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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • Portable Exhaust Gas Analyzer

    IMR 1440FL - IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc.

    The exhaust gas analyzer, IMR 1440FL/COFL, is designed to measure exhaust gases of Forklift Trucks that are powered by a variety of fuels. According to US regulations, the IMR 1440FL/COFL can measure soot and CO for Forklift Trucks. If state regulations require NOx, the IMR 1440FL/COFL can be equipped with a NOx sensor. The IMR 1440COFL is equipped with two CO sensors. One CO sensor operates in the low range and another CO sensor operates in the high range.

  • Sideband Bus Protocol Analyzer

    FS2700 DDR5 - FuturePlus Systems

    The FS27xx DDR5 Sideband Bus Protocol Analyzer is the latest DDR5 tool from FuturePlus Systems. FuturePlus has taken the complexity of 8 different JEDEC specifications and ported them into this very useful tool. DDR5 Validation Engineers and system integrators will not have to comb through complex specifications defining thousands of bits and register addresses. The tool takes care of this. Please request our data sheet for more information.

  • GFCI and AC Circuit Analyzer

    Extech CT70-AC - Extech Instruments Corporation

    Circuit and wiring issues can introduce shock hazards (from grounding issues) and can compromise performance of machinery and equipment, from poor ground impedance, lack of sufficient voltage under load, and/or high ground-to-neutral voltage. The Extech CT70 is a GFCI and AC Circuit Analyzer which covers outlet load handling and outlet tester functions. Complete with an AC test cord (standard North American 3-prong plug).

  • handheld digital spectrum analyzer

    433M - Seeed Technology Inc.

    RF Explorer is a handheld digital spectrum analyzer, aimed to provide a very affordable tool for work in all ISM popular frequency bands. It is based on a highly integrated frequency synthesizer which offers high performance, compact size, low consumption and low-cost. It has been designed to be used equally well outdoor and indoor, and can be connected to a Windows PC using standard mini-USB for additional features and higher display resolution.

  • Portable Trace Oxygen Analyzer

    OA-1 - Bacharach, Inc.

    The Neutronics Model OA-1 is a portable analyzer that accurately measures oxygen in the range of 0.1 ppm to 100%. Featuring the Neutronics rapid response zirconium oxide sensor with its extremely fast response and high accuracy, the Model OA-1 can be exposed to air and within seconds read ppm oxygen in a variety of background gases, including nitrogen, argon, and helium. The OA-1 is designed to measure oxygen concentrations in clean gases that do not contain hydrocarbons or carbon monoxide.

  • Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers (RTSA)

    Keysight Technologies

    Gain more confidence in your system or signal environment knowing you can capture intermittent or transient signals as short as 3.57 µsMaximize your investment when you add real-time capabilities to a UXA, PXA or MXA X-Series analyzer -no need for a dedicated instrumentGo deeper and thoroughly analyze complex signals with the 89600 VSA softwareAccelerate communication system development by quickly switching to must-have traditional measurements like phase noise, noise figure, and more

  • SWR True Antenna Analyzer


    SWR True Antenna Analyzer is a versatile analyzer covering all major communication bands from 30MHz to 2700MHz. The SWR True will analyze antennas and cables. Measurements are represented graphically as VSWR or Return Loss plots. The built in PLL synthesized generator offers a superior accuracy with small step size. The internal operating system controls measurement, display and the I/Os allowing serial communication to PC, USB to memory stick and USB Serial communication. The I/O options are used to write plots to either memory sticks or to a connected PC, the I/Os can also be used to operate the instrument, giving commands and receiving data. For documentation reference the instrument has a real time clock. Multilayer menus are used to setup and control the operation of parameters. The SWR True instrument is small, handy and light weight battery operated with more than 6 hours of continuous operation on the internal NiMh cells. Feature with XML data handling and application viewer is included. Accessory kit with soft carrying bag, car charger and coax adapters for standard types.

  • Color LCD Failure Analyzer

    Tokyo Electronics Trading Co., Ltd.

    This LCD failure analyzer provides test patterns and programmable power supplies for the LCD unit test. R, G, B signals are applied to the LCD unit under test. Compact control box connected by a cable allows test pattern selection, gray scale control, cursor location and scan direction. If PC is connected through RS-232C port, complex test sequence can be programmed. It is applicable to the production test, design verification, quality control and failure analysis.

  • Spectral Domain Signal Analyzer

    Baudline - baudline

    Baudline is a time-frequency browser designed for scientific visualization of the spectral domain. Signal analysis is performed by Fourier, correlation, and raster transforms that create colorful spectrograms with vibrant detail. Conduct test and measurement experiments with the built in function generator, or play back audio files with a multitude of effects and filters. The baudline signal analyzer combines fast digital signal processing, versatile high speed displays, and continuous capture tools for hunting down and studying elusive signal characteristics.

  • BitScope Micro Oscilloscope & Analyzer

    BS05 - BitScope

    20 MHz Bandwidth.40 MSps Logic Capture.2 Analog Scope Channels.2 Analog Comparator channels.6 Logic/Protocol Analyzer channels.8 & 12 bit native analog sample resolution.Decodes Serial, SPI, I2C, CAN and more.Windows, Linux, Mac OS X & Raspberry Pi.Built-in analog waveform & clock generators.User programmable, C/C++, Python, VM API.Tiny, light weight (14g) and water resistant.Standard oscilloscope probe adapters available.

  • Model Vector Network Analyzer

    DZV-1 - Digital Signal Technology, Inc.

    DZV-1 is the vector network analyzer which can be measured the impedance and VSWR of the antenna, S Parameter of RF component and devices. It is small and low-priced. So, it is suitable for the production line, laboratory use, various testing applications, and the educational use. The communication between the DZV-1 unit and PC is done via USB, which is also used for power supply. The LOG-MAG characteristic, the phase-characteristic, the group delay frequency characteristics, the Smith chart, the polar coordinates, the SWR characteristic can be displayed on PC.

  • Process Laser Gas Analyzer

    PLGA-1000 - HORIBA, Ltd.

    The PLGA-1000 Process Laser Gas Analyzer is designed to measure hydrocarbons and other gases contained in process gases at petrochemical plants. The PLGA-1000 uses proprietary technology to measure low concentrations of acetylene (C2H2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) contained as impurities in high concentration methane (CH4) and ethane (C2H6) which are material gases, continuously at high speed and with high sensitivity . This contributes to improvements in productivity, cost, and quality in the manufacturing process, as well as reducing environmental impact.

  • PNA Microwave Network Analyzer

    N5224A - Keysight Technologies

    Reach for unrivaled excellence in your measurements and designs Transform deeper understanding into better designs with the PNA's outstanding measurement integrity Meet your toughest measurement challenges with the highest performing microwave network analyzer in the industry Get the best accuracy with Keysight's S-parameter measurements Meet your specific budget and measurement needs by customizing to just the right level of performance. Every spec verified, adjustments included Lock in support & peak performance from the start

  • Digital Circuit Breaker Analyzer

    CT-8000 S3 - Manta Test Systems

    The CT-8000 S3 is Vanguard’s fourth generation EHV circuit breaker analyzer. The CT-8000 S3 is available with 3 (part number 9103-UC) or 6 contact timing channels (part number 9104-UC). The CT-8000 S3 can fully analyze a circuit breaker’s performance by measuring the main contact and resistor contact time, stroke, velocity, over-travel, bounce back and contact wipes. Also, an outstanding feature of the CT-8000 S3 is the ability to perform dynamic resistance tests on circuit breaker contacts.

  • Transportable NOx-O2 Gas Analyzer

    NOA-7100 - Shimadzu Corp.

    The NOA-7100 adopts the normal pressure chemiluminescence method is adopted for NOx measurement, and the zirconia method is adopted for O2 measurement. NOA-7100 is “All-in-one portable analyzer” that incorporates the pretreatment parts needed for measurements. Switching between eight ranges from 25 to 4,000 ppm supports a wide range of NOx measurements.  The NOA-7100 has wireless communication capability, so measurement values and charts can be displayed on PCs or smart devices. And measurement data can be exported using a USB flash drive.

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