Designs and manufactures electronic test and measurement equipment. The designers at Voltech have many years of experience in the power conversion and power electronics marketplace, not to mention overcoming problems often experienced with test and measurement equipment in these areas.

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  • DC Current Bias Supply

    DC1000A - Voltech

    To guarantee the quality and performance of inductive components such as inductors, chokes and transformers they are tested at their real-life operating point. If the inductor is designed to carry a DC current, then its inductance must be measured with that DC current present. Until now, these measurements were made by an LCR meter connected via special interfacing to a DC bias supply available only from the manufacturer of the LCR meter. The unique NEW DC1000A can be used with any precision LCR meter and connects simply into existing test fixturing.

  • Magnetics Testing

    AT5600 - Voltech

    Based on field-proven technology and refined over 20 years of customer feedback, the AT5600 provides double the speed and accuracy of previous magnetics and transformer testing solutions. Patented technologies in areas such as impedance measurement, superior surge testing capabilities and 100% test at real operating voltages, allow you to not only implement pass-fail testing, but also to accurately characterize components within your manufacturing flow, for highest quality of results.