PXI 128x2 Matrix Module, 1-Pole, 2A, 60W

PXI 128x2 Matrix Module, 1-Pole, 2A, 60W

Our model 40-584, along with the following models40-584, 40-585, 40-586A and 40-587Aare high-density single pole PXI matrices each supporting 256 crosspoints. All models use gold-plated contact electromechanical relays. The PXI matrix modules are designed for switching medium voltage and power signals. The user signal connection is via a robust 78, 50 or 37 pin D-Type or 160 pin DIN 41612 connector that is fully supported by the wide range of our cable and connector accessories.


Format: PXI


  • DIN (Male): Quantity: 1 Connector Positions: 160