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  • Load Cell Simulators / Testers

    Company: Load Cell Central

    A load cell simulator is a handy tool during initial setup, particularly of a batching by weight scale. It replaces the load cell(s) in the system allowing the scale technician to simulate various weights that will trigger the outputs setpoints for activating valves, gates, and mixers. These products are a must for anyone involved in scale installations and repairs.

  • Loadcell Simulators

    Company: Micro Edge Electronics

    With the assistance of our team of professionals, we are offering Load Cell Simulators to our esteemed clients. its price range Rs. 5000 to 12000 .These are ideal to be used for troubleshooting, pre-calibration trials and linearity checks. The offered simulators are fabricated using the finest grade raw material and latest technology in compliance with the set industry standards

  • Load Cell Simulator

    Company: Strainstall Marine

    Strainstall's load cell simulators are used for the testing and calibration of weighing systems. The units employ a number of precision resistors inter-connected in a specially designed mesh network, simulating the input and output characteristics of a bridge circuit.

  • Actuator in VHDL-AMS with SystemVision

    Company: Infolytica

    Modeling an electromagnetic actuator in a systems context is sometimes required to accurately simulate the dynamic interaction between drive circuit, actuator, and load. Co-simulation, where a systems simulator and MagNet run parallel transient solves, is one method that can be used. An alternative approach, Response Surface Modeling (RSM), creates a functionally equivalent model of the actuator by performing a large number of static analyses at different currents and positions. Presented here is an example of an RSM embedded in a VHDL-AMS model of the actuator, used in conjunction with the SystemVision system simulator from Mentor Graphics. The procedure is automated with the System Model Generator which drives MagNet to execute its static solver and then generates the VHDL-AMS code which implements the RSM. VHDL-AMS is an IEEE standard (1076.1) supported by many circuit and system simulators.