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Who we are and what we offer have you already seen on our offering pages. Our references give examples for projects, which we have accomplished and the information about our partners and consortia show with who we work and how we shape standardization work.

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  • A Test System on Site

    C&S group GmbH

    You want to have a test system on site that allows you to test parallel to development? We give you the opportunity to purchase a test system for use in your business.

  • Conformance Tests

    C&S group GmbH

    According to german Duden conformance means ‘in agreement, accordant’ (from Late Latin conformitas – similarity). Any check on compliance of a test object with its specification can therefore be regarded as a conformance test. A conformance test has become established in the field of networked systems. In networked systems components from different manufacturers work together and only error-free communication under all conditions enables such interoperability.

  • C&S Specific Tests

    C&S group GmbH

    Even with already standardized and quasi-standardized conformance tests, we extend existing standardized test specifications by test cases to verify the robustness and specific requirements of your product. We are happy to offer you this test groups as additional modules in order to provide additional security.

  • Customer Specific Tests

    C&S group GmbH

    No matter whether you have developed a product without an underlying standard or extended a product beyond the standard – we verify your product to see if it conforms to the characteristics specified by you. We advise you on worst-case scenarios.You need a test under certain temperature conditions? We have the possibility to execute appropriate temperature tests.You have other testing needs? Please contact us so we can consult you thereto and submit an offer.