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boundless digital processing.

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  • Imaging Automation

    XImage - Extreme Protocol Solutions

    Whether you are a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, Microsoft Registered Refurbisher or just getting started in refurbishing, Erasure, Test and Re-Imaging are a must to get the most out of your assets. The problem is that until now, this required a big work force.  One group to perform the testing and visual inspection, one group to perform erasure, someone to create and manage all your images and substantial knowledge on how to automate and deploy those images.  Even with all of these bases covered, it can still be a complicated, time consuming task. Not to mention the fact that it is typically done in a separate process from data erasure, testing and auditing.

  • PXI Express-based High Speed Subsystem

    HSSub - Teradyne, Inc.

    The Teradyne PXI Express-based High Speed Subsystem (HSSub) addresses defense and aerospace ATE requirements that are common to most recent designs including buses with increasing speeds, protocol complexity, big data handling and processing demands. HSSub further accommodates the need for lower latency interaction with the unit under test. HSSub is designed for integration into existing or future test systems with the ease of a single LXI instrument. For serial or parallel, standardized or custom, and protocol-based buses of any speed including: LVDS, LVTTL, M-LVDS, Fibre Channel, FireWire, Ethernet, Serial RapidIO, PCI Express and Infiniband.

  • x EDA Verification Analytics

    Envision - IC Manage, Inc.

    Anytime, anywhere, data-driven insights allow engineers and management to rapidly identify and address problem areas to meet tight schedules spanning simulation, formal and emulation tools. • Utilizes big data technology to deliver near real-time verification analytics across the verification tool spectrum, for any mix of EDA vendors • With 10-100X the speed of traditional methods you can instantly understand your verification progress, at local and global levels. • Visual analytics and interactive reporting for regressions, bugs and coverage • Verification results linked to relevant design activity to help identify and resolve bottlenecks. Part of Envision product suite.

  • PXIe SSD Storage Unit

    DM-4M.2-3U - Conduant express

    The Big River™ DM-4M.2-3U PXI Express storage unit provides up to 3.8TB* of M.2 SSD storage capacity. With a PCIe x8 Gen3 host interface, the DM-4M.2 delivers high-speed data rates for sequential writes of 3.25GB/s** and sequential reads of 3.41GB/s** to PXI Express based systems. The single slot design of the DM-4M.2 increases the availability of valuable chassis space, allows for maximum storage flexibility. The DM-4M.2 complies with PCIe Gen3 protocol standards. The product is commonly used in the industrial control, test and measurement fields. The DM-4M.2 operates under Windows, Linux, Unix, Solaris and VxWorks.

  • Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

    SE Series - Angstrom Sun Technologies, Inc.

    Spectroscopic Ellipsometer SE series are advanced models built by Angstrom Sun Technologies Inc. There are many more advantages over reflectometers due to its capability to acquire more set of polarization information at different incident angles spectroscopically. User can select two different data acquisition mode, scanning wavelength by wavelength detecting mode or array based fast detecting mode. Thanks for newly developed, mature array based detecting techniques, advanced data acquisition and processing algorithm, users are able to choose array based systems to have the same precision as scanning single element configurations. When a fast measurement is must, especially for real time in-situ measurement, mapping across big surface like wafers, array based configuration is always recommended. You are always welcome to discuss with us on your applications and we'll ensure the final configuration will meet your needs.

  • Giga-scale SPICE Simulator

    NanoSpice Giga - ProPlus Design Solutions Inc.

    NanoSpice Giga™ is the industry's first and only GigaSpice, designed for accurate verification and signoff of advanced memory designs, an area where FastSPICE is meeting fundamental limitations. With its innovative parallel simulation engine built on a big data architecture, NanoSpice Giga can handle billion-elements designs, targeting the verification and signoff of various memory circuits, custom or semi-custom digital and full-chip designs. Compared to FastSPICE, NanoSpice Giga uses a pure SPICE engine to offer much higher accuracy for power, leakage, timing and noise characterizations and verifications, Its superior parallelization technologies delivers faster simulation speed without scarifying accuracy. NanoSpice Giga directly replaces FastSPICE and serves as a golden signoff simulator for memory IP and full chip verifications.

  • Leeb Hardness Tester

    THL210 - TMTeck Manufacturing Limited

    LCD display of 128×64 matrix with back-light, showing all functions and parameters. Converts to all common hardness scales (HV,HB,HRC,HRB,HRA,HS). English displaying and easy and convenient menu operation. Powerful PC Software available and USB 1.0 interface and USB with Protective Membrane. 7 types of Impact Device optional, which don't need to be recalibrated when changing them. Memory of 600 groups data(impact times:32~1). Lower limit setting and sound alarm. Material of “cast steel” is added; HB values can be read out directly when D/DC impact device is used to measure “cast steel” work piece. Printer be separated from main unit and copies of testing results can be printed as required. Normal battery AAA and big power store while USB connected and charging controlling circuit. Inbuilt function of Software Calibration.

  • Sand And Dust Test Chamber

    ACE Technology

    1.Application area:  This product is applicable for the dust proof and resistant test of various auto components and parts including lamps, meters, electric dust proof sheath, steering system and lock, etc.  2. Standard conformed   DIN, GB4208, GB4706, GB2423, GB/T2423.37  3.Features  Digit-display programmable controller controls time and order for working or interval.  World-famous key implementing components, ensure excellent performance and reliability.  Big viewing windows, observe specimen condition clearly anytime.  4.Executive components  Programmable controller, with digital display.  Schneider AC contactor, switch and button.  Panasonic time relay.  Panasonic dust proof socket.  Specimen power socket: dust-proof style socket AC220V, 16A    B.CONTROLLER  Digital-display programmable controller, control the time and orders of the whole system.  1.Controller: imported microprocessor programmable integrated controller.   2.Vacuum system: equipped with pressure meter, air filer, pressure adjusting 3-united components, connecting pipe.  3.Cycling blower: closed alloy electric machine, low noise, multi-blade centrifugal blower.   4.Powder heating system: stainless steel mica plate heating jacket.    Remark: Vacuum pump is optional.    C.SAFETY DEVICES  Protection for: leakage of electricity, short circuit, extra-temperature, lack of water, extra-voltage.   Memory function when controller power shut off.     D.ACCESSORIES  1.Technical data: certificate of quality, warranty card, operation and maintenance manual.  2.Enclosure:a set of quick-wear part