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  • Armature Coil Test System

    ECG KOKUSAI Co., Ltd.

    A control system with a commercial personal computer (OA/FA) Automatic data storage to HDD A data output with USB, Ether Net, a printer, etc. Software development (device control, data management, etc.) A design and manufacture of Examination Jigs and tools

  • Impulse Winding Tester

    DWC Series - ECG KOKUSAI Co., Ltd.

    Switching arrangement which suited the impulse winding testing machine of our company. It is automatic in 3 phase coil, and is with a change. A yes-no decision is examined and carried out

  • Impulse Winding Tester

    DWX Series - ECG KOKUSAI Co., Ltd.

    The DWX tester is designed to test other coils and low inductance coils used in high-end electronic components. Through the use of impulse power source with high-speed switch, highly efficient input circuit, and high-speed A/D sampling circuit, the DWX tester can offer a new solution to the low inductance coil tests.

  • Intelligent Controller

    WTX Series Type II - ECG KOKUSAI Co., Ltd.

    Even 6 lead coil which is not conventionally made by changing the test cable into 6 from 4 is possible. The examination item of DC resistance, impulse, AC hi-pot and insulation resistance can be switched automatically at once.

  • Transformer Vibration Checker

    TC-55 - ECG KOKUSAI Co., Ltd.

    The TC-55, with its small and highly sensitive sensor, is designed to detect vibration and rumbling noise of the transformer and various types of coil.

  • Motor Vibrophonic Monitor

    MV-90 - ECG KOKUSAI Co., Ltd.

    A very small acoustic vibration during operation can indicate a major defect in a small-sized precision motor. The acoustic vibration is normally detected using a sounding bar applied to the ear of an inspector who judges whether to reject or pass a motor by listening to its sound during operation.This method produces different judgments according to each individual inspector, and automation is not possible. With this unit, a highly sensitive acceleration-type detector is applied to the bearing area of a motor, to directly defect the acoustic vibration.The resultant measurement is not influenced by environmental noise, and an absolute and accurate measurement can be made.

  • Water Leak Discovery Machine

    LA-60 - ECG KOKUSAI Co., Ltd.

    In adoption of a detector with a built-in preamplifier, a LA-60 type leakage-of-water discovery machine has little surrounding influence of noise vibration, and can perform listening of leakage-of-water sound more faithfully.

  • Automatic Winding Test Machine

    AWX-05S - ECG KOKUSAI Co., Ltd.

    This equipment is a system which does several electric characteristic tests, such as Armature and Stator coils. It is a system which performs an automatic test and judge according to the set-up parameters, and anyone can perform quality test judgment easily by desorbing a work. Moreover, an impulse test is efficient and does the electric examination of the winding state by not destroying the item.It is inductance and Q which the damped oscillatory wave form generated in a transient phenomenon waveform, i.e., coil, and when there are number of turns difference in a coil, a core, the difference in the material, etc. can judge it simultaneously.That is, almost all characters required as a quality of winding can be inspected very much in a short time.