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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

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  • Vector Network Analyzer

    R42XXE - Elmika

    The R42XXE Vector Network Analyzers are designed for measuring of S-parameters, VSWR and impedance of waveguide networks in the full frequency ranges of standard waveguides between 33 and 170 GHz. Frequency accuracy is ±0.2%. The measurement range of reflection factor modulus is from 0 to 1. The measurement range of reflection factor phase is from 0 to ±180° for 0.1< |Гx|<1 with accuracy ±7.5 o in 18-75 GHz frequency range and ±9.6° in 75-170 GHz frequency range. The measurement range of transmission factor phase is from 0 to ±180 o with accuracy ±(5+0.1 |Ax|) o for Ax >-50 dB in frequency range to 75 GHz, for Ax >-30 dB - to 170 GHz. Data can be displayed in the rectangular, Smith or polar diagrams. VNA requires Personal Computer with USB interface.

  • Circuit Breaker Analyzer

    CAT Standard Series - Amperis sl

    The CAT Standard series circuit breaker analyzers & timers are stand-alone or a PC-controlled digital instruments for circuit breakers condition assessments. The timing channels record closing and opening of the arcing, resistor, and auxiliary contacts. CAT Standard series records graphs of both, trip and close coil currents and displacements of the HV and MV circuit breaker moving parts. The main contact channels can also measure the resistance value of the pre-insertion resistors (if present in the circuit breaker). Test results can be downloaded to a USB memory stick or saved to internal memory. The CAT Standard series internal memory can store up to 500 test results (numerical and graphical data). Test results can also be printed on the 80 mm (3.15 inch) thermal printer (optional accessory) in tabular and graphical form. CAT Standard series provides an easy selection of different operational modes:

  • Compact PowerSync Analyzer

    PSA-3402 - Sifos Technologies, Inc.

    Sifos Technologies offers the PowerSync® Analyzer Compact PSA-3402 supporting the world’s most comprehensive and automated PSE Conformance Test Suites covering PSE’s that power up to 30W on 2-pairs and up to 90W on 4-pairs. Compact and transportable configuration supporting PSE Conformance Test Suite and LLDP Emulation and Analysis options. Key Features:• Continuous 2-Pair Loading > 47 Watts Per PSE Port• Continuous 4-Pair Loading > 99 Watts Per PSE Port• Industry Leading IEEE 802.3 PSE Conformance Tests• Unique, Fully Automated Multi-Port PSE System Analysis for 802.3at• Flexible 802.3at & 802.3bt Powered Device Emulation​• One-Click 2-Pair and 4-Pair PSE Waveform Analysis• Flexible PoE LLDP Emulation and LLDP Protocol Analysis• Flexible and Accurate Measurements of Voltage and Current• Noise Immune Triggering and Flexible Load Transients• Ethernet 10/100 Control Interface• Smart Fan Control – Runs Cool and Quiet​• Comprehensive Safety and RF Certifications​

  • Handheld Audio Analyzer

    PAA3X - Phonic Corporation

    The PAA3X is a highly accurate handheld audio analyzer that gives sound engineers a rich array of sound analysis tools. The system features both 61-band and 31-band real time spectrum analysis, RT60 reverb time measurement, SPL and line meter, internal signal generator, EQ setting program, microphone calibration and speaker phase checking abilities. All functions and menus can be accessed through a central jog dial, leaving your other hand free to adjust audio settings. The large color LCD screen has an adjustable brightness to help you see in a dark or well-lit environments alike. The PAA3X also features a "screen capture" function allowing users to save images of the screen to an SD card in BMP format for later reference. The detachable precision microphone can be placed remotely via the included 5-meter extension cable, offering flexible on-site operation management. With all this plus a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the PAA3X is a must-have multifunctional tool for all serious audio engineers.

  • Power Quality Analyzer

    MEWOI Electronics Co.,ltd

    Power quality analyzer is a product carefully developed by our company and specially designed for field test of three phases, multi-functional and intelligent, man-machine operation and concise and comprehensive test instrument. It is easy to use, large LCD screen display, high resolution, interface in both Chinese and English, shock-proof shell structure and so on. Can simultaneously measure the 4-channel current (ABC three phase and neutral wire current), 4-channel voltage (ABC three-phase voltage and neutral line voltage to ground), the peak value of current voltage, maximum/minimum value over a period, three-phase imbalance factor, short-time voltage flicker, transformer K factor, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor and displacement power factor, active power, reactive power, apparent power, total harmonic distortion and harmonic, etc; Display real-time waveform, harmonic ratio bar charts of current voltage; Dynamically capture instantaneous change of voltage current, monitoring starting current, monitoring the power parameters and generate the alarm list, generate the trend chart for a long time record test data.

  • 16-Ch Color Analyzer

    YAV91CLR - 6TL Engineering

    The YAV90CLR card allows the intensity and color test of LEDs, in an automatic, precise and cost-effective way. The card has a calibrated RGB light source as a tool for calibration of the 16 channels or for detecting dirt on the optical heads.

  • 1-phase Power Analyzers

    PeakTech Prüf- und Messtechnik GmbH

    Is a high-precision energy cost measuring device for recording the energy consumption of electrical devices and for calculating the current consumption of a device by entering the electricity price. Thanks to the integrated power factor calculation, all modern consumers such as Switching power supplies, TV sets, fluorescent lamps, LED systems and of course ohmic loads such as Electric heaters and hobs can be measured accurately. In addition, the high resolution, the low response characteristic and even very small or stand-by consumers from approx. 1 W can be measured.

  • Industrial emissions Analyzers


    When it comes to the analysis of emissions and industrial precision, combustion and reliability are two essential concepts. Seitron analysers can be used in all contexts in which it is necessary to measure and document emissions in accordance with applicable regulations.

  • Electron Microscope Analyzer

    QUANTAX EBSD - Bruker microCT

    QUANTAX EBSD system, with its popular OPTIMUS 2 detector head, is the best available solution for analyzing nanomaterials in the SEM

  • Low-Voltage Arrester Analyzer

    Weshine Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd

    1. This instrument can be widely used in equipment maintenance of substations and power plants, and to measure insulation resistance, absorption ratio and polarization index of high-voltage electrical equipment such as transformers, reactors, capacitors, and circuit breakers. The leakage current of the low-voltage arrester of the power distribution cabinet is automatically tested.

  • Electron Microscope Analyzer

    QUANTAX Micro-XRF - Bruker microCT

    Micro-X-ray Fluorescence (Micro- XRF) spectroscopy analysis is a complementary non-destructive analytical technique to traditional Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) analysis using a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM).

  • Electron Microscope Analyzer

    QUANTAX FlatQUAD - Bruker microCT

    QUANTAX FlatQUAD is the EDS microanalysis system based on the revolutionary XFlash® FlatQUAD. This annular four-channel silicon drift detector is inserted between SEM pole piece and sample, achieving maximum solid angle in EDS.

  • Electron Microscope Analyzer

    QUANTAX WDS - Bruker microCT

    The QUANTAX WDS (WDX) for SEM consists of the XSense wavelength dispersive spectrometer yielding the best resolution among all parallel-beam WDS systems.

  • Electron Microscope Analyzer

    QUANTAX EDS for TEM - Bruker microCT

    Long standing expertise in EDS ensures the configuration of the best solution for your specific microscope (STEM, TEM or SEM) thanks to slim-line detector design and geometrical optimization for each microscope pole piece and EDS flange type

  • Electron Microscope Analyzer

    QUANTAX EDS for SEM - Bruker microCT

    Bruker's latest generation of QUANTAX EDS features the XFlash® 7 detector series, which provides the largest solid angle for X-ray collection (also called collection angle) and the highest throughput.

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