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register the presence of a stimuli.

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  • Scanning X-Ray Detectors

    Shad-o-Scan - Teledyne DALSA

    Shad-o-Scan is a family of scanning X-ray detectors specifically designed for the challenging requirements of high-performance industrial and scientific X-ray applications. Industry-leading TDI CCD performance enables the ultimate sensitivity and highest resolution in the industry, and ensures long detector lifetime in even the harshest radiation environments.

  • Si Detectors & Spectrometers

    Baltic Scientific Instruments, Ltd

    X-ray spectrometers based on Si detectors with liquid nitrogen cooling, Peltier and electric machine cooling. The spectrometers are applied in the various systems for element analysis: X-ray fluorescent; electron probe; with alpha and beta excitation etc, as well as for the precision diffractometry in the devices of structural and phase analysis.

  • Refrigerant Leak Detectors

    General Tools & Instruments

    refrigerant leak detectors use a proprietary semiconductor sensor to detect most commercially available HFC, HFO, HC, HCFC and CFC refrigerants. Our newest model, the RLD440 Refrigerant Leak Detector, goes one step further by complying with all five worldwide refrigerant detection testing standards

  • Hot Metal Detectors


    Detection of Hot Metal or Hot Product in a Rod Mill, Bar Mall, Rolling Mill, Plate Mill, Roughing Mill, Reversing Mill, Hot Strip Mill or other Steel Mill and Industrial Applications. Choose from our selection of Hot Metal Detectors below or contact us to discuss your application.

  • Fixed Gas Detectors

    Crowcon Detection Instruments

    Crowcon offers a flexible range of fixed gas detection products which are able to detect flammable, toxic and oxygen gases, report their presence and activate alarms or associated equipment. We use a variety of measurement, protection and communications technologies and our fixed detectors have been proven in many arduous environments, including oil and gas exploration, water treatment, chemicalplants and steel mills.

  • Gas Chromatography Detectors

    OI Analytical

    Detecting sulfur species in petrochemicals, trace levels of organochlorine and organophosphorus pesticides in food samples, and sulfur and aromatic compounds in flavor and fragrance extracts has never been easier! Our detectors are so selective, and applicable for a variety of applications, that you are sure to maximize your laboratory’s efficiency and investment. We're proud to offer a line of fully integrated, advanced GC systems and sample introduction systems.

  • Probes, Cables & Detectors

    Arrow Tech

    Probe has a mica window that has a thickness of 1.8 to 2.0 mg/cm2. This allows detection of alpha radiation as low as 3.0 MeV when in close proximity to the window. Beta radiation in excess of 35 keV and X-ray or gamma radiation greater than 6 keV can also be deteched. The detector is provided with a BNC connector. It can be used with most count rate and survey meters which accept Geiger Mueller (GM) detectors operating at 900V DC.

  • Fixed Gas Detectors

    OLCT 10 - OLC 10 - Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection

    The OLC 10 and OLCT 10 are designed to detect combustible or toxic gases for tertiary applications (boiler plants, battery charging rooms, car parks, hospitals). Two OLC 10's can be connected to on​​e detection channel to monitor the same area, without an additional junction box or extra wiring. Similarly, up to five OLCT 10's can be connected to one channel for the detection of CO, NO or NO₂ in a car park application. Easy to install and operate, these detectors combined with the MX 16 control unit meet demanding user requirements.​​​

  • Helium Leak Detectors

    Agilent Technologies

    Agilent’s range of leak detection solutions ensure the safety, security, and consistent performance of research, vacuum, and industrial process systems. Our Helium Leak Detector (HLD), PHD-4 sniffer and C15 component leak detector are rugged, precise, and easy-to-use instruments that accurately and efficiently detect leaks in an array of industrial applications. For clean research applications, HLD configurations employ clean, dry, quiet scroll vacuum pumps. Our leak detectors feature automated start-up and calibration for maximum productivity, built in application set-ups, and an array of accessories to make any leak detection process simple.

  • Fixed Gas Detectors

    MicroSafe 500 & 600 Series - Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection

    MicroSafe 500 and 600 Series gas detectors feature a non-intrusive operator interface. Calibration and programming instructions appear in simple intuitive and sequential script on a 16-character backlit display. The transmitter design incorporates extensive fault diagnostics with each condition conveniently identified on the transmitter display.The 500 Series comes standard with a linear 4-20 mA output, one-man remote calibration, self-adjusting zero and span, and LED indicators for fault and calibration status.The 600 Series includes the same features as the 500 with the addition of 3 alarm relays and an RS-485 serial communications port.Electrical Classification - Explosion proofClass I, Div 1, Groups B, C, D​​

  • Nuclear Event Detectors

    DDC Connectivity Power Controls

    DDC's radiation-hardened, hybrid, Nuclear Event Detectors (NED) sense ionizing radiation pulses generated by a nuclear event, such as the detonation of a nuclear weapon, and rapidly switches its output from the normal high state to a low state with a propagation delay time of less than 20ns. The active low Nuclear Event Detection signal (NED) is used to initiate a wide variety of circumvention functions, thus preventing upset and burnout of electronic components. The NED output is also used to initiate both hardware and software recovery. This high-speed, 14-pin hybrid detector is used in electronic systems as a general-purpose circumvention device to protect memory, stop data processing, and drive power supply switches as well as signal clamps.

  • Conveyor HotSpot Detectors

    Ametek Land

    The transportation of coal on any form of conveyor system has the potential to ignite, with the ultimate outcome being a fire. A single point temperature measurement system can detect a hot spot, but is just as often likely to miss one.

  • Detectors - RF / Microwave

    Quantic PMI

    PMI offers a full line of RF and Microwave detector products that range from 2 MHz up to 40.0 GHz.  Many options are available.  If you do not see exactly what you require on this web site please contact

  • Filters / Splitters / Detectors

    DiCon Fiberoptics, Inc.

    DiCon’s 100 GHz WDM is designed to multiplex and demultiplex signals in multi-wavelength systems based on the ITU 100 GHz grid. The component uses a thin film filter mounted between a pair of GRIN lens collimators. The 100 GHz WDM is housed in a compact, environmentally stable package that offers superior resistance to humidity and temperature and is suitable for mounting on a printed circuit board or within a module.

  • kW Laser Detectors

    PowerMax Pro - Coherent Inc.

    Kilowatt class power measurement with extended average power handling capability up to 3 kW with a 30 microsecond rise time and utilizing the same transverse thermoelectric thin-film HD sensor technology as our standard PowerMax-Pro sensor. Very fast 20 μsec response time.

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