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  • Electromagnetic

    Promis 10 - IRIS Instruments

    The Promis device is a multi-frequency, multi-spacing 3 component slingram type EM System for sounding and profiling the soil. This system features a transmitter loop to produce a primary magnetic field that will induce eddy current in conductive materials. These eddy currents will generate a secondary magnetic field that will be measured with the receiver loop. This system measures the in-phase and the out-of-phase components of the secondary magnetic field.

  • Electromagnetic Interference

    Aero Nav Laboratories, Inc.

    Electromagnetic interference (also known as radio frequency interference) tests are used to determine the electromagnetic characteristics of electrical, electronic, and electro-mechanical equipment. Electromagnetic interference, both radiated or conducted, can affect the performance of equipment. Electromagnetic interference tests are specified as follows: conducted emission, radiated emission, conducted susceptibility, and radiated susceptibility.

  • Electromagnetic Pulse

    EMP - Keystone Compliance

    An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is a short burst of electromagnetic energy that can be extremely damaging to electronic equipment. EMP energy can be transferred in the form of electromagnetic radiation, an electric field, electrical conduction or a magnetic field. Since EMPs have a short duration, their impact can occur across large ranges of frequencies. EMPs can be produced naturally, occur from man-made equipment. Natural EMPs include lightning strikes and electrostatic discharges (ESD), geomagnetic storms/coronal mass ejections of solar origin. Man-made EMPs include power line surges, pulses created by ignition systems, nuclear electromagnetic pulses (NEMP) and non-nuclear electromagnetic pulses (NNEMP).

  • Electromagnetic Testing

    Xiamen IDEA Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

    Is the process of inducing electric currents or magnetic fields or both inside a test object and observing the electromagnetic response.

  • Electromagnetic Flowmeter

    HR7100 - HighReach Measuring & Controlling System Co.,Ltd

    HR7100 series intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is a fully intelligent flowmeter developed and developed by our company using the most advanced technology at home and abroad. It has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, high reliability, good stability and long service life. Pay attention to every aspect In the process of designing product structure, material selection, manufacturing process, production assembly and factory testing. We have a water tower of up to 35m as a steady-state flow regulator, as well as a professional electromagnetic flowmeter production equipment line. Designed and developed large-scale production software and hardware for electromagnetic flowmeters to ensure long-term high quality.The product is designed with Chinese and English liquid crystal display with wide backlight and full-featured function. It is intuitive to display, easy to operate and use, and can reduce the trouble of on-site installation and maintenance. Widely used in petroleum, Chemical, metallurgy, water supply and drainage, steel, coal, paper, food, textile, environmental protection and other industrial sectors and municipal management, water conservancy construction and other fields.

  • Electromagnetic Flowmeters

    KROHNE Messtechnik GmbH

    Electromagnetic flow meters, or magmeters, are comprised of a transmitter and sensor that together measure flow. The magnetic flow meter’s sensor is placed inline and measures an induced voltage generated by the fluid as it flows through a pipe. The transmitter takes the voltage generated by the sensor, converts the voltage into a flow measurement and transmits that flow measurement to a control system.

  • Electromagnetic Meters

    Sparling Instruments

    TigermagEP electromagnetic meters are robust and versatile available in several configurations. These meters excel in measuring the flow of conductive liquids in full, closed pipes. With a wide variety of liners and electrodes, including ‘Hot Tap’ removable style, the TigermagEP can be utilized in many varied applications including water, agricultural irrigation, raw sewage, activated sludge, wastewater, pulp and paper, and mining. With its vertically integrated manufacturing facility, Sparling is easily able to manufacture meters for high temperature and high pressure.

  • Natural Electromagnetic

    EM - Alpha Lab, Inc.

    The TriField Natural EM Meter was designed to do field measurements for special research. It detects changes in extremely weak static (DC or "natural") electric and magnetic fields, and signals with both a tone and the movement of a needle-type gauge if either the electric or magnetic field changes from previous levels. A radio and microwave detector is also included, which reads radio power directly. Because man-made AC electric and magnetic fields are very common and could interfere with readings of static fields, the meter has been designed to ignore AC fields. Normal construction materials don't block magnetic fields, so the meter can be placed indoors and will work equally well, and due to the built-in tone, it can be used in the dark, and will sound the tone at whatever level of field the user sets. Model 1 operates on a standard 9-volt battery, and Model 2 runs on a 9-volt battery or an AC adapter (both included). Model 2 has an input jack for an optional high-sensitivity magnetic coil.

  • Analyze Electromagnetic

    PDetector - PMDT

    PDetector is the ideal partner for a condition based maintenance program by employing partial discharge detection. It integrates TEV, UHF, AE, Ultrasonic, and HFCT Sensors that offer additional condition assessment information and Health Indices (HI) for Medium and High Voltage Electrical Equipment. PDetector is the only handheld instrument with 5 sensor technologies in one instrument. This handheld device DETECTS the PD activity in numerical values and displays amplitude and period spectrums.

  • Electromagnetic Counters

    MZ Series - Line Seiki

    * Ultra-small, non-reset total counter * Low power consumption * Voltages:DC6V, DC12V, DC24V * Applications: fax machines, vending machines, printing machines, lease type machines, slot/game machines

  • Electromagnetic Counters

    MCF Series - Line Seiki

    * Resettable total counter * Simple and economical * Voltages:AC100V, AC200V,DC6V, DC12V, DC24V * Applications: machine tools, textile machines, printing machines, food machines, game machines

  • Electromagnetic Counters

    ME Series - Line Seiki

    * Small, non-reset total counter * Low power consumption * Voltages:DC6V, DC12V, DC24V * Applications: fax machines, vending machines, printing machines, lease type machines, slot/game machines

  • VLF Electromagnetics

    GEM Advanced Magnetometers

    VLF surveying relies on radio signals that are broadcast from navigation stations around the world. The principle is that these signals are deflected in certain ways when they pass through conductive ore or water-filled vertical-to-sub-vertial fractures in the earth. By monitoring these deflections, the position and, potentially, size of the target can be determined.

  • Contactless Electromagnetic Acoustic

    EMATs - Special Scientific Engineering. llc

    contactless electromagnetic acoustic