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examine and interpret that sensed.

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  • Text Analysis


    Text analytics is the process of transforming unstructured text documents into usable, structured data. Text analysis works by breaking apart sentences and phrases into their components, and then evaluating each part’s role and meaning using complex software rules and machine learning algorithms. Data analysts and other professionals use text mining tools to derive useful information and context-rich insights from large volumes of raw text, such as social media comments, online reviews, and news articles. In this way, text analytics software forms the backbone of business intelligence programs, including voice of customer/customer experience management, social listening and media monitoring, and voice of employee/workforce analytics.

  • Gas Analysis

    Dexter Research Center, Inc.

    Our infrared gas detectors provide superior sensitivity and reliability that may be translated into a more effective early warning system when monitoring atmospheres for gases at trace levels.  Our technology also offers the opportunity to perform sophisticated gas analysis.  One example: To assure personal safety during a medical procedure, our gas detectors deliver a precise monitoring of the ratio of exhaled gases of a hospital patient who is under general anesthesiology.  Another example, no canary need die in a mine if Dexter gas detectors are installed on the job.  Infrared lead detectors, whether mobile or mounted, can be a critical element in your health and safety strategy at home and on the job, whatever life forms it is your responsibility to protect.

  • Light Analysis

    Thorlabs, Inc.

    Welcome to Thorlabs; below you will find links to detectors and instrumentation that measure the various properties of light, a subset of our entire line of photonics products. Thorlabs offers an extensive selection of instruments that measure the properties of light. Our versatile power and energy meters can be used with over 25 different sensors in order to make NIST-traceable power and energy measurements. If the convenience of a meter is not desired, our selection of detectors includes basic photodiodes (uncalibrated and calibrated), photodetectors (biased, amplified, and avalanche), CCD and CMOS arrays, position detectors, integrating spheres, and photomultiplier tubes. The Beam Characterization category contains beam profilers (camera and scanning slit), a wavefront sensor, spectrometers, and interferometers, while the Polarimetery link leads to a selection of instruments used to measure and control the polarization of light.

  • Water Analysis

    ULTRAMETER II - Myron L Company

    Both Ultrameter II models deliver performance of 1% of reading (not merely full scale). This high level of accuracy has been achieved through advanced four-electrode conductivity cell technology, a unique pH/ORP sensor and powerful microprocessor based circuitry.

  • Analysis Software

    TrendTracker™ - Instron

    With new visualization capabilities you can now plot individual and group charts including Individual-Moving Range, Xbar-R, Xbar-S, Box and Whisker plots. Multiple charts can be saved together with a search. You can copy-paste or print these charts to share quality metrics with your colleagues and customers.

  • Analysis Systems

    UPLC/UHPLC - Waters Corporation

    UPLC® Technology was created especially for scientists who seek proven, reliable technology that simultaneously improves laboratory productivity, efficiency, and throughput. With its success demonstrated by thousands of peer-reviewed papers and application notes, and dramatic process improvements, leading companies and institutions around the world have standardized on UPLC/UHPLC for measurable scientific and business benefits.

  • Bioacoustic Analysis

    SIGNAL 5 - Engineering Design

    SIGNAL 4.0 provides a powerful graphical environment for viewing, measuring, and manipulating signals, while retaining all the programmability of SIGNAL 3.1. SIGNAL 4.0 is easy to learn and convenient to use. New features include multi-window graph displays with multiple measurement cursors and flexible zooms, drag-and-drop layout for publication graphs, an on-screen spreadsheet for screen measurements, a macro recorder for easy programming,

  • Call Analysis

    Nectar Services Corp.

    Multi-Dimensional Call Monitoring, Correlation, and Analytics Provides Unparalleled Business Reporting and Application Health

  • Chemical Analysis

    Curtiss Wright IMR Test Labs

    The chemists at IMR have numerous analytical tools at their disposal, all geared toward providing accurate, NIST traceable analyses of metals and process solutions. The staff is experienced, professional, and knowledgeable in the latest analytical techniques.

  • Combustion Analysis


    AOIP has two combustion analyzer ranges from 2 to 9 gas sensors according to the models (oxygen O2, carbon monoxide CO, hydrocarbons CxHy, Sulfur Oxides SOx or NOx Nitrogen ...). The instruments meet the requirements of applications in domestic boilers (HVAC market) and industrial facilities (process furnaces, incinerators, power plants, gas turbines ...).

  • Construction Analysis

    MASER Engineering B.V.

    Customers of MASER Engineering that are using electronic components and materials are interested in the manufacturing quality and used materials.



    Semilab offers various solutions to analyze semiconductor samples. These are all aimed to give as much information on the subject as possible, to help people understand the sources of the behavior and properties of their samples and the effects of the used processes

  • Control-coupling Analysis

    VerOLink - Verocel, Inc.

    VerOLink (Verify Object Linking) is a verification tool that helps satisfy the control coupling objective. Control coupling provides a measure of the correctness of the integration of many independently compiled object files linked to form a single executable image. Even if all requirements based tests are performed on the integrated executable image and the coverage is measured at the object code level without instrumenting the code, the possibility still exists that the linker could have linked a function call incorrectly.

  • Corrosion Analysis

    Resipod - PASI srl

    Resipod is a fully integrated 4-point Wenner probe, designed to measure the electrical resistivity of concrete in a completely non-destructive test. It is the most accurate instrument available, extremely fast and stable and packaged in a robust, waterproof housing designed to operate in a demanding site environment. The Resipod is the successor of the classic CNS Farnell Resistivity Meter.Surface resistivity measurement provides extremely useful information about the state of a concrete structure. Not only has it been proven to be directly linked to the likelihood of corrosion and the corrosion rate, recent studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between resistivity and chloride diffusion rate and even to determination of early compressive strength. This makes it one of the most versatile NDT methods for concrete.

  • Emissions Analysis

    COSA Xentaur

    The speciation of components in an exhaust gas stream typically coming from an internal combustion engine, boiler or turbine the values of which are used in combustion efficiency control or environmental monitoring.