Wire Cable Test

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  • PK-2030/2033 NEXTest S7 - HDMI WIRES Mapper / Cable Tester NEXTest S7 is an advanced and unique tester in the market. It's designed to check and troubleshoot the pin connections of Display port & HDMI prior to installation on equipment. By using advanced technology to verify the integrity (20 pins + shield) of both display port and HDMI cables, especially for HDTV installation and DIY termination in the field, solving your cable testing need, unlink all of the other testers verify 9 circuits only.
    Pansco Ltd
  • PHCT55 - Telephone Wire Cable Tester For Testing Continuity With Sender And Receiver The PHCT55 is a two-piece item that tests telephone wire continuity. Play a test tone on one end and listen on the other, judge continuity, and diagnose break points.
    Pyle Audio
  • LCT-3 - LINE-CORD AND MULTI-WIRE CABLE TESTERS Model LCT-3 Line-cord tester is an automatic test set to check continuity, polarity and dielectric breakdown on three-wire line cords.
    Criterion Instruments
  • LCI - Wires Testing Cable The LCI-E transmitter is previously connected to the secondary side of a distribution transformer to identify the medium voltage distribution cable located anywhere between the transformer and its source. The LCI is used on isolated distribution cables. The equipment helps in identifying the right cable before cutting off the voltage prior to an intervention allowing thus to save time and money. It can also help in identifying a three-phase circuit by the identification of one of its conductors.
    Amperis Sl
  • wire and Cable Tension Testing Machine These series of Universal Tensile Testing Machine is used to test tension, compression, shearing force, adhesion, peeling force, tear strength,...etc. of specimen, semi-product and finished product in the field of rubber, plastic, metal, nylon,fabric,paper, aviation, packing, architecture, petrochemistry, electric appliance, automobile,...etc. ,
    Haida Equipment Co
  • QUICKLAN 6055 - Wire map tester for cable of LAN networks QUICKLAN 6055 permits to perform quickly wire mapping test of LAN networks RJ45 twisted pair cables in compliance to EIA/TIA 568A/B. The meter check all eventual wrong connections (crossed, split, inverted couples, etc..), can detect problems of the cable itself (open circuits, short circuits) and shows results in a large custom display in very simple way. By using up to 8 numbered remote control units
    HT Italia Srl
  • 8700 - 4-Wire Universal Cable/Harness Tester Multi-Link Testmate 4-Wire Measurement Up to 1500V Test Voltage Auto Scan and Auto Pin Search Intermittent Conductance and O/S Test Large 320x240 LCD Display Linear and Safety Test All-in-One Full Programming Sequence Test Versatile I/O Ports for Application Statistics and Print Function
  • CR - Cable/Harness Tester A wire harness tester, a cable tester, a continuity tester, a component tester and a guided harness-assembly aid are all good descriptions of the Easy-wire CR tester. The easy-wire CR features powerful Windows-based software that allows you to create custom on-screen graphics of your connectors and it lights LEDs to guide the harness assembly process right on the harness board. Test Points: 256-32,000, Test Current: 6.5 mA max
    Cirris Systems
  • Wire Plus Program - Instrument Cable Assemblies VPCs Wire Plus program is designed to enable quick and easy custom test system configurations by providing finished system cable solutions in modules; wired, PCB, breadboard and umbilical cords . This eliminates the time and expense of hand-crimping each contact and promotes rapid integration of your Mass InterConnect system with virtually any type of test instrumentation.
    Virginia Panel
  • PHCT65 - LAN/Ethernet/Telephone Cable Tracker & Tester Trace Telephone Wire and LAN Cable Trace Wires In Electrical System Verify LAN Cable Condition Continuity Test DC Voltage Probe Bright White LED Flashlight Sold as : Unit
    Pyle Audio
  • TP650 TestifierPRO - Cable Tester A versatile handheld cable tester for telco, network and coax testing, the TestifierPRO? has all the essentials for professional cable testing. Not only will it perform all required cable wiring tests but it also performs a cost effective wire map for up to 20 cable runs. A built in tone generator and cable length testing and hub blink feature make the TestifierPro? a "must have" for any cable installer or serviceman.
    Aegis Pty. Ltd
  • N044-000-R - Multi-Functional Network Cable Tester Tripp Lite's Multi-Functional Network Cable Tester allows you to test wiring continuity for Cat5, Cat6, Phone and Coax cable assemblies. Identifies mis-wires, short circuits and open circuits. Features two piece transmitter and receiver, two BNC-F coax converters and coax terminator.
    Tripp Lite
  • 13138 - LANtest Network/Modular Cable Test Kit Test cable installations up to 200 meters (656 feet). The simplest and most affordable wire-mapping device for networking cables available on the market. Use it to read the actual wiring configuration for Cat5, coaxial and modular telephone cables by comparing one transmitting end to another receiving end. Easy verification for cabling faults including discontinuity, open wires, shorts, miswiring and crossed pairs is quickly detected with the LANtest's unique LED display. Can also test the grounding. Perform all the above tests on installed cables with the included remote terminator.
    C2G Lastar
  • 39001 - PC CABLE TESTER PRO ATA All-in-one tester for almost any PC cable including Serial ATA. Get quick and easy diagnosis of open wires, shorted wires, crossed wires, and miswiring - now for almost any PC cable on the market (Serial ATA, RJ45, USB,IEEE-1394 FireWire, DB9, DB25, HD15)!
    C2G Lastar
  • TS590A - SOHO Tester Handheld unit reliably tests 8-wire network cables, 6-wire telephone lines, coax cables, and more.
    Black Box
  • DCSS502BC - Resistance Tester Resistance meter is designed to measure copper resistance of transformers, wires, cables, other conductors and other coil products etc. 4 terminal test clamp.
    Sanshine Electronis
  • HTNY-H - hipot test set This product applies to test the voltage function of electric components, wires, cable and other electric products, easy to operate, excellent product features, convenient to maintain.
    Wuhan Huatian Electric
  • AMC-2 - Hand-Cranked Insulation Tester Test insulation of wires, cables, transformers and electrical motors without batteries or external power. With the Amprobe AMC-3 Insulation Tester, this hand cranked tool is always ready to test.
    Amprobe Test Tools
  • AMC-3 - Hand-Cranked Insulation Tester Test insulation of wires, cables, transformers and electrical motors without batteries or external power. With the Amprobe AMC-3 Insulation Tester, this hand cranked tool is always ready to test.
    Amprobe Test Tools
  • AMC-4 - Hand-Cranked Insulation Tester Test insulation of wires, cables, transformers and electrical motors without batteries or external power. With the Amprobe AMC-3 Insulation Tester, this hand cranked tool is always ready to test.
    Amprobe Test Tools
  • WT-26 - Cable Test Finds Telephone wire target in bunch of cables in no time, find wire on switch or on patch panel Finds the target Network wire in groups of cables in second, find wire on net bar or on router Find the target Electric Wire quickly, no electric drill is required
    Starmeter Instruments
  • AMB-25 - Digital Megohmmeter – Insulation Resistance Tester Tests insulation of wires, cables, transformers and electrical motors. Selectable test voltages 250V, 500V and 1000V. Programmable timer to perform the Dielectric Absorption Ratio Test. Sensitive Ohmmeter for checking resistance of motor windings.
    Amprobe Test Tools
  • AUTO5105 - Electrical Power Universal use Material Testing Equipment The test machine is mainly suitable for rubbe, plastic , paper , leather , metal wire , metal foil , food packaging, textile fibers , wire and cable , adhesives , connectors and other material's tensile , compression , bending , shear , peel , tear etc .mechanical tests
    Shenzhen Autostrong
  • SS8681 Series - Cable Tester The SS8681 series cable tester is used for test and measure wire cable harness, wire harness, like as: auto cable, audio cable, power cable, network cable, telephone cable, USD cable, HDMI cable, video cable, etc. Up to 700Vdc/500Vac Test Voltage. 512 Max test points.
    Sanshine Electronis

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Wire Cable Test - The verification of wire cable integrity.