Battery Simulators: reproduce battery performance under test conditions.

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  • Test Systems & Electrical Ground Support Equipment

    Company: ERZIA SPACE

    ERZIA designs and provides Test Systems and Electrical Ground Support Equipments for space and critical programs. This range of devices includes several types of Special Check Out Equipments (SCOE) and application specific EGSE like Front End Simulators, Alarm Systems, RF Suitcases or Battery Conditioning units.

  • Rigel 333 - Patient Simulator

    Company: Seaward Group USA

    The Rigel 333 Patient Simulator is a powerful, comprehensive ECG simulator with a number of must-have features combined with a proven reputation. The Rigel 333 is one of the most compact yet versatile patient simulators on the market.Powered from a single battery, the Rigel 333 offers a clear LCD display and simple navigation of all available simulations including; true 12 lead ECG signal with 43 highly accurate arrhythmias, dual blood pressure, respiration, and temperature.

  • LXI Modular Chassis

    Company: Pickering Interfaces

    LXI modular chassis are available in 7-slot or 18-slot and support over 1,000 of our PXI modules. These range from: PXI general purpose relays, matrices, multiplexers and RF switches to special PXI switching functions such as fault/signal insertion. Also supported are a selection of T&M modules such as programmable resistors, digital I/O, power supplies, battery simulators and attenuators.