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  • VXI Digital Test Instrument

    T940 Series - Astronics Corp.

    The T940 Series for the VXIbus provides the basis for a complete state-of-the-art digital solution at the subsystem level. The T940 is the solution for both legacy digital replacement and new test stations to be built for digital test including aircraft/ avionics, weapons systems, spacecraft, semiconductors and medical devices.The T940 Series forms the backbone of a digital subsystem that may include switching, analog instrumentation, and even an RF subsystem.This product was formerly offered under the brand name Talon Instruments.

  • Audio and Electro-Acoustic Measurement Instrument

    CLIO 11 FW - Audiomatica

    CLIO 11 is the Next Step forward in the CLIO software family of products for the CLIO System, building up the well-known CLIO 10measurement suite.The CLIO System with CLIO 11 software is a complete audio and electro-acoustic measurement instrument that gives state-of-theartsolutions to laboratory, on-field and production-QC applications. CLIO 11 is designed to support and drive the existing hardware likethe FW-01 Audio interface and is ready to accommodate its future developments; operating system support has been extended to thelatest Windows 8.

  • PXI Digital Pattern Instrument


    The PXI Digital Pattern Instrument is designed for semiconductor characterization and production test. It provides 32 channels, a voltage range of -2 V to 6 V, a PPMU force voltage range of -2 V to 7 V, up to a 200 Mb/s data rate, and a clock generation rate up to 160 MHz. The module includes Digital Pattern Editor software as well as debugging tools like shmoo, digital scope, viewers for history RAM, pin states, and system status.

  • Test & Measurement Instrument Amplifiers

    MPA-series - Maury Microwave Corporation

    The MPA-series Test & Measurement Instrument Amplifiers are based on state-of-the-art GaN PA modules and operate from 0.7 to 26.5 GHz (multiple frequency options are available). They provide High continuous power across the band, high linearity for wideband communications testing, have variable gain adjustment and a high-resolution display shows amplifier status. Amplifiers offer a wide range of application-specific requirements including simultaneous high-power, wide bandwidth, low harmonic power and high linearity.

  • Handheld Electrical Test Instruments

    Digi-Sense® - Cole-Parmer Instrument

    Digi-Sense electrical testing handheld instruments, from Cole-Parmer, include digital multimeters, clamp meters, and testers. Three-in-One Digital Multimeter. Compact Digital Multimeters feature noncontact voltage detection. Industrial Digital Multimeters meet IP67 standards for dust and waterproof protection as well as CAT III 600 V and CAT III 1000 V ratings for safety. 400 A AC Clamp Meters. 1000 A AC Clamp Meters. AC/DC Multifunction Voltage Tester. 1kV Handheld Insulation Tester. Receptacle Testers.

  • TG/DTA Simultaneous Measuring Instrument

    DTG-60 Series - Shimadzu Corp.

    This instrument varies the sample temperature in accordancewith a program, and simultaneously measures the change inmass of the sample (TG) and the temperature differencebetween the sample and a standard substance (DTA). An analytical balance mechanism (Roberval mechanism) offers high reproducibility and allows worry-free operation even for measuring sample weights. Two models are available for different maximum measurement temperature requirements-the DTG-60 (max. 1,100 °C) and the DTG-60H (max. 1,500 °C). Corresponding DTG-60A and DTG-60AH models with a built-in autosampler are also available for measuring up to 24 samples automatically.

  • X-ray fluorescence measuring instrument


    Flexible instrument for measuring coating thickness with multiple usesBoth thin and thick coatings (e.g. 50 nm Au or 100 m Sn) can be measured equally well through selectable high voltage filter combinationsThe micro-focus tube enables small measurement spot sizes at short measurement distances of just 100 mHigh count rates of a few kcps through proportional counter tubeMeasuring direction from bottom to top, this allows for quick and easy sample positioningLarge measurement chamber with a cutout (C-slot)

  • Life Science Lab Instruments

    Shimadzu Corp.

    Shimadzu's Life Science Lab Instruments are focused on developing new tools to help accelerate life science research by integrating novel chemistry with innovative technology to achieve a unique position as a true provider of solutions for life scientists. Shimadzu brings together technologies and tools that help you find out more about your biological sample. Whether it is a gel based experiment for understanding protein expression, characterizing differences in metabolism in patient studies, imaging tissue with mass spectrometry, Shimadzu can help you discover more about the biology of disease.

  • PXI Digital Waveform Instrument


    PXI Digital Waveform Instruments feature up to 32 channels, can sample and generate digital waveforms at up to 200 MHz, and interface with various standard TTL and low-voltage differential signals (LVDS), as well as settable voltage levels. These devices offer per clock cycle, per channel bidirectional control, and phase shifting. They include deep onboard memory with triggering and pattern sequencing. Some models also support doubledatarate (DDR) technology and real-time hardware data comparison. You can use Digital Waveform Devices to create device simulation and complex stimulusresponse tests.

  • High Content Screening Instruments

    PerkinElmer Inc.

    Get the sensitivity and throughput you need to image more samples and analyze more parameters with high content screening. Our high content screening instruments help you answer the most complex biological questions. With powerful yet simple imaging and analysis capabilities for a wide range of applications -- from basic research to assay development and screening -- these powerful high content screening microscope systems produce the highest possible image quality to take your research further, in less time than ever before, especially when combined with PerkinElmer's robotic systems and advanced data analytics.

  • Liquid Thermal Conductivity Instruments

    THW-L1 - Thermtest Instruments

    The Transient Hot Wire (THW-L1) Liquid Thermal Conductivity Meter is an advanced measurement system for direct determination of the thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, and specific heat instrument for measurement of liquids and pastes in accordance with ASTM D7896-19. The THW-L1 was designed with speed and operational simplicity in mind. With a single measurement of 1 second in duration, small volumes of liquids and pastes can be accurately and precisely measured for thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, and specific heat. The THW-L1 utilizes a non-stationary measurement approach and rapid test times to limit convective effects for samples with a wide range of viscosities. The THW sensor consists of a thin heating wire 40 mm in length and is completely inserted into the sample to be tested.

  • Micro Melting Point Instrument

    DRK8026 - Shandong Drick Instruments Co., Ltd.

    Determine crystal melting point of the substance to make sure its purity. Mainly used for determining the meltingpoints of medicine,dyestuff,spice and other organic crystal compounds.Using photoelectric automatic detection, Dot matrix LCD display picture technology, digital keyboard input, and has the initial melting, final weld automatic display,automatic recording of melting curve, automatically determine the melting point of the mean value function. The temperature system uses highly linear platinum resistance as detection elements and PID regulation technology, improved the melting point’s precision and reliability. The instrument establishes communication with PC through the USB or RS232, printing or saving the curve and it uses capillary Pharmacopoeia as sample tube.

  • Motor Vehicle Testing Instruments

    Foshan Analytical Instrument Co, Ltd.

    Possess all manufacturing technology and independent intellectual property right. It conforms to international standards such as OIML R99 and ISO3930Class I. It meets the requirement of dual idle instrument ofGB18285-2005.HC、CO、CO2 are measured by NDIR method and O2,NO are measured by electrochemistry method. Highaccuracy, with automatic compensation for pressure and temperature. With high stability and autom-atic zeroing, there is no need to frequentlycalibrate it with standard gas.It can be used to measure the vehicle using LPG,CNG and alcohol as its fuel,It can be powered by the vehicle battery for the mobile testing station (By using additional power converter,optional part).With bigLCD screen,built-in printer,it has an automatic recording and testingfunction.The rotating speed can be measured viathe cigarette lighter or battery.The two/four gas analyzer can be upgraded to fivegas analyzer.

  • 2-Channel Portable Ultrasonic Instrument

    VOLTA - Innerspec Technologies, Inc

    VOLTA features a patented pulser technology to satisfy the most energy-demanding EMAT applications in a compact and rugged package. Standard software built on Innerspec Technologies Operating Platform (ITOP) includes an intuitive menu to set up any EMAT application using standard sensors from Innerspec’s catalog for normal beam, angled beam, and guided waves.

  • ATE Instruments BERTS & SSG

    ML4039D-ATE - multiLane SAL

    The ML4039D-ATE is a fully featured 200G BERT that fits in the well of an Advantest 93000 tester. It can be configured as a 4channel PAM4 56 Gbps or 4-channel NRZ 30 Gbps lanes. The ML4039D-ATE has two sets of 4Lane receivers, one for NRZ and one for PAM4. The PAM receivers support FEC decoding (802.3bj KR4/scaled KP4) and BER as well as Histogram and SNR. The NRZ receivers support eye scan and bathtub measurements in addition to BER. The transmit power is adequate for testing up to 10km SMF links.

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