DiCon Fiberoptics, Inc.

designs and manufactures the passive optical components that direct light within optical networking systems, as well as the test and measurement products that enable automated factory testing of these systems.

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  • Optical Channel Monitors

    DiCon Fiberoptics, Inc.

    DiCon's Optical Channel Monitor is an advancedoptical subsystem, with integrated tunable optical filter, that automatically scans a DWDM network and reports the power of each channel. Network performance is monitored and reported in real time. Feedback from the Optical Channel Monitor can be used to optimize optical power levels, identify performance drift, and verify system functionality. An optional integrated optical switch allows up to 12 separate input ports to be monitored sequentially.

  • Optical Rackmount Systems

    DiCon Fiberoptics, Inc.

    DiCon offers a variety of rack-mountable solutions for fiber optic switching, test automation, and wavelength management. With standardized or customizable options, our platforms can be easily configured to work in different environments. DiCon's systems feature low insertion loss, excellent reliability, and durability. Applications include fiber optic testing and measurement, fiber based sensing, optical network configuration and monitoring.

  • Tunable Optical Filters

    DiCon Fiberoptics, Inc.

    DiCon's MEMS tunable optical filter offers many advantages over a traditional tunable optical filter; increased accuracy & resolution, a faster tuning speed, as well as a durability that will last for over a billion tuning cycles, all in a compact package. Options are available for either 100 GHz or 50 GHz channel spacing as well as operation in either the O-band, C-band or L-band wavelength ranges.

  • Filters / Splitters / Detectors

    DiCon Fiberoptics, Inc.

    DiCon’s 100 GHz WDM is designed to multiplex and demultiplex signals in multi-wavelength systems based on the ITU 100 GHz grid. The component uses a thin film filter mounted between a pair of GRIN lens collimators. The 100 GHz WDM is housed in a compact, environmentally stable package that offers superior resistance to humidity and temperature and is suitable for mounting on a printed circuit board or within a module.

  • Optical Switches

    DiCon Fiberoptics, Inc.

    This latest technology platform presents the best value in terms of size, form factor, durability, and cost. The design of our MEMS optical switch centers on DiCon's proprietary dual-axes tilting MEMS mirror and is expandable up to a 1x36 switch configuration. Large fan-out 1xN optical switches and non-blocking fan-out/fan-in NxM matrix optical switches are built by cascading multiple of these 1xN switches. The MEMS 1xN fiber optic switch passes the stringent Telcordia GR-1221 qualification and is vastly deployed in today’s optical communication networks. With a lifetime of over a billion cycles, the durability of this MEMS device makes it a perfect choice for optical network monitoring applications that require frequent switching.