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connect input to ouput to test I/O loop.

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  • - Optically Isolated Line Driver

    Model 72A - Telebyte, Inc.

    FEATURES: DC TO 19.2 KBPS; Optically Isolated; TD & RD LED's; Loopback Switch; Built-In Surge Protection; Male or Female Connectors; Screw Terminals and RJ-11. The Model 72A Optically Isolated Line Driver links RS-232 based devices over extended distances. It provides optical isolation and has built-in verification of operation using a loopback switch.

  • Collimators/Focusers - Pigtail Style

    DTS0030 - OZ Optics

    OZ Optics? line of low cost fixed attenuators are available in four different configurations (hybrid male to female, attenuating fiber patchcord, bulkhead receptacle and loopback) to best suit your particular application.

  • Network Media Converter

    XG2 Series - Omnicor

    All XG2 Series are equipped with real-time LED display which shows the status of each port. The built-in loopback functions provide troubleshooting ability via sending packets like BERT patterns to network equipment.

  • GigE Reflector


    The GigE Reflector provides loopback functionality in a low-cost, handheld device. It’s a smart loop device that swaps the source and destination addresses in MAC and IP headers and is compatible with our ParaScope GigE, EZTouch GigE, and EZTouch GigE+.

  • Legacy Transmission Products

    Enginuity Communications

    The DST2496I2 is an intelligent 200-Mechanics sized active interface between a 4-wire facility and a 2/4-wire data modem. The DST2496I2 supports 3 or 4 tone equalization alignment, multiple loopback activation tones, and drop-side transmit and receive signal levels selectable through remote tone provisioning. Facility impedance and 2 or 4-wire drop can be selected through on-board manual switches. DST2496I2 also allows the user to set the drop-side signal levels for Data or FAA applications, select the loopback activation tone, and manually activate signal loopback from the front panel pushbutton switch. The DST2496I2 can be powered from a local -48Vdc/24Vac source or from the span sealing current. The DST2496I2 also has external sealing current connections for supplying or terminating applications.

  • Dial Up Modem Test

    ModemTest 1.3 - PassMark Software Pty Ltd

    Test your dial up modem and telephone line for errors and connection speed. A local loopback test is provided as well as a master / slave test. The master / slave test requires 2 modems and 2 telephone lines. ModemTest is compatible with most dial up modems. (9.6 - 56Kbits)

  • IP Performance Analyzers

    LB-200 - Omnicor

    LB-200 is a smart companion of NuDOG. There are two application modes that make on-site network test easy and efficient. One is loopback test and another is asymmetric network transmission test. Common evaluation methodology such as Throughput and Latency test are applied for the test by attached software, NuDOG-2544 and NuDOG device.

  • Modular Cable Tester

    PA-42 - Pansco, Ltd

    The PA-42 provides loop-back and remote testing of installed and uninstalled STP/UTP and BNC coaxial cables. A shielded RJ-45 jack lets you test modular terminated RJ-45, RJ-12, and RJ-11 cables such as USOC 8/6/4/2. A built-in BNC connector lets you test coaxial BNC cables. Features a tip/ring polarity test.

  • Hand Portable Test Instruments

    GL Communications Inc.

    GL’s PacketExpert™ 10G provides comprehensive testing of 10 Gbps wirespeed Ethernet/IP networks. It has two 10 Gbps Optical ports, and two 10/100/1000 Mbps Electrical/Optical ports capable of BERT, Smart Loopback, RFC 2544, ExpertSAM, Record and Playback, IPLinkSim™ and PacketBroker functionalities.

  • Drone Payload Satellite Simulator


    AtlanTecRF has introduced a new light-weight, rugged and compact Drone Payload Satellite Simulator. The unique simulator is capable of providing a transmit (Tx) to receive (Rx) loop-back for compact and mobile satellite communications systems testing without the need for cable connections. AtlanTecRF standard high performance LTT microwave circuits, have been configured for installation along with circularly polarised Ka-Band antennas and a rechargeable battery power pack into a specially designed and weatherproof housing capable of being carried by a moderately sized hovering drone. The drone is then flown into the line of sight of the satcom system antenna providing the loop-back and facilitating system/antenna testing and calibration without the need to go live on the satellite. Test methods using other satellite simulator models can involve mounting the simulator test instrument on a mast or ‘cherry picker’ to intercept the satcom system's line of sight. But such an arrangement can give rise to test site clutter and inconvenience in some circumstances. The Drone Payload avoids this scenario and also has the advantage of being able to provide the loop-back from heights above the ground which would be simply impractical by other methods.

  • RS-232 Line Driver with Control Signals and LCD Display

    Model 224 - Telebyte, Inc.

    FEATURES: DataSpy® Status Display; Full Duplex & Handshake; Loopback & DTE/DCE Switch; DC to 19.2 KBPS; Supports DTR & DCD; Optically Isolated. The Model 224 RS-232 Line Driver with Control Signals and LCD Display provides for transmission of a handshake signal in each direction, in addition to communicating full duplex data up to 19.2 KBPS and providing complete optical isolation.

  • HDMI Cable Tester

    MT-7062 - Prokit's Industries Co., Ltd.

    Test all HDMI cables with Type A to A, A to C and C to C connectorsDesign with loopback function allows test HDMI type A to A, A to C on main unit.Automatically fast & slow scan for testing all conductors status in a cable, Manual test for step by step detecting individual conductors for intermittent faults.Automatically detect wiring on HDMI type A or type C condition in straight, short, open, crossover in all RGB conductors.Quickly troubleshoot and verify HDTV installation and DIY termination in the field.

  • GPS/FMS Universal Test Fixture

    TA-3000 - Tech-Aid Products

    This panel was designed to give the avionics shop the capability to test and troubleshoot many of the GPS, GPS/COMM and FMS units on the market today. Breakout jacks are provided for both analog and digital signals that need to be monitored or simulated. A data port update jack is provided as well as Arinc 429 and RS232 loopback switches. Switches for Gillham altitude are provided as well as fuel flow adjustments. An array of annunciators and configuration switches are also provided to verify those outputs and inputs. Optional UUT configuration overlays also availabl

  • PoE Checker

    NF-488 - Shenzhen Noyafa Electronic CO.,LTD

    Test the information of the standard PoE device, such as af\at standard, power supply voltage, power supply polarity, and crossover mode.· Identify the supply voltage, power supply polarity, and crossover mode of non-standard PoE devices.· Check the short circuit, crossover and open circuit status in the network cable with the far end.· Test the power consumed by DC appliances.. The loop-back test function of the switch.

  • E1/T1/Data FOM

    Digital Communication Technologies Ltd

    Standalone unit (1U, 1.75 inch in height). An optional mounting kit is available for single or side-by-side mounting in a 19 inch rackChannel service setting and Remote loop-back setting by front panel DIP switch Far End Fault (FEF) on fiber link selectableOn-line Bit Error Rate monitor feature with four alarm classes