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Walsn specialises in researching and developing the instruments for environmental protection. We have extended the business into the whole world and earned an excellent reputation for high product quality, superior expertise, technical ability, customer service, and flexibility.

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  • Combustion Efficiency Analyzer

    CEA-100 - Walsn Enterprises Ltd.

    Walsn CEA - 100 combustion efficiency analyzer is designed to continuously monitor CO content in flue gas while the measurement data can be used to adjust the ratio of fuel/ air so as to achieve the maximum boiler efficiency for boiler operation. Walsn CEA - 100 adopts the dual-measuring-sensor technology and features high accuracy with low zero drift and very small failure rate, matching the requirements of the harsh industrial environment. It is also easy to install and maintain.

  • Coriolis Mass Flowmeters

    CMF - Walsn Enterprises Ltd.

    Applicable Fluids: Gases Slurries Liquids. Typical Applications: Custody transfer Reactor feed ratio Density measurement Batch control.

  • Integral Explosive-proof Intelligent Flame Detector

    FSE-100 - Walsn Enterprises Ltd.

    FSE-100 Explosion-proof Flame Detector is used to collect the flame signal which is amplified and processed to determine the presence or absence of flame. FS-100 Flame Detector provides the flame output in real-time – the basis of determining the presence or absence of flame.

  • Integral Intelligent Flame Detector

    FS-100 - Walsn Enterprises Ltd.

    FS-100 utilizes SMT technology which integrates a photoelectric sensor, a microprocessor, and a Human-Computer Interface (HCI) and an output interface together, sending out various outputs including an ON/OFF flame signal, a fault signal, a 4-20mA signal, and an RS-485 output (meets the MODBUS standard) via the quick connector.

  • Mill & Silo Monitoring System

    MSM-100 - Walsn Enterprises Ltd.

    MSM-100 is a monitoring system specifically designed to continuously detect carbon monoxide(CO) in pulverizing mills. The high level of CO produced by any incomplete combustion process, is used by the MSM-100 system as advance warning of a mill fire. It is suitable for any coal or peat system where advance warning of spontaneous combustion is required. MSM-100 is intended for operation in the electricity, metals, cement, steel and processing industries.

  • Oxygen Analyser

    Walsn Enterprises Ltd.

    Walsn occupies a leading position in the field of combustion efficiency monitoring and oxygen analysis technology. Our in-line zirconium oxide oxygen analyzers have long been established as industry standards.

  • Portable Sulphuric Acid Dewpoint Temperature Monitor

    Walsn Enterprises Ltd.

    The fuels used in boilers, such as coal, heavy oil and natural gas, contains S. during the combustion process, S and O₂ form SO₂, and a small amount of SO₂ is converted into SO₃ under catalysis of Fe₂O₃, V₂O₅ and other catalysts. Under normal circumstances, the volume of SO₃ in the boiler flue gas is 1×10-6~50×10-6, and the water vapor is about 10%. When the temperature of the flue gas is below 200°C, SO₃ and the water vapor are completely combined into H₂SO₄ vapor. A small amount of H₂SO4 vapor will significantly increases the acid dew point. When the surface temperature of the boiler heat exchange equipment is lower than the flue gas acid dew point, the H₂SO₄ vapor will condense on the surface to become sulfuric acid solution with a concentration of about 80%, which will adhere to the surface of the heat exchanger and cause acid corrosion. Typical equipment that is prone to corrosion includes air preheaters, induced draft fans and flue walls.

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