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Visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from 400nm to 700nm.

See Also: Illumination, Lighting, Lightning, Lightwave, Daylight, Streetlight, Luminescence

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  • Photoelectric Detector

    LG-930 - Ono Sokki

    The LG-900 series detectors are reflection type optical (LG-916) and photoelectric detectors developed for medium distance detection applications. The LG-916 adopts glass fiber at the tip end and can be protective enough against the external turbulent light because of pulse modulation system as the light projection source. The LG-930 also uses a pulse-lighting method, it is practically unaffected by disturbance light, furthermore, featuring a hybrid structure with the all light-projecting, light-receiving, amplifying, and waveform-shaping sections built into the unit to offer a compact design with easy-to-operate functions. By simply attaching the reflection mark to a rotating object, the detectors can detect the rotation of the object without actually touching the object.

  • Microscopy

    M Squared Lasers

    Aurora is an award-winning Airy Beam Light Sheet imaging system designed for researchers working in fields such as neuroscience, developmental biology, cancer biology, regenerative medicine and other bioscience disciplines, including Plant Sciences and Marine Biology. Compact, affordable and customisable, Aurora is available as a single and multiphoton light sheet fluorescence microscope for rapid, large 3D volumetric imaging, high resolution, multicolour, time-lapse imaging and live cell imaging. Aurora uses ground-breaking Airy Beam Light Sheet imaging techniques to achieve outstanding results in the field. It is currently in use by many leading organisations delivering results previously not possible.

  • Spectrophotometers


    The new Specbos family offers compact, spectrometric instruments, designed to measure the color coordinates, spectral characteristics and light levels of transmissive and reflective targets. These small, modular, easy to use spectrographic systems offer accurate solutions within the UV, VIS and NIR ranges.The basic spectral diffuser used is a high quality holographic diffraction grating, which exhibits very low stray light and high dynamic range. Many instruments also incorporate built-in light sources and offer several measuring probes. All units are delivered complete with PC-compatible software, power supply, operations manual and transit case.

  • Detectors

    Edmund Optics Inc.

    Detectors are used to measure the illumination of a light source for a number of optical or spectrometry applications. Detectors consist of arrays of photodiodes or photodetectors that transmit electrical current when excited by collision from photons. Detectors enable the measurement of important light characteristics that are not conveniently acquired in other ways. A selection of photodiodes is also available with linked amplifier capabilities for easier, more precise measurement capacities.Detectors

  • FIber Based Solar Simulator

    Sciencetech, Inc.

    Provides up to 12 suns class B non-uniformity over a 12.5 mm diameter with the A4 Light Line and class C uniformity can be achieved over 18mm diameter both with a working distance of 25 cm. Provides up to 4 suns class B non-uniformity over a 12.5 mm diameter with the A1 Light Line with a working distance of 25 cm.

  • Transmittance Dust Measuring Devices

    SICK Sensor Intelligence

    Maintaining a clear sightline even when dust concentrations are highTransmittance dust measuring devices transmit light through the entire duct. With this type of measurement, light attenuation indicates the concentration of dust inside the duct. These measuring devices are specially designed for medium to high dust concentrations and large duct diameters. Consequently, they are equally suited to emission and process monitoring as they are to hall monitoring applications.

  • Fiber Optic Sensor & Amplifier

    FG-1300 | FS-5500/FS-540 - Ono Sokki

    The FG-1300 is a non-contact type high-performance amplifier that emits red light from LED to a rotating object, and detects the variation of the reflected red light amount.This amplifier is used in combination with an exclusive detector FS-5500*/FS-540 Fiber Optic Sensors which has adopted environment resistant design. The glass fibers are covered with flexible stainless steel tube for rotation measurement in limited space.

  • Yellowing Resistance Chamber

    Sataton Instruments Technology CO., Ltd

    Yellowing resistance chamber also called as discoloration meter is the professional testing instrument for measurement of yellow resistance performance by simulating sunlight. It is a useful tool for testing the yellowing resistance property of light color materials or products such as white thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer shoe sole or light synthetic materials. The chamber can also be used for printing and packaging industry for deploying chemical dyes.

  • Chlorine Dioxide Analyzer


    optek’s chlorine dioxide (ClO2) analyzers are inline devices designed to measure real time ClO2 solution strength and/or ClO2 gas concentration . These analyzers can be designed to accommodate virtually any measuring range regardless of the stream’s phase. Operationally, the analyzer passes a white light beam through the ClO2 stream to be monitored, where light absorbance is measured at two distinct wavelengths.

  • Safety Control Unit

    SF-C21 Series - Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Company of America

    The safety control unit allows the user to connect and control various machine safety components. The SF-C10 series was specifically designed to connect and control Panasonic light curtains, while the SF-C21 safety control unit can be used for a variety of safety devices such as; safety switches, emergency switches, enable grip switches, safety beam sensors, safety scanners, and safety light curtains.

  • Slow Motion Cameras

    Optronis GmbH

    Whether it’s needed in the laboratory, at external sites or for crash tests, you can expect high performance every time, every place and everywhere from Optronis’ slow motion cameras of CamRecord-CR and CamRecord-Sprinter series. The systems are particularly easy to operate. The high level of light sensitivity of these cameras gives you a clear view of your subject, even in poor light conditions.

  • Optical Sensor Test

    Cohu, Inc.

    For optical sensor test Cohu offers a variety of solutions being driven by requirements for tri-temp, parallelism and stimulus spacing. Customized optical stimulus units are integrated into Cohu’s test handling systems. For light detector test, we implement different types of light sources, such as infrared, ambient- and colored light. We offer different solutions for 3D image sensors combining emitter and receiver tests of LiDAR, Time of Flight and Structured Light devices.

  • Gas Analysis

    HPR-90 - Hiden Analytical Ltd.

    The HPR-90 automated package cracking analysis system is a complete system optimized to analyse gas within sealed volumes such as light bulbs.

  • Non-contact Electric Meter

    KT-12 - Ketai instrument (kunshan) Ltd.

    ● AC voltage 90~1000V ● Sound and light alarm when voltage is detected ● CAT IV1000V ● Self-check function, program control

  • Industrial Sensors

    Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Company of America

    Panasonic offers a wide variety of Industrial Sensors including, Area, Color Mark, Laser, Safety Light Curtains, Photoelectric and more.

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