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read precision values.

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  • Liquid Thermal Conductivity Instruments

    THW-L1 - Thermtest Instruments

    The Transient Hot Wire (THW-L1) Liquid Thermal Conductivity Meter is an advanced measurement system for direct determination of the thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, and specific heat instrument for measurement of liquids and pastes in accordance with ASTM D7896-19. The THW-L1 was designed with speed and operational simplicity in mind. With a single measurement of 1 second in duration, small volumes of liquids and pastes can be accurately and precisely measured for thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, and specific heat. The THW-L1 utilizes a non-stationary measurement approach and rapid test times to limit convective effects for samples with a wide range of viscosities. The THW sensor consists of a thin heating wire 40 mm in length and is completely inserted into the sample to be tested.

  • Micro Melting Point Instrument

    DRK8026 - Shandong Drick Instruments Co., Ltd.

    Determine crystal melting point of the substance to make sure its purity. Mainly used for determining the meltingpoints of medicine,dyestuff,spice and other organic crystal compounds.Using photoelectric automatic detection, Dot matrix LCD display picture technology, digital keyboard input, and has the initial melting, final weld automatic display,automatic recording of melting curve, automatically determine the melting point of the mean value function. The temperature system uses highly linear platinum resistance as detection elements and PID regulation technology, improved the melting point’s precision and reliability. The instrument establishes communication with PC through the USB or RS232, printing or saving the curve and it uses capillary Pharmacopoeia as sample tube.

  • Motor Vehicle Testing Instruments

    Foshan Analytical Instrument Co, Ltd.

    Possess all manufacturing technology and independent intellectual property right. It conforms to international standards such as OIML R99 and ISO3930Class I. It meets the requirement of dual idle instrument ofGB18285-2005.HC、CO、CO2 are measured by NDIR method and O2,NO are measured by electrochemistry method. Highaccuracy, with automatic compensation for pressure and temperature. With high stability and autom-atic zeroing, there is no need to frequentlycalibrate it with standard gas.It can be used to measure the vehicle using LPG,CNG and alcohol as its fuel,It can be powered by the vehicle battery for the mobile testing station (By using additional power converter,optional part).With bigLCD screen,built-in printer,it has an automatic recording and testingfunction.The rotating speed can be measured viathe cigarette lighter or battery.The two/four gas analyzer can be upgraded to fivegas analyzer.

  • Strain Gauge Measuring Instruments

    Advance Instrument Inc.

    It is a Strain Gage Indicator and also function as a Strain Gage Transducer Indicator.As a Strain Gage Indicator, it can support 10 types of bridges and dummies. While if used as a Strain Gage Transducer Indicator, there are 24 bits A/D converts to make the measurement.

  • Horizontal Calibration Instruments (Lab)

    Labconcept / Labconcept Premium - Trimos sa

    The Labconcept and Labconcept Premium are high precision calibration systems that meet the most sophisticated requirements. The up-to-date, well designed modular concept enables extremely secure functioning, facilitates the manipulation and therefore increases the productivity in the measuring laboratory. Simplicity and high accuracy have been associated.

  • Human Potential Measuring Instrument

    KSD-4000 / KSD-4100 - Kasuga Denki, Inc.

    Electronic devices and metal tools carried by workers have individual capacitance to ground and are charged at human potential. When the charged electronic device touches the ground or a metal tool touches the electronic device, a transient current with a high peak current flows at high speed, Causing A Failure. By Using The Human Body Potential Measuring Device, The Potential Of The Human Body Can Be Measured Accurately, And It Can Be Immediately Determined Whether Or Not The Electronic Device Is Damaged By The Potential. You Can Also Find Out How Much Static. .. .electronic meters such as conductive floors, electrostatic mats, electrostatic shoes, and wrist straps reduce the human potential.

  • ATE Instruments BERTS & SSG

    ML4039D-ATE - multiLane SAL

    The ML4039D-ATE is a fully featured 200G BERT that fits in the well of an Advantest 93000 tester. It can be configured as a 4channel PAM4 56 Gbps or 4-channel NRZ 30 Gbps lanes. The ML4039D-ATE has two sets of 4Lane receivers, one for NRZ and one for PAM4. The PAM receivers support FEC decoding (802.3bj KR4/scaled KP4) and BER as well as Histogram and SNR. The NRZ receivers support eye scan and bathtub measurements in addition to BER. The transmit power is adequate for testing up to 10km SMF links.

  • ATE Instruments BERTS & SSG

    ML4039-JIT-ATE - multiLane SAL

    The ML4039-JIT-ATE series is a state of the art 4 Lane Pulse Pattern Generator and Error Detector with Jitter Generator. It is fully featured for lab and production testing of systems, components, and Electro-Optical modules.

  • Automatic Prism Measuring Instrument

    GONIOMATIC - Optik Elektronik Gerätetechnik GmbH

    GONIOMATIC is an automated Goniometer with motorized specimen table and electronic image evaluation.GONIOMATIC serves for the accurate absolute angle measurement of all kind of prisms.

  • Calibration and verification of measuring instruments

    Trescal Inc.

    Trescal offers verification, calibration and test measurement services that are accredited and/or certified in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025, “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories,” and ISO 9001 “Quality management systems-Requirements” which includes normative quality system and metrological references such as:

  • Chassis Instruments BERTS & SSG

    ML4039-JIT - multiLane SAL

    The ML4039-JIT  series is a state of the art 4 Lane Pulse Pattern Generator and Error Detector with Jitter Generator & Equalizer up to 30 Gbps. It is fully featured for lab and production testing of systems, components, and Electro-Optical Modules. It has low intrinsic jitter – typically 330 fs – and features built-in jitter and interference modulators specifically designed to enable easy CAUI4 compliance testing.

  • Chassis Instruments BERTS & SSG

    ML4039B - multiLane SAL

    The ML4039B is a state of the art 4 Lane Pulse Pattern Generator and Error Detector with four separated and uncorrelated PLLs handling up to 32 Gbps. It comes in a cPCI 2U form factor that is fully featured for lab and production testing of systems, components, and Electro-Optical Modules.


    Bedrock SM30 - Bedrock Audio

    The Bedrock SM30, despite being our most basic model, is already packed with features and measurement modules. Moreover, its functionality is expended with the release of each new firmware update, at no charge. Class 2 / Type 2 sound level meter (fast, slow, A/C.Z-weighting, Leq) conforming to IEC-61672 class 2, ANSI S1.4 Type 2. Real Time Analyzer (1/3 and 1/1 octave)FFT analyzer (detailed frequency analysis up to 32768 lines). RT60 measuring (reverberation times: T20/T30/EDT). Calibrated audio recording. Leq long-term logging and averaging. Audio oscilloscope. USB audio device mode - calibrated audio for your PC-based software applications. More functionality will be added through free future firmware upgrades.

  • DC Hipot Test Instrument

    M100DC - Rod-L Electronics

    Performs concurrent ground continuity test. ARC and OVERCURRENT detection circuits. Fast discharge of Device Under Test (DUT) and other test standards

  • Dielectric Loss Measuring Instrument

    SDT-287 - Xi'an Sifang EM Co.,Ltd

    High Voltage Electrical Testing