM

    Digital Communication Technologies Ltd

    Standalone unit (1U, 1.75 inch in height). An optional mounting kit is available for single or side-by-side mounting in a 19 inch rackChannel service setting and Remote loop-back setting by front panel DIP switch Far End Fault (FEF) on fiber link selectableOn-line Bit Error Rate monitor feature with four alarm classes

  • HDMI Cable Tester

    MT-7062 - Prokit's Industries Co., Ltd.

    Test all HDMI cables with Type A to A, A to C and C to C connectorsDesign with loopback function allows test HDMI type A to A, A to C on main unit.Automatically fast & slow scan for testing all conductors status in a cable, Manual test for step by step detecting individual conductors for intermittent faults.Automatically detect wiring on HDMI type A or type C condition in straight, short, open, crossover in all RGB conductors.Quickly troubleshoot and verify HDTV installation and DIY termination in the field.

  • LAN Check With Tone Generator

    PH-01 - Pansco, Ltd

    The LANCHECK consists of two modular units, a tester and a remote terminator.  The modular design enables the tester to be used for local loop-back testing of patch cable or remote testing of pre-installed premise wiring.  The LANCHECK makes it easy to recognize opens and shorts within a cable as well as identify reversed and miswired cables.  It can verify a cable up to 2,000 feet in length.  Furthermore, it comes with shielded connectors, which enables the testing of shielded twisted pair (STP) cables.  It also features convenient Auto Scanning and precision Manual Scanning modes.

  • Quad Channel Serial Communication Controller

    CPCI-SCC04-ISO - ALPHI Technology

    Individual programmable Quad RS232,RS-422/485• Programmable 16 Discrete RS-422Transceiver with Interrupt support.• Edge selection support: positive andor Negative• Global Interrupt Signal Register• Each UART compatible 16C550 with64-byte TX and RX FIFOs• Automatic RTS/CTS Hardware FlowControl• Automatic RS485 Direction ControlOutput with Selectable turn-arounddelay• Up to 6.125 MBps Data Rate• Integrated, Logic-Selectable 120ΩTermination Resistor• No Damage or Latchup to ESD:±15kV HBM• High Input Impedance Supports 256Nodes• Isolated to 2500V• Provision for internal loopback• Software Libraries and drivers forWinxp and Linux• Data Bits: 7,8• Stop Bits: 1,2• Parity: None, Even, Odd

  • LAN Cable Tester

    PA-01D - Pansco, Ltd

    The LAN cable tester is a versatile, full-featured tool for testing many kinds of network cable. Loopback and remote tests may be performed automatically or manually, and will test cable continuity as well as identifying opens, shorts, reversed wiring, and miswiring in cables up to 2,000 ft. long. Shielded connectors allow the tester to test shielded twisted pair (STP) cables. The built-in tone generator generates a low emission frequency tone which can be detected by any market tone probe, making it easier to trace and locate cables. Uses 1 9V alkaline battery. CE Approved.

  • GPS/FMS Universal Test Fixture

    TA-3000 - Tech-Aid Products

    This panel was designed to give the avionics shop the capability to test and troubleshoot many of the GPS, GPS/COMM and FMS units on the market today. Breakout jacks are provided for both analog and digital signals that need to be monitored or simulated. A data port update jack is provided as well as Arinc 429 and RS232 loopback switches. Switches for Gillham altitude are provided as well as fuel flow adjustments. An array of annunciators and configuration switches are also provided to verify those outputs and inputs. Optional UUT configuration overlays also availabl

  • Host Emmulator/ Module Tester

    ML4070-SFP - multiLane SAL

    The ML4070-SFP is a state of the art transceiver test set specifically designed for quick production testing Go/No Go applications. It features Pulse Pattern Generators and Error Detectors as well as SFP host control circuitry with power supply noise injection capability. The ML4070 has got 3 SFP ports for 0 dB trace loss, 9 dB trace loss and for loopback. A full set of APIs and a production GUI enable quick one-button measurements and automatic report generation.

  • Host Emmulator/ Module Tester

    ML4070-QSFP - multiLane SAL

    The ML4070-QSFP is a state of the art transceiver test set specifically designed for quick production testing Go/No Go applications. It features Pulse Pattern Generators and Error Detectors as well as QSFP host control circuitry with power supply noise injection capability. The ML4070 has got 3 QSFP ports for 0 dB trace loss, 9 dB trace loss and for loopback. A full set of APIs and a production GUI enable quick one-button measurements and automatic report generation.

  • SmartClass Optical Ethernet

    Wuhan Sunma Technologies Co., Ltd.

    The SmartClass Ethernet product is an easy to use, cost effective Ethernet testing solution for basic physical layer cable testing, layer 2 and layer 3 traffic generation, and full RFC 2544 testing. The rugged, battery operated, application specific test tool enables field technicians to turn-up Ethernet and IP services by running an RFC 2544 test or following a set of methods and procedures. The product has been designed for front-line technicians who do not have experience dealing with emerging Metro Ethernet technologies and need a simple to use solution for Ethernet and IP testing. The SmartClass product comes in two major configurations, one a loopback only device and the other featuring full traffic generation.

  • E1 Testers

    GAO Tek Inc.

    GAOTek provides a large collection of high quality, affordable E1 testers that are specially manufactured to speed up the ethernet maintenance time and work efficiency for sale to the United States, Canada and Globally. These devices consist of PING, router trace, a port location tool, a loop-back tool and offers a variety of Ethernet diagnostic functions. These E1 Ethernet test instruments are all incorporated with test tools for E1, V port, and Gigabit Ethernet link repairs, and failure diagnosis. E1 Ethernet testing devices are user-friendly, can be used in Ethernet cable tests, flux error code tests, connectivity performance, traffic testing, ethernet wire testing, and bandwidth verification. As these devices help in measuring and proving performance for criteria Ethernet networks they are commonly used in the RFC2544 performance test.

  • BERT Receiver Test Automation Solutions

    Granite River Labs Inc.

    As data rates have increased, Receiver Electrical Stress testing is now required for many different standards. This entails sending electrical waveform compliance patterns impaired with precise amounts of jitter, attenuation, and Inter-Symbol Interference (ISI) to test the robustness of receiver designs under non-ideal conditions. GRL’s BERT Receiver Test Automation Solutions allow customers to save time and ensure proper testing through step-by-step Method Of Implementation (MOI) implementation, automated BERT calibration, jitter tolerance testing, auxiliary or sideband signal control, DUT loopback mode and error counting control, and easy integration of other test environment control elements like temperature and voltage, test data management, and reporting.