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  • CoreCommander

    JTAG Technologies Inc.

    While many ICs are equipped with a JTAG (IEEE Std. 1149.1) boundary-scan register (BSR), a significant number of microprocessors and DSPs can be found with deficient or even non-existent BSRs. CoreCommander Micro uses the on-chip debug mode of processors to access ports and embedded peripheral controllers to promote ''kernel-centric'' testing. Similarly, in the case of today's Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) test engineers can ''bridge'' from the JTAG interface to the resources of the gate array itself. Our CoreCommander FPGA product implements a translatorinterface that allows our JTAG hardware to control embedded IP cores via a variety of bus interfaces (e.g. Wishbone Avalon etc.).

  • Hardware

    JTAG Technologies Inc.

    Boundary-scan test and programming applications are only as dependable as the hardware they run on. JTAG Technologies has the industry''s most reliable IEEE 1149.x controllers, specifically designed by us for high throughput and the best signal integrity. High-speed DataBlaster controllers are available in all of the popular formats (PCI, PCIe, PXI, USB, Ethernet, Firewire) and are performance-scalable. If economy is a priority, the Explorer controller with a USB interface is the ideal choice.

  • Production Stand-Alone

    PSA - JTAG Technologies Inc.

    Using PSA, test engineers can build sequences of applications in the built-in AEX (Application EXecutive) manager using if then else goto capabilities. Sequence builders can also include additional capabilities through DOS/Win command line calls, create serial number logged test reports, export tests results to a database etc.. PSA includes drivers for all JTAG Technologies controller hardware past or present.

  • JTAG Functional Test

    JFT - JTAG Technologies Inc.

    JFT comprises a series of software modules that support boundary-scan test and programming activities under Python, National Instruments LabVIEW and Microsoft .NET framework. Using JFT users can create JTAG/boundary-scan test application scripts, VIs or programs for PCB assemblies and systems that control individual driver/sensor pins, groups of pins declared as variables or register bits. These applications are typically used to test logic devices or mixed signal clusters and can also be transformed into re-usable test 'modules'. Pairing JFT with JTAG CoreCommander emulative test modules gives an effective, low-cost system for performing tests through embedded device peripherals (ADCs, Memory Controllers etc..)