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illuminates image signaling.

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  • Displays

    Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions

    Our high-definition (HD) displays are designed for use with the industry's most popular sensors, including forward-looking infrared (FLIR) and long-range daylight video cameras. Readable in all light conditions, these rugged displays provide anytime readability to ensure you won't miss a moment of the action, no matter your application. With leading-edge functionality, including multiple video inputs, picture-in-picture, quad view, and video freeze-frame, our displays are ready for many roles, including moving map or quad view operator displays, and are ideal for use with our fully integrated video management system (VMS).

  • Display

    Multichannel Oscilloscope - ZETLAB Company

    Multichannel Oscilloscope is used for evaluating signal shape and instant value measurement. It is possible to simultaneously display several signals within the same period, each having their own units of measurement. To compare signals, it is possible to display their oscillograms on the same coordinate axes. A simple and user-friendly cursor control and diagram scaling allow for studying process changes in general and in detail.

  • Displays

    REINHARDT System- und Messelectronic GmbH

    We have developed our own family of displays. They present the measured values, even without PC, with audience appeal and easily legible

  • Display

    XY Plotter - ZETLAB Company

    XY Plotter is used for visualizing (form evaluation) the transfer characteristics of two values to be measured. The following instruments can be used for transfer characteristics: DC and AC voltmeters, a selective AC voltmeter, a frequency meter, and a phase meter. Characteristics can be displayed in 3 planes (XY, XT, and YT), as well as in a three-dimensional (XYT) view.

  • Display

    XYZ Oscillograph - ZETLAB Company

    XYZ Oscillograph is a program assessing signal forms and displaying signal parametric dependence.

  • Display

    Signals Gallery - ZETLAB Company

    Program  “Signal gallery” is used for viewing and analysis of the recorded signal (whether from HD or in remote way).

  • Display

    Seismograph - ZETLAB Company

    Seismograph program is used for continuous data representation by a large amount of channels (simultaneously and in identical scale – for the purpose of timely detection of the events occurring in the system).

  • Display

    Data Processing and Result View - ZETLAB Company

    The program allows to simultaneously download multiple data files obtained by means of ZETLab programs, as well as to view and edit corresponding data in the graphic and table format.

  • Display Cable


    The display cable connects CompactRIO, CompactDAQ, and PXI controllers to desktop or touchscreen monitors. Models are available in industry-standard display interfaces, including DisplayPort, DVI, and VGA. You can use the splitter model, with two female back-end connectors, to connect DVI and VGA displays to one port.

  • LED Displays

    HORITA Co., Inc.

    LED display timer that can be used to time various situations and events such as talent, speakers, presentations, experiments, etc. The LED display has a brightness control and the 0.8" characters are large enough to be read across a room.

  • RLM/Saddleback Display

    RLMSD-2.0 - Dynamic Load Monitoring Ltd.

    The RLM/Saddleback display unit is designed for use with DLM modular equipment, specifically the Running Line Monitor’s and Saddleback’s. The display is built suitable for rugged environments and can be supplied as either a portable unit in a peli case or as fixed installation unit in a stainless steel enclosure.

  • Jumbo Display

    Ajinkya Electronic Systems

    These are large size Jumbo Display specifically for distant visibility. Useful for indoor as well as outdoor applications for parameter indication, clock indication, temperature and humidity indication etc.

  • Video & Displays

    Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions

    Reduce your risk, time to market, and program cost with rugged video solutions ready for the harshest environments. Size, weight, and power (SWaP)-optimized and rigorously qualified, our video solutions simplify integration and maximize performance. Choose from a broad selection of field-proven mission displays, video distribution and management systems, and video recorders that enable enhanced situational awareness and streamline image and data capture, management, display, recording, and playback for platforms around the globe.

  • Production Displays

    Ajinkya Electronic Systems

    In a process control environment logging the sequence of events, such as solenoid operations, relay operations, alarms is important. The Production Displays offered by us accepts digital / AC inputs and keeps a track of such events. These are offered with various options where user can programme the names for each event and configure the normally on or off condition.

  • Display Testers

    Infinity Machine International Inc.

    Display Testers by Infinity Machine International Inc. - for applications such as computer controlled LCD touch panel tester, touch screen super click tester, touch screen abrasion testing equipment, rolling click tester, mobile phone touch panel tester, uv resistance tester for smartphone touchscreen, and more.

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