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read precision values.

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  • Vigilant Aircraft Hygrometer

    137 - Edgetech Instruments

    The Edgetech Instruments Model 137 Vigilant Aircraft Hygrometer is a rugged, shock mounted military qualified instrument used for the primary measurement of dew point in flight or in installations with existing flow, such as wind tunnels.It features a miniature remote dew point sensor employing a platinum resistance thermometer, and has 15 feet of interconnecting cable to the control unit. Precision calibration units for the linear analog outputs are included.

  • LC Software

    LabSolutions GPC Software - Shimadzu Corp.

    GPC software has been added to the LabSolutions lineup. This addition enables control and use of GC and HPLC instruments, including a GPC system, for analysis with the same interface, which simplifies the management of analytical instruments in your laboratory. With its easy-to-understand analysis windows, the GPC software provides the optimal environment for molecular weight distribution calculations, as well as qualitative and quantitative analysis via multiple detectors.

  • Citadel CTD-EK

    Teledyne RD Instruments

    Teledyne RD Instruments CITADEL CT-EK Sensor provides highaccuracy conductivity and temperature measurements in a package that can be readily adapted to various user platforms. The instrument relies on an innovative, inductively coupled conductivity sensor, which provides high-accuracy, stable readings. The sensor is self-flushing, so no pumps are required. A highgrade Platinum Resistance Thermometer (PRT) provides stable temperature readings for calculation of high-accuracy salinity and sound velocity.

  • Data Acquisition and Reduction

    STI Technologies, Inc.

    STI offers custom virtual instrument design with LABVIEW software and National Instruments data aquisition cards. Calibration systems include shock accelerometer calibration based on Hopkinson bar, transverse sensitivity, calibration of accelerometers at various temperatures (includes environmental chamber temperature control, shaker motion control, data acquisition and processing) as well as data aquisition and processing systems for turbomachinery and general vibration applications.

  • Energy Probes

    RjP-600 Series - Laser Probe Inc.

    The RjP-600 Series energy probes integrate the detector and preamplifier in the same enclosure, thereby maximizing signal integrity between the detector and preamplifier. This permits longer cable runs between the probe and instrument, as is often necessary in production environments. Probe specific information, like calibration date and wavelength response curves, is stored in the probe for access by the instrument. Other features include interchangeable filter holders and ¼-20 mounting hole.

  • Insertion / Return Loss Tester

    JW8301 - Shanghai Joinwit optoelectronic Tech,co.,Ltd

    JW8301 Insertion/Return Loss Test Station is a professional instrument, which is designed for CWDM device, multi-wavelength devices, PLC, fiber cable. It is a new high precise optical test instrument, which combines many years experiences of passive device ,configured with VFL and 850nm Optical Light Source. It supports the judgment of threshold, Multi wavelength automatic testing, system integration, upper computer monitor solution etc.

  • Proton Memory Magnetometer

    G5 - Geotron

    To maximize both the quality and quantity of the geophysical data obtained during your surveys, you need an instrument which is designed to increase operator productivity. The G5 magnetometer from Geotron is just such an instrument. Not only does it measure and display the total magnetic field of the earth plus the difference between the present and previous reading. It also stores readings taken, as well as other information, in it's own non-volatile memory.

  • Dial Thickness Gauge

    FTM-1 – UKAS - Rhopoint Metrology Ltd

    Baty dial thickness gauges are direct reading instruments for quick and accuratemeasurement of rod, strip or sheet material, such as paper. All standard instruments aresupplied with 10mm (0.39″) diameter at contacts. The well balanced frame andhandgrip make these thickness gauges very easy to use for the measurement of sheet easy to use for the measurement of sheet materials.The lifting lever and springloaded spindle ensures controlled contact pressure on the sample.

  • Single Channel Signal Buffer Module

    Alliance Support Partners, Inc.

    Signal quality problems caused by mismatched impedance can result in intermittent measurements and faulty diagnostics. This is most often observed when transporting a test program from one system to another, such as re-hosting it from an older generation system to a new one. The primary root cause of the impedance mismatch is the signal path from the UUT to the measurement instrument. The switching system technology often is responsible for much of the distortion. The Signal Buffer Module (SBM) is designed to receive a signal from the UUT with high impedance output and accurately reproduced it at the output for delivery to the measurement instrument. The SBM output matches the 50 ohm input impedance of most measurement instruments and result in significantly reduced signal distortion.

  • Socket-Tester


    A socket tester is a portable electrical instrument used to test for correct operation and wiring standards on power outlet sockets. It is typically a hand-held instrument that either plugs directly into the socket with pins mounted on the tester or comes equipped with a short lead and plug. Depending on the sophistication of the socket tester, a range of status indications may be returned including disconnected phases, reversed phases, and, in the case of a top end instrument, earth loop impedance. Most testers display test results on an array of light emitting diodes (LEDs), and some also allow for an earth leakage test to be carried out with the push of a button. Socket testers are available for most common industrial and domestic voltages and pin configurations.

  • LC Software

    LabSolutions CS - Shimadzu Corp.

    LCs and GCs are used extensively in quality control and research and development departments in a wide range of industries, including pharmaceutical, chemical, and food. Recently, an increasing demand for food safety and environmental analysis and measurement has led to a dramatic increase in the number of samples being analyzed which, in turn, has resulted in demands for faster, easier-to-use instruments and software. In the pharmaceutical industry, compliance to regulations and guidelines, such as CSV and PIC/S GMP, U.S. FDA 21 CFR Part 11, Data Integrity and so on, and the proper, efficient management of instruments and analytical data are required. With this background, faster, more efficient management of instruments and data is essential. LabSolutions is a network-compatible analysis data system capable of meeting these needs.

  • Air Quality Instrumentation

    Sutron Corporation

    Air quality characteristics are quantified with instruments that provide numbers. With these numbers we can compare our environment against a standard and then seek improvement in environmental characteristics. We also can evaluate environmental changes over time. For example, a simple thermometer will tell us that air temperature in a dairy barn is 78°F, yet we know that dairy cows are most comfortable at 60°F or colder (assuming reasonable humidity level). Our goal would be to lower the temperature or compensate for the heat stress in other ways. This publication examines portable, hand-held, field-quality instruments commonly used to diagnose animal environments. It does not discuss instruments typical of ventilation system controls or those used to obtain experimental data.

  • Industrial Thermometers

    900 Series - TEGAM Inc.

    TRUST is an essential feature in any measurement tool and TEGAM’s new 900 Series thermometers are instruments you can rely on every day with confidence. These new models are the most accurate thermometers ever offered by TEGAM to meet the increasing demands of regulatory requirements in food, pharmaceutical, and materials applications where process temperature measurement is critical. Superior instrument accuracy, combined with the “Probe Offset” feature to zero out probe errors, makes their “system” accuracy unmatched in the industry. Like all TEGAM products, the 900 Series thermometers are designed, assembled and tested in the United States. TEGAM backs this durable instrument with a standard 3 year warranty to assure you that your investment is sound.

  • Lock-in Amplifier

    UHFLI - Zurich Instruments AG

    The Zurich Instruments UHFLI is a digital lock-in amplifier covering the frequency range from DC to 600 MHz. In addition of providing the highest operation frequency amongst all commercial lock-in amplifiers, the UHFLI also offers the lowest time constant of 30 ns for demodulation, resulting in a demodulation bandwidth of more than 5 MHz. The exquisite analog front end offers a spectacular noise performance of 4 nV/Hz which helps in many applications to keep the signal-to-noise ratios high while speeding up the measurement. In combination with the most innovative instrument control software LabOne, the UHFLI is the flagship of all Zurich Instruments products and represents the state of the art of today''s scientific instrumentation.

  • Reichert Technologies

    AMETEK Inc.

    Global leader in the design and manufacture of diagnostic instruments and devices for ophthalmologists, optometrists, eye care professionals, life science researchers, quality contro and field technicians. Its products have come to define eye exams and vision testing, like the Phoroptor refracting instruments, Tono-Pen handheld tonometers, the break-through Ocular Response Analyzer featuring Corneal Hysteresis for advanced glaucoma risk analysis, Lensometers, and non-contact air puff tonometers. Its handhel and expanded benchtop line of refractometers like the AR9, Density 5, and Polar3 are used in food, beverage, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. High-end Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) instruments like the Reichert4SPR are used for drug discovery and protein therapeutics research.