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  • Test Services

    SHPB - Advance Instrument Inc.

    Advance Instrument (AI) having solid knowledges and experiences in this field of materials measuring and testing, has developed a comprehensive suite of services providing test, modelling and validating high strain rate behavior of polymeric materials. AI can test tensile and compressive behavior of a wide variety of polymeric materials over strain rates ranging from 10(-3)/s to 10(3)/s combining conventional test techniques with advanced, high strain rate techniques using Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar (SHPB) and instrumented impact testing.

  • Chromatography

    PerkinElmer Inc.

    Whatever your application, industry requirements or regulations, we have a breadth of solutions designed to solve your separation and detection challenges. Our diverse portfolio spans techniques for liquid chromatography (LC), liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LC/MS), gas chromatography (GC and GC/MS), and Arnel GC engineered instruments. Plus, we offer the most comprehensive suite of sample preparation technology that includes an array of autosamplers, GC Headspace (HS) and Thermal Desorption (TD) sample handling systems, liquid injection and Solid-Phase Micro-Extraction (SPME) options, and more.

  • Flash Diffusivity Analyzers

    DLF 2800 - TA Instruments

    The Discovery Laser Flash DLF 2800 is an advanced freestanding instrument for the measurement of thermal diffusivity and specific heat capacity of materials from room temperature to 2800°C. The distinctive design incorporates a proprietary laser, laser optics, detector, and furnace technologies, and along with the unique six-position sample carousel, ensures unprecedented measurement accuracy and sample throughput. With the ability to operate in a variety of atmospheric conditions, including inert gas or under vacuum, the DLF 2800 can characterize a wide variety of materials, including polymers, ceramics, carbons, graphite, composites, glasses, metals, and alloys.

  • Xenotest

    220/220+ - Atlas Material Testing Technology

    The Xenotest 220 and Xenotest 220+ are large capacity lightfastness testers dedicated for textile testing. They come with premium on-rack light and temperature sensor and non-aging optical filter technology. With the ability to test 38 samples, the 220 Series provides nearly twice as much capacity in the same footprint compared to 150S+. The combination of its large test chamber and the efficient use of power and water make it today‘s most economic air-cooled instrument available. It complies to standards ISO 105 B02, AATCC TM16 (option 3), and Marks & Spencer C9, C9A.

  • EMI Test Receiver

    ESL - Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

    The R&S®ESL EMI test receiver combines two instruments in one, measuring EMC disturbances in accordance with the latest standards and also serving as a full-featured spectrum analyzer for diverse lab applications.

  • CW Test Signal Generators

    TesCom USA

    Applied Instruments CW test signal generators generate CW carriers that are extremely clean and stable. Because of their excellent frequency and amplitude accuracy, they are also great for calibrating signal level meters and spectrum analyzers.

  • Transconductance Amplifier

    8100 - Clarke-Hess Communications Research

    The Model 8100 Transconductance Amplifier is a precision, high stability, high accuracy instrument which produces an output current which is directly proportional to the input voltage over the frequency range from dc to 100kHz.

  • Programmable Power Supplies

    TG-xxxx series - Tesient Instrument Co., Ltd

    TG-xxxx series programmable power supplies are Tesient Instrument recently developed portable power products.The series consist of three basic modules:--- High current module--- Medium current module--- Voltage module

  • Battery Chargers

    BAC Series - IBEKO Power AB

    Battery charger BAC series is a portable and universal battery charging solution. It is primarily intended for charging Lead-Acid, Ni-Cd and Li-ion batteries from 1 V DC to 300V DC level. However, the unit can charge the string of any battery type by one of the available charge modes:IU (constant current + constant voltage)UU (constant voltage + constant voltage with a current limit)Charging modes provide a safe regulation of charging procedure and achieves fast recharge and low risk of overcharge.Variety of implemented protections, such as thermal, overcurrent, undervoltage, and overvoltage, assure the charging process will be safe for the battery and the instrument itself.A user doesn’t have to switch off the main charger in order to use BAC series charger. Just the opposite, the BAC series charger should support the main charger to speed up the process. An alternative use is to quickly recharge a battery following a discharge test.The provided display enables users to monitor all relevant information during the charging process and to adjust charging parameters and limits in real-time.The instrument offers the best power-to-weight ratio in the market, weighing only 10 kg / 22 lbs with the maximum output power of 2,7 kW.The maximum charging currents for lead-acid, Ni-Cd and Li-ion batteries, at various battery voltages, are presented in the brochure.

  • Solar Simulator

    Unisim - TS Space Systems

    TS-Space Systems is the first company to pioneer the use of metal halide sources in solar simulators for photovoltaic testing. The high temporal stability and close spectral match combined with the ability to control the output spectrum via multiple separate wavebands means the Unisim solar simulator is the only solar research tool designed for the accurate measurement of multiple junction devices, including the new generation of four junction devices. As with all our Unisim solar simulators, they exceed the ASTM, IEC and JIS international standards for spectral match and temporal instability. Using the latest HMI and halogen luminaire technology, the Unisim solar simulator provides a highly stable area of illumination. The simulators also use cutting edge filter technology in order to provide the best spectral match available for AM0 and AM1.5. Further to this, the spectrum can be achieved via two, three or four separate spectral wavebands which allows a high degree of spectral control for research and development. Product support is very important to us. Training is provided at our premises where customers can take advantage of one-on-one tuition with the instrument designers and learn how to operate and maintain their tools. Extensive support via phone and email for the full lifetime of the instrument is included with every TS-Space Systems product.

  • AC Electronic Load (CC/CR/CP)

    PCZ1000A - Kikusui Electronics Corp.

    PCZ1000A is an AC electronic load that enables you to perform load simulation for various inverters and transformers. In addition to the resistive loads generally used in tests, it is capable of simulating capacitor-input rectifier loads.The instrument supports input up to 1000W and is equipped with 3 operation modes - Constant Current, Constant Resistance, and Constant Power.Current waveform resemble to sine wave can be output constantly without effect by voltage waveform at each mode. Moreover, the instrument is equipped with Crest Factor function that is suitable for simulating current load test for switching power supply.

  • Supercapacitor Electrical Leakage Tester

    N8320 Series - Next Generation Instrumental (Shanghai) T&C Tech. Co., Ltd.

    N8320 is an analysis and diagnostic instrument specially developed by NGI for supercapacitor electrical leakage test. N8320 consists of three parts: test instrument, application software and test fixture. It can test the electrical leakage parameters of various types of supercapacitors under the set voltage. N8320 can be widely used in the R&D, production and quality inspection of supercapacitors, with the advantages of high cost performance, compact size and high accuracy.N8320 uses a standard 19-inch chassis with 2U height, which is convenient for integration into automation test platforms for R&D and production, and can also be used separately.

  • PXI Vector Signal Analyzer

    PXIe-5668 / 783156-01 - NI

    Up to 26.5 GHz PXI Vector Signal Analyzer—The PXIe‑5668 offers wide bandwidth with high-performance measurement performance and speed. It meets the challenging requirements of applications such as wireless communications, radio frequency integrated circuit characterization, RADAR test, and spectrum monitoring and signal intelligence. With its implementation as a PXI instrument, the PXIe‑5668 also features the fast measurement speed required for high-volume manufacturing test. The PXIe‑5668 includes a LabVIEW-programmable Xilinx Kintex‑7 FPGA that you can use to customize the instrument behavior by adding triggering, signal processing routines, and more.

  • LCR Meters

    Lutron Electronic Enterprise Co., Ltd.

    A type of electronic test equipment used to measure the inductance (L), capacitance (C), and resistance (R) of an electronic component. In the simpler versions of this instrument the impedance was measured internally and converted for display to the corresponding capacitance or inductance value.

  • Interference Discriminant PD Detector

    SF-2001 - Shanghai Launch Electric Co., Ltd.

    SF-2001 interference discriminant PD detector is featured by high sensitivity and wide usage. It is mainly used to test partial discharge for transformers, instrument transformers, cables, bushings, capacitors, generators and other high voltage apparatus.