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Cytec Corporation is a privately held business incorporated since 1980 and located in Upstate New York. We offer more than 25 different standard Switching Systems and can custom design Switching Systems to meet our clients' requirements.

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  • Group Switching Matrices and Multiplexers (Analog & Digital)

    GX Series - Cytec Corp.

    Cytec GX Series is used to build Group or Gang switches from 2 to 2000 wires. A variety of different modules can be custom configured to switch virtually any type of signal and can be wired out to any type of connector.

  • High Density Switches, Switching Systems & Multiplexers

    JX Series - Cytec Corp.

    This compact and economically priced series can be used as either 1xN multiplexers, 2xN matrices, or individual switches. As multiplexers, they can be used as a large number of individual muxes or jumpered together to form as large a mux as you need to switch a large number of inputs or outputs to one common port. As a 2xN matrix they allow you to switch any number of signals between two ports of a DVM, DMM, LCR, or other type of meter or supply. Individual relay modules are available for other configurations requiring discrete SPST or SPDT relays with standard, mercury wetted or power relays.

  • High Density Switch Matrix

    PX Series - Cytec Corp.

    The PX Series of switching modules are compact and economically priced units using high reliability reed relay modules assembled into pre-wired mainframes or expansion chassis to assemble a 32x16 matrix, two 32x8 matrices or a 64x8 matrix with either single or double pole signal switching Computer control can be from IEEE488, RS232, or 10/100Base-T ethernet.

  • High Performance Switching Matrix Systems

    VX Series - Cytec Corp.

    The VX Series of low-cost, versitile switching systems use a modular concept of switch modules, display modules and control modules which can be assembled into VX/256 Mainframes as matrices, multiplexers, or individual relays.

  • High Voltage Switching Systems

    HXV Series - Cytec Corp.

    The HXV Series computer controlled switching systems are used for high voltage and HIPOT applications. They consist of pre-wired mainframes and expansion chassis which hold selected switch modules needed to furnish the required matrix or multiplexer configuration.

  • Large Video and RF Switches and Matrix Switching Systems

    TX Series - Cytec Corp.

    Cytec's TX Series Three-stage Matrix Switching System is a completely non-blocking and full fan-out. Available in configurations for 16x16 to 128x128 with a bandpass to 140 MHz. The system can handle a wide variety of 50 and 75 ohm signals.

  • LX8/G Modules

    Cytec Corp.

    LX G type modules interconnect to each other through the LXA motherboard and allow a large variety of different configurations depending on how they are externally interconnected. Up to 16 switch modules may be installed as well as one Signal I/O modules which bring the switched signals out to a common connector. Using this technique it is possible to form and endless arrangement of different configurations. Some examples are below:

  • LX8/K Modules

    Cytec Corp.

    LX K type modules have discrete relays with individual contacts wired out to the rear panel connector as shown in the figures to the left.

  • Mainframe Chassis

    DXM/64x64 and DXM/128x128 - Cytec Corp.

    These Chassis provide a non-blocking, full fan-out matrix in any configuration from 16x16 to 128x128 or larger. Both systems are capable of switching high speed differential CML up to 2.5 Gbps but are most commonly used for ECL, LVDS, LVPECL, Spacewire or RS422.

  • Mainframe Chassis

    DX/256x256 - Cytec Corp.

    These Chassis provide a non-blocking, full fan-out matrix in any configuration from 64x64 to 256x256. The standard chassis switches differential RS422 up to 20 Mbps or single ended TTL data up to 40 Mbps. Custom buffer modules allow for single ended 75 ohm TTL signals up to 80 Mbps. Systems may be configured as dual 128x128 for Clock and Data signals. D78 connectors are standard and may be taken out to patch panels for almost any other connector such as BNC, Twinax, Triax or other D types. 75 ohm TTL systems are patched to 75 ohm BNC's.

  • Mainframe or -E Expansion Chassis

    LXB/128-MF - Cytec Corp.

    These Chassis are preconfigured single or two pole matix systems. A single chassis can be a 16x8 matrix, two 16x4 matrices, a single 32x4 or a single 64x2 configuration. Chassis is modular so you may start with a smaller size and increase the configuration as your needs grow. LEDs on the front panel show switch and power status. A thumbwheel manual control is optional. Remote control is from 10/100 LAN, GPIB, RS232, USB or TTL. A variety of relays are available to handle almost any voltage. Connector options are BNC, Screw Terminal or Twinax.

  • Mainframe or -E Expansion Chassis

    LXA/128-MF - Cytec Corp.

    These Chassis control up to 16 modules with up to 8 relays per module. A large variety of different switch modules are available to build almost any configuration. Modules are available to build matrix or mux configurations or discrete relay modules. Input detection modules, output driver modules and proto board modules allow custom systems for almost any application. LEDs on the front panel show switch and power status. A thumbwheel manual control is optional.

  • Matrix Expansion Systems

    MESA Series - Cytec Corp.

    The MESA Series Expansion Systems make it possible to build large matrix or multiplexer configurations using a MESA Control Unit to control the required number of Expansion Chassis from one Control Module. These Chassis can be any combination of different types of Expansion Chassis, including the CXAR, CX, LX, HXV, VX, and PX Matrices; JX Multiplexers, GX and RS Group Switches, VDX Video Switches, FX and FO Fiber Optic Switches, HDX 4600 High Density Matrices and the DX Digital Matrices.

  • MF Chassis

    RJE/15(1x4)- - Cytec Corp.

    This Chassis allows up to 15 1x4 switch modules. Modular construction allows smaller configurations that may be expanded later by adding more modules. 2, 4, or 8 wire modules with CAT6 RJ45 connectors. Add Switch Modules and a Control Module to complete the system.

  • MF Chassis

    CXAR/8(16x1)- - Cytec Corp.

    This Chassis controls up to 8 16x1 75 ohm CATV Modules specifically for Cable TV Lab automation. LEDs on the front panel show switch and power status. Add Switch Modules, Driver Modules and a Control Module to complete the system.