Wafer - aka Semiconductor Substrate,Solar Cell Substrate

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  • nSpec - Wafer Inspection System nSPEC® can image and analyze substrate and epi wafers as well as patterned and diced wafers and even individual devices. The system has multiple magnifications to fully characterize defect frequency and type and offers complete rapid scanning and mosaicing of wafers. Users can easily define reports and statistical functions.
    Nanotronics Imaging
  • AutoWafer™ - Ultrasonic Wafer Scan AutoWafer is an excellent scanning tool for development and production environments, providing high-resolution identification of bond defects in wafer applications such as MEMS, CMOS, memory, TSV and LED. Robotic cassette handling and sorting of approved and failed wafers helps speed production, while our advanced transducers and auto-analysis tools make it quick and easy to identify even the smallest, most subtle defects.
  • Wafer Probe Loadboards/PIB DTS has a full line of standard PIBs for all major tester platforms. Custom PIB designs can accommodate any test head, prober and manipulator configuration, including probe card changers, overhead direct dock setups and cable interfaces. DTS wafer test loadboards are compatible with a variety of pogo pin interface towers. All PIBs are constructed with impedance control, precision matched line lengths, full power and ground planes and both analog and digital resources to provide high quality signal integrity directly to the device.
    Dynamic Test Solutions
  • FM200 - Sapphire/SIC Wafer Flatness and Surface Appearance System Sapphire/SIC wafer flatness and surface appearance system provide a previous surface flatness testing solution, though non-contract lighting testing to record the whole information of the surface, rapid and fast measurement for various of surfaces, line and all kinds of surface information.
  • Electrostatic, Magnetic, Vacuum and Thermal Wafer Chucks Please send your design to ARC, or send your used chuck and we will manufacture it for you. End User and OEM inquiries are welcome. Grinding and lapping to precision flatness specifications is an everyday job at Arc and with a Tropel Flatmaster as the gold standard of flatness measurement, Arc can certify each chuck as being well within your flatness specification.
    ARC Technologies
  • HS-PL - Wafer and Cells PL System Photoluminescence (PL) Imaging is a unique non-invasive inspection tool as it can be used in-line at many different steps of the cell manufacturing process. This facilitates the direct comparison of data obtained at one process step to data obtained at another. Additionally, PL imaging can be compared to electroluminescence (EL) imaging on finished cells using comparable equipment.
  • Wafer Sort TestEdge offers complete wafer sort solutions. Our range of wafer sort capabilities demonstrates our ability to handle a wide range of devices and device characteristics. State of the art Electroglas probers Sort experience with high probe count Less than 4 mil pitch on probes Experience with C4 Bump and Aluminum pad Experience on Bipolar, CMOS, GaAs, & SiGe Overhead sort or cable harness sort Microsite testing capability
  • LS-6700 - Bare Wafer Inspection System High sensitivity (50nm:Bare). High accuracy for COP/CMP discrimination (85%). High throughput (80 wph @300mm).
    High positioning accuracy (+/-30µm). Wafer Size 300mm / 200mm.
    Hitachi High-Technologies
  • W-GM-6200 - Wafer Edge Grinding Machine Edge Grinder for Forefront 450mm Wafer.
    Tokyo Seimitsu
  • EX-QS - Wafer Mapping Sensors EX-Q wafer mapping sensors represent a dramatic improvement in wafer mapping detection. Consistent apparent wafer thickness provides detection performance previously only thought possible with through beam sensors. EX-Q sensors have ample detection headroom (sensitivity) to detect the darkest and/or most extreme wafers now and in the future. EX-QS is an EX-Q repackaged in a smaller case to accomodate applications where space is limited.
    Cyberoptics Semiconductor
  • Wafer Test We are ready to help you with your wafer test application needs. Whether your project calls for custom turn-key components or your own supplied materials, we can help. Please fill out the applications form to the right and we will contact you immediately.
    BucklingBeam Solutions
  • RT-3000/RG-80N - Resistivity Measurement for Silicon Wafers Recipe setting, measurements and data processing with easy PC operation Test patterns: user programmable (Shape: Round / Square) Tester self-test function, wide measuring range 2 types measuring tester (S version: Standard type, H version: High range resistivity measurement type) Mapping software: Up to 1,225 points (Option)
  • EB-8 - Wafer Probing Coaxial-Driven Chuck Stage RF Probing Field Upgradable 20X~4000X Magnification Backlash-Free Movement Choice Of Microscope (Tilt) Up/Down For E-Z Revolving Objevtives
    EverBeing Int'l
  • EG6000e - Wafer Probers The demands of 300mm production require highly accurate parametric testing at increasingly lower current and voltage levels. The EG6000e is designed to answer this challenge, offering exceptional low electrical noise and fast settling for high-throughput measurements.
    EG Systems
  • WAFER AUTOMATED INSPECTION Automated inspection up to 400x the human eye for a clearer view. GDSI’s Automated Inspection services provide improved product quality, manufacturing productivity and time to market. Macro defects can happen during wafer manufacturing, probing, bumping, dicing, or by general handling, and can have a major impact on the quality of a microelectronic device. Our NSX-95s quickly and accurately detect yield-inhibiting defects, providing quality assurance and valuable process information.
    Grinding And Dicing
  • Wafer Probe Integra has the engineering talent, equipment and processes in place to support all probe services, including software development, probe card design / fab, debug and production probing. We are a one stop shop for all your probe card design, fabrication, verification and production needs.
    Integra Technologies
  • :BD-8 - Wafer Probing Coaxial-Driven Chuck Stage RF Probing Field Upgradable 20X~4000X Magnification Backlash-Free Movement Platen Linear Quick Up/Down Easy Load/Unload wafer Platen Linear Fine Up/Down Probe Card Tip Overdrive Adjustment
    EverBeing Int'l
  • Wafer Edge Inspection The wafer edge inspection system measures the surface of the wafer with high precision using three image processing cameras. Defects larger than 300 nm are thus reliably detected.
    Micro-Epsilon Group
  • NC-3000R - Non-contact wafer sorting system by clean robot High accuracy measurement system for large diameter wafer Non-contact measurement of resistivity, thickness and conductivity (P/N) Standard cassette number:Total 7 cassettes by Loader (Sender) and Un-loader (Receiver) Compact design of Two-stage by measuring area and transfer area
  • FC contact system (wafer level) Minimum 0.12mm pitch
  • BD-12 - Wafer Probing Huged-Knob Chuck Stage RF Probing Field Upgradable 20X~4000X Magnification Backlash-Free Movement Platen Linear Quick Up/Down Easy Load/Unload wafer Platen Linear Fine Up/Down Probe Card Tip Overdrive Adjustment Choice Of Microscope (Tilt) Up/Down For E-Z Revoliving Objectives
    EverBeing Int'l
  • WaferScan™ - Wafer Bow & Warp Geometry WaferScan utilizes Tamar's proprietary Optical Stylus (patent pending) technology to measure the thickness, warp, bow and other shape features of wafers, with high data density and high throughput. WaferScan allows the user to acquire thousands of data points on the surface and can measure thickness of conventional wafers as well as thin wafers and of any material.
    Tamar Technology
  • NCS-200SA - Semi-Automatic Contactless Wafer Detector Semi-Automatically, non-contact measurement of wafer thickness, TTV ,bow,Point and flatness.Portable and easy to set-up, the Proforma 300/G measures all wafer materials including Silicon, Gallium-Arsenide, Indium-Phosphide and wafers mounted to sapphire or tape.the powerful software can test all the data above within several seconds,all the design according to SEMI standard and the ASTM,make sure the data can be easily unify. the system can used for several sample size,like 75 mm, 100 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm
  • Sagittarius WLR - Wafer-Level Reliability STAr Sagittarius WLR comprises of the industry de-facto standard parametric integrated software with full suite of wafer-level reliability (WLR) test algorithms for electromigration (EM), hot-carrier injection (HCI), biased temperature instability (BTI), time-dependent dielectric breakdown (TDDB), etc. Special applications for multi-die WLR for enhanced throughput are also available.
    STAr Technologies

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Wafer - thin crystalline material sliced from ingot.