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  • Control Systems

    MCD Elektronik GmbH

    Control Systems – With these components by MCD, building up complex systems is essentially simplified. Control tasks are distributed to intelligent sub-systems and are controlled by them.

  • Control Systems


    Complete real-time control and data acquisition solutions for hydraulic and servo-hydraulic applications. Don’t have the time or budget for a fully custom-built test system? Consider one of Genuen’s turnkey solutions for multi-loop control and data acquisition. We offer powerful, flexible solutions ranging from low cost desktop controllers to pre-configured rack systems, all standardized on the same technology platform.

  • Control System

    neoECU-20 - Intrepid Control Systems

    Intrepid Control Systems introduces neoECU 20, a rapid prototyping tool for CAN and LIN ECUs. neoECU 20 can be setup to control and measure automotive signals in minutes. ECU logic is defined in function block modeling scripts, allowing you to arrive at a workable ECU early in design.

  • Control Systems

    Rockwell Automation

    Rockwell Automation offers a full range of machine control solutions, from cost-effective components to highly integrated systems. Each of these easily implemented solutions help you speed time to market and lower total cost to design, develop and deliver your machine.

  • Control System

    HICOS - HIGHVOLT Prüftechnik Dresden GmbH

    The HiCOS controller is a collection of modules for monitoring test systems and recording, creating, evaluating and evaluating measurement data. It is suitable for mobile and stationary test systems as well as measuring devices. The modular design of the HiCOS controller allows the expansion of functions. Existing test systems from other manufacturers can be upgraded with HiCOS.

  • System Controls


    Exar Corporation offers a broad range of USB VBUS power distribution switches supporting both the USB 2.0 and latest USB 3.0 specifications. These devices, the SP/XRP252x series, are offered in single and dual channels configuration for maximum design flexibility. The XRP2527 and XRP2528 are generic single and dual channels power distribution switches capable of operating at input voltage as low as 1.8V supporting the typical 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V and 5V power rails. Current limit for each channel is programmable from 300mA up to 1A through an external resistor and achieves better than 8% accuracy.

  • Control System

    CONTROLSTIK II™ - Myron L Company

    The Myron L® CONTROLSTIK II™ Rinse Tank System dramatically reduces the amount of water used in continuous flow rinse tanks. At the same time, it automatically maintains optimum water purity, ensuring effective rinsing.

  • Torque Control System

    HD-Series - Mountz Inc.

    The Mountz torque and automation control system is a revolutionary change in repeatable screw fastening technology. The patented HD-Series hybrid system is the world's first torque control tool using both air and electric power to set and control torque. The HD's precise pneumatic pressure sensor and patented algorithm allow for precision digital torque selection. It provides real-time monitoring and torque control of the tightening process. It provides repeatability of the torque applied to screws, regardless of joint characteristics and frictional differences in actual applications. Affordable, flexible system that can replace up to 8 conventional screwdrivers.

  • Vibrator Control System

    FORCE-III - Seismic Source Co.

    The Force 3 Vibrator Control System is the newest generation of vibrator control system. It is designed to control individual vibes, or synchronize entire fleets of trucks. Using GPS, or VHF/UHF radio, for its time base the Force 3 both starts the Vibrator and controls its sweep with unparalleled precision and accuracy.The Force 3 is equipped with the latest ADC chips for better sweep resolution, increased computing power for faster response, GPS for precise source location, 8 Gbytes of internal memory for integrated VSS and PSS data storage, and integrated Wi-Fi for easy data offloading.

  • Acoustic Control System

    M+P International

    m+p VibControl performs acoustic testing in reverberation chambers and direct field environments as well as progressive wave tube testing. It is a fully automatic digital control system, providing fast, accurate and repeatable control of high-level noise to a reference octave band spectrum and the overall sound pressure level (OASPL). The control guarantees a high level of product safety.

  • Inerting Control System

    Mini-ICS - Bacharach, Inc.

    The Mini-ICS (Inert Gas Control System) is a compact series analyzer designed for continuous real-time oxygen monitoring and concentration control of nitrogen or inert gas. When combined with a properly designed sample conditioning package, the Mini-ICS provides reliable measurement of oxygen levels over a wide range of conditions and automatically maintains oxygen levels within specified limits through precise control of the ­ow of inert gas into the process.

  • Automated Control System

    TermoPress - ViTec Co. Ltd

    Create a system for controlling and regulating the temperature of hydraulic press plates, as well as recording the current temperature and pressure values. Solution The system has the following basic functionality:configuring and setting the working parameters of presses;start and stop the technological process of the individual press;temperature control and pressure control;forming a timetable for the work of presses;registration of process parameters on an electronic carrier;archiving and viewing of archived data;construction of reports on the technological process in text and graphic form;Turn on and off the power of the press groups.

  • Distributed Control Systems

    ABB Ltd.

    As the heart of plant-level digitalization, ABB's Distributed Control Systems (DCS) are designed to transform your multi-faceted, 24/7 process operations. Our market-leading control architecture constantly monitors and drives plant productivity, maximizing asset utilization, process efficiency and production quality. A focus on availability, safety and cyber security ensures the protection of your people, assets and equipment. And by maintaining tight controls over raw material consumption, plant energy levels and waste by-products, ABB DCS solutions help to significantly reduce environmental impact.

  • Torque Control System

    SD-Series - Mountz Inc.

    The unit is a versatile torque and automation control system engineered for precision accuracy and repeatable torque control. The unit delivers cost savings and quality benefit through useful features such as digital adjustable torque setting, variable torque and speed control, multiple I/O options for integration with PLC and other line control techniques. A Windows based software package that can customize each fastening applications is included with the product. The tool features built-in error proofing data and screw counter. Multiple fastening strategies can be implemented for sensitive or of difficult assembly joints. The tool increases productivity as one tool can be programmed to do the job of multiple conventional tools, saving time, maintenance cost, space and training.

  • SPM Control System

    Nanonis - SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH

    Unbound to any specific microscope, the Nanonis SPM Control System is designed for the uncompromising demands of scientific excellence in a wide variety of SPM applications. Its modular concept implemented in a fully digital fashion is carefully thought through, with a strong emphasis on usability, stability and flexibility.

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