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EMIC CORPORATION is a leading manufacturer in the field of environental test equipment for vibration, mechanical shock & temperature/humidity and vibration measuring instruments.

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  • Combined Environmental Reliability Test System

    VTC SERIES - EMIC Corporation

    HALT/HASS testing challenges the design, components, sub-assemblies and final assemblies of today's manufactured products. Stresses are applied through a number of conditions to set operational limits and ultimately precipitate failure in the HALT/HASS test environment. Rapid thermal change rate is one of the classic conditions that facilitate product stress.VTC Series chambers are equipped with an LN2 cooling system, with modulating valve and directed air flow to the product, provides the rapid thermal change rates required to achieve maximum product stress. Additionally, these rates are accomplished with smaller space requirements, lower audible noise, no water requirement, and lower maintenance costs than a typical refrigeration system.

  • Slim & High-Performance Charge Amplifier

    6001-A, 6002-A - EMIC Corporation

    Measuring a wide variety of vibration: automotive, rail transportation equipment vibration, motor/pump vibration, vibration response during vibration test. Also available for a vibration test device for calibration of equipment.

  • Temperature/Humidity Vibration Test Systems

    EHVC SERIES - EMIC Corporation

    The EHVC Series is designed for highly accelerated life testing, the demand of which from customers is increasing today. This is a joint system of the AGREE chamber and thermal shock chamber that we have manufactured and makes the temperature rate up to 20℃/min feasible with a compressor only. With this feature, the highly accelerated life test such as AGREE tests, most thermal shock tests can be performed with one unit.

  • Accelerometer

    EMIC Corporation

    EMIC offers many kinds of accelerometers available for various vibration measurements. They are a ultra small light weight accelerometer for highly precise measurement, a special tri-axial accelerometer for simultaneously measuring a vibration in three orthogonal axes, a large output accelerometer for measuring an earthquake and a suitable accelerometer for measuring and analyzing a building structure.

  • Compact Vibration Generator

    EMIC Corporation

    The compact vibration generator is used for calibration of a vibrometer, measurement of mechanical impedance, excitation source for modal analysis and reliability test of a small light specimen. In particular, EMIC uses the world's first ceramic armature for the 512-D and 513-D vibration generator,making it possible to excite up to high frequency of 30 kHz (513-D can excite up to 24 kHz).

  • Digital Vibration Control System

    DSC-98Smart - EMIC Corporation

    DCS-98Smart digital vibration control system is the high cost effective vibration controller introduced as the most newest version of DCS series. This system demonstrates as high performance as DCS-98000MJ, yet it has a feature of the cost effectiveness, aiming the rapid spread among the quality evaluation industry. It, thus, shall continue the better quality vibration control for any application than ever.

  • Digital Vibration Control System

    DSC-98000MJ - EMIC Corporation

    The DCS-98000MJ series vibration control system is the most suitable digital vibration control system used for an electrodynamic vibration testing system to perform vibration evaluation test for highly advanced industrial products. The system is a highly stable Embedded Computer based system, the computer on which the Intel® Celeron™ Processor is installed. It consists of the vibration control, the communication Dynamic Control Unit (main DCU), and the expandable measuring input/output Dynamic Control Unit (sub DCU).

  • Electrodynamic Shock Test System

    FS SERIES - EMIC Corporation

    The system can test the sensor and ECU for an airbag and also reproduce the shock by assuming an automotive collision and full-scale crash. The system can be incorporated into the production line for total inspection. It can maintain the operating quality of the airbag to make a contribution to lifesaving against a traffic accident.

  • Energy Saving System

    ECO-Vibe neo - EMIC Corporation

    ECO-Vibe neo has been designed for an eco-friendly vibration test system. The test conditions with a vibration test system depends on a unit under test. Generally, the exciting force required for performing a vibration test can be calculated by the product of mass (e.g. test article, jig, table, etc.) and test acceleration. But, when the required exciting force is smaller than the maximum rated exciting force of the vibration test system, the field power supply that the constant current has to be continuously provided to produce the DC magnetic field constitutes a large part of power consumption compared with the drive power for the moving element. ECO-Vibe neo can reduce the power consumption by choosing the exciting force in this case. In addition, you can enjoy a reduction merit of the running cost from the first year when the system is introduced because initial cost is zero.

  • Non-Contact Displacement Meter

    EMIC Corporation

    The principle of the eddy current is applied to measure the distance without contacting an object. This measuring method is widely used in the industry for detecting abnormal vibrations of rotating shafts or ironwork in a production in line. The highly accurate signal conditioning for providing the analog voltage being linearly proportional to displacement can be made easy.

  • Vibration Testing System

    F Series - EMIC Corporation

    Suited to durability tests for all industrial products such as aeronautical, automobile, electronic and precision equipment.