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Xylem Analytics UK was established in 2003 to support the growing YSI & SonTek customer base in UK & Ireland. Over the years Xylem Analytics has grown to become a leading provider of premium field, online and laboratory analytical instrumentation serving the water & wastewater, ocean & coastal, food & beverage, oil & gas, environmental, chemical and pharmaceutical industries through a number of internationally recognised brands.

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  • Meteorological Sensors

    Xylem Analytics UK ltd.

    Automatic Weather Station, Wind Speed Sensor, Air Temperature Sensor, MIRA Visibility Sensor, Wind Direction Sensor, Air Pressure Sensor, Barometric Pressure Transmitter, Solar Radiation Sensor.

  • Modular Remote Survey Boat

    rQPOD - Xylem Analytics UK ltd.

    Xylem Analytics brings together a number of leading technological brands including SonTek, HYPACK and YSI to provide the world's most innovative hydrographic and bathymetric survey systems. The rQPOD is a modular system that when attached to a standard size Torrent Board housing both SonTek M9 and S5 RiverSurveyor ADCP systems, transforms into a motorised platform facilitating remote shore operation for easy collection of ADCP data.

  • Multiparameter Sonde

    EXO3 - Xylem Analytics UK ltd.

    Offering the greatest value of any sonde available in the market, EXO3 combines the maneuverability of EXO1 with the powerful antifouling wiper of the EXO2. EXO3 is a purpose-built sonde for monitoring major water quality parameters, including: pH, conductivity, temperature, turbidity and dissolved oxygen.

  • Polarimeter

    ADP400 Series - Xylem Analytics UK ltd.

    The ADP400 Series from Bellingham + Stanley are single wavelength polarimeters suitable for sugar, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. These polarimeters are available with or without XPC - Xylem's patented internal Peltier temperature control system. Both models use standard polarimeter tubes with a maximum length of 200mm. For fast performance in the Peltier controlled version, stainless steel tubes should be used. Low volume samples are also catered for with the addition of stainless steel, luer taper tubes.

  • Refractometer

    RFM700-M - Xylem Analytics UK ltd.

    RFM700-M series refractometers are robust, low cost, fully automatic instruments that are ideally suited to the food, sugar and beverage industries but can now be used in many other non food applications where use of temperature control is not required. RFM700-M Series refractometers are robust, low cost, fully automatic instruments that are ideally suited to the food, sugar and beverage industries but can also be used in many other non-food applications where temperature control is not required, for example measuring sugar (Brix) concentrations in the food processing industry.