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G Systems specializes in the design and development of custom automated test, control, and data acquisition systems. From the small to the complex, G Systems consistently delivers solutions that meet customers' aggressive performance, cost, and schedule requirements.

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  • Automated Gage Measurement System

    AGMS - G Systems, l.p.

    Our Automated Gage Measurement System for Sand Screen (AGMS) provides accurate and repeatable optical measurements for all wire-wrapped gaps along the full screenlength. This inspection machine enables oil field sand screen manufacturers to meet the measurement requirements of API Spec 19S1 and ISO 17824:2009.

  • Valve Leak Measurement System

    VLMS - G Systems, l.p.

    The G Systems Valve Leak Measurement System (VLMS) reliably measures slow leaks that are unidentifiable with conventional leak detectors, helping manufacturers test and ensure that critical valves are absolutely airtight. The G Systems VLMS is a self-contained counting instrument for automating the industry-standard practice of leak detection by bubble formation using a submerged tube in water. The G Systems VLMS provides accurate measurement of leaks that are too small for conventional flow meters to reliably detect and is ideal for applications that must be absolutely airtight, including medical device, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, and plumbing valves.

  • System Integration

    G Systems, l.p.

    G Systems develops fully integrated systems and we know that both software and hardware are equally important to system design. Our focus on code quality and optimization ensures customers receive efficient and maintainable code. We specialize in LabVIEW development and all of our LabVIEW developers are certified developers or architects. We’re also highly skilled in mechanical and electrical hardware design and builds on a wide variety of data acquisition, signal conditioning, RF, and distributed communication platforms.

  • Signal Splitter

    G Systems, l.p.

    The Dynamic Signal Buffered Splitter protects sound and vibration sensor acquisitions from the unwanted effects of a parallel troubleshooting or diagnostic instruments. G Systems Dynamic Signal Buffered Splitter provides buffered and unbuffered outputs connected to the same signal input. Up to 16 sensors, typically accelerometers, proximity probes, microphones, and pressure transducers, may be connected to the 16 signal inputs.

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