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DSI International offers leading solutions to the development and analysis of Diagnostics, Testability, Prognostics, Diagnosability and Systems Engineering.

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  • Ancillary Tools

    DSI International

    DSI offers a variety of Tools to assist in the deployment and management of DSI products.

  • Run-Time Authoring Tool

    DSI International

    The Run-Time Authoring Tool is DSI’s solution for publishing of eXpress diagnostic design data and integration and deployment of system diagnostic and prognostic designs within real-world troubleshooting environments. The diagnostic and design data exported from eXpress using the eXpress DiagML export is used to create diagnostic projects in the Run-Time Authoring Tool. These project once created can be then immediately published to DSI Workbench to be used in troubleshooting or enhanced using the Run-Time Authoring Tool to improve the troubleshooting process.

  • DSI Workbench

    DSI International

    DSI Workbench allows for publication of eXpress64 or user supplied diagnostics (via DiagML) within production and maintenance troubleshooting environments. Will facilitate the integration of diagnostic design views, engineering views, photos and videos within an integrated environment.

  • Diagnostic Simulation

    Stage - DSI International

    STAGE simulates aspects of Diagnostic, PHM and ISHM Engineering, showing the support capabilities of a System during its useful lifetime. Many types of analysis can be performed on STAGE, including Testability, System Reliability & Mission Success, Sustainability, and Logistics Resource Allocations.

  • ISDD Tool Suite

    DSI International

    The Integrated System Diagnostic Design or ISDD Tool Suite provides a start to finish solution for meeting all the diagnostic needs of system design. The ISDD design process is centered around functional modeling of systems which is used to develop the diagnostics and failure analysis necessary to fully support good system design. This includes: *Analysis of Fault Detection and Fault Isolation.*Analysis of critical failures and their impact upon safety.*Detecting and reducing false alarms caused by diagnostics.*The impact of prognostics upon fault detection/fault isolation and mitigation of critical failures.*Development of vehicle health management and troubleshooting diagnostics

  • System Modeling for Diagnostic Design and Analysis

    EXpress - DSI International

    eXpress is a comprehensive model-based diagnostics engineering software application providing an environment for the design, capture, integration, evaluation and optimization of complex or large-scale system diagnostics, prognostics health management (PHM), systems testability engineering, failure mode and effects analysis and system safety analysis. eXpress is uniquely suited to influence the diagnostic development for new designs or to exploit the diagnostic challenges of existing legacy systems. Its robust structure facilitates the capture of extensive interdisciplinary design knowledge providing an unmatched ability to corroborate, reuse and re-purpose expert knowledge in performing standardised testability, reliability and maintainability analyses.