APREL is an independent research-driven engineering company specialized in automated near-field test solutions for a wide range of existing and new technologies. Our approach through working directly with world leading manufacturers provides a unique opportunity and insight into emerging technologies where our solutions ensure they get to the market quicker.

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  • Automated SAR Test System

    ALSAS 10U - APREL, Inc.

    Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is a method for evaluating the exposure conditions of a wireless device to ensure global compliance to government standards. The ALSAS automated test solution allows for the evaluation of SAR both to optimize efficiency of a design and to ensure compliance with international safety requirements. Six independently controlled axis. Calculate multi-spot SAR and perform multi-cube analysis automatically. Covers frequency range of 30MHZ to 6GHz.

  • Hearing Aid Compatibility Automated Test System

    MiNi-HAC - APREL, Inc.

    Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) evaluation of wireless handsets ensures accessibility of these technologies to the hearing impaired. The MiNi-HAC system can be used for the design and development of wireless handsets as well as for evaluation of hearing aids used by the hearing impaired to gain access to mobile wireless technologies. RF Emissions Test - near field measurements of the electric and magnetic fields emitted by a wireless device.