Wafer - aka Semiconductor Substrate,Solar Cell Substrate

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  • nSpec - Wafer Inspection System nSPEC® can image and analyze substrate and epi wafers as well as patterned and diced wafers and even individual devices. The system has multiple magnifications to fully characterize defect frequency and type and offers complete rapid scanning and mosaicing of wafers. Users can easily define reports and statistical functions.
    Nanotronics Imaging
  • SortMax200™ - Wafer Sorter Achieve exceptional performance with Genmark's SortMax200™ wafer sorter, designed for handling wafers up to 200mm. The SortMax200™ can be configured to accommodate a maximum number of eight open cassette stations.With years of experience building bridge tools integrating different processes such as wafer thickness measurement, UV cleaning/erasing and ID application to name a few, Genmark delivers the most reliable and serviceable 200mm small footprint sorter on the market today. A wide variety of wafer mappers, pre-aligners, and end-effectors are some of its many options.
    Fully compliant with SEMI standards and fab requirements, Genmark's 200mm wafer sorter SortMax200™ is easily configurable to customer's changing requirements.
    Combined with Genmark's powerful and customizable ECS300 Equipment Control Software featuring standard operational functions such as Sort, ID, Transfer, Compress, Align and Merge/Split.
    Genmark Automation
  • I-5320 / I-6300 - Electron Beam Wafer Inspection System High speed and high sensitivity EB wafer inspection system for 45 nm and beyond. New electron optics and advanced image processing system have realized high speed and high sensitivity inspection as well as excellent measurement repeatability with enhanced VC (Voltage Contrast).
    Real-time Automatic Defect Classification function is also available.
    Hitachi High-Technologies
  • Reflex TT - Wafer Inspection Solution The Reflex TT™ Tool is a manually loaded tool for detecting particles, scratches, area defect and micro-roughness (haze) on unpatterned wafers of various shape and diameter from 50mm up to 300mm and 450mm. It is a very flexible tool for process characterization and contamination monitoring for R&D purposes. Simple operation and user friendly software make the Reflex TT a valuable tool for a wide range of applications.
    Rudolph Technologies
  • WS-8800 - Fully Automatic 4 Point Probe System for Silicon Wafer Measurement of resistivity, thickness, conductivity (P/N) and temperature Tester self-test function and wide measurement range Thickness, measurement position and temperature correction function for silicon resistivity Each cassette station number can be changed by customers request
  • Comet 2 station - 25 to 25 Wafer Transfer The Comet 2 station is the easy way to transfer 25 wafers from cassette to cassette or cassette to boat. This Comet is fast, clean, reliable and accurate. Customized for your different boats and carriers. Compatible with your communication requirements and other manufacturer's processing equipment. Integrated Infrared Heat Sensor.
    R2D Ingenierie
  • Multiposition Four Point Wafer Probe 8" and 6" versions available. Lever operated probe with switched current leads to prevent sparking. For 4-point measurement of wafer resistivity and 3-point spreading resistance measurements. Simply pre-set to measure wafer from one to 25 positions.
    Jandel Engineering
  • Fox 1 - Full Wafer Contact Test System Unique cartridge technology uses full-wafer contactors combined with parallel test electronics to achieve single touch, full-wafer test
    Aehr Test Systems
  • Wafercheck 150 - Semiconductor Wafer Analyser The WaferCheck 150 system is a complete and easy-to-use system for Time-resolved Photoluminescence (TRPL) measurements. TRPL is a very powerful tool for the contact free characterization and investigation of semiconductor materials.
    PicoQuant GmbH
  • Wafer Probe Systems TEL's wafer probe solutions are designed to improve test flow cost-of-ownership through innovations that address the key elements of the test process: capital investment, tooling, labor, overhead and reliability.
    Tokyo Electron Ltd
  • Wafer Test Automatic KLA wafer probers with tray-to-tray-wafer-handling are operated 24h a day and 7 days a week. Data retention bake/tests are done at wafer level
    Das Test Haus
  • HS-PL - Wafer and Cells PL System Photoluminescence (PL) Imaging is a unique non-invasive inspection tool as it can be used in-line at many different steps of the cell manufacturing process. This facilitates the direct comparison of data obtained at one process step to data obtained at another. Additionally, PL imaging can be compared to electroluminescence (EL) imaging on finished cells using comparable equipment.
  • Rapitran II 50X2Tx/Rx - Wafer Transfer System The Rapitran II 50X2B Wafer Transfer System will gently transfer wafers in a proximity back to back position using most quartz boat styles. The rotary table makes this transfer cycle totally automated, reducing the transfer time to a minimum. Because of its versatility, this system can also place wafers in between solid source disks
    Faith Enterprises
  • Wafer Scanner For both standard and flip chip wafers, the Wafer Scanner™ Inspection Series provides superior yield management for 3D/2D bump and RDL metrology, bump and RDL defect and macro defect inspection throughout post-fab processes.
    Tamar Technology
  • Model 323 - Wafer Area Prober The Model 323, Wafer Area Prober System is designed to work with wafers up to 300 mm (12"). The system is available with integrated video microscope and specially designed dark box to make for easy access and small footprint.
    Materials Development
  • RG-100PV - Semi-auto 4 Point Probe System for Solar Cell Substrate Semi-auto 4-point probe system for solar cell, thin film on substrate samples multi-points measurement Even pitch and random pitch for Max.1,000 points 2-D/3-D square mapping software for even pitch 2-D pseude square mapping software (option)
  • STI3000 - Wafer Probe Test System The STI3000 is a wafer-level MEMS and mixed signal ASIC probe test system that combines several functional STI test equipment blocks for testing gyros, accelerometers, pressure sensors, microphones, resonators, and mixed signal ASICs.
    Solidus Technologies
  • 04-9900-00-00 BL - Wafer Inspection System (WIS) Wafer Inspection System (WIS) with new Black Label Technology Inline Wafer Inspection System with Loader and Sorter This Wafer Inspection System (WIS) has been technically relaunched and is based on the latest Black Label Technology made by ATMvision AG.
    ATMvision AG
  • WIS - Wafer Inspection System Our Wafer Inspection System – WIS - carries out a fully automated inspection of mono- and polycrystalline silicon wafers. The modular design of the system means that individual configuration with the latest inspection technologies as well as smooth integration into your product lines is possible.
    Jonas & Redmann
  • WS50 - Double Side Wafer Prober Since the WS50 provides ideal test methods for testing high-voltage devices, it is capable of high-accuracy testing and high reliability using a newly-developed contact method for both sides probing wafers.
    ShibaSoku Co. Ltd
  • Rapitran II 50XTx/Rx - Wafer Transfer System The Rapitran II, 50X2 Wafer Transfer System will transfer a load of 50 wafers from two plastic cassettes into a quartz boat or specified carrier and back again. Its unique design saves valuable clean room space while providing a safe reliable transfer.
    Faith Enterprises
  • AW200™ - Series C-SAM® Automated Wafer Bond Inspection The AW200™ Series is a high-capacity, high-throughput automated C-SAM® system designed to deliver maximum sensitivity for the evaluation of bonded wafers in applications such as SOI, MEMS and others.
  • AITTFH - In-Line Pattern Wafer Defect Inspection System offers exceptional sensitivity and throughput needed by today's advanced thin film head manufacturing fabs for a broad range of patterned wafer tool monitoring applications, including deposition, CMP, critical etch, and photo modules.
  • SPR-1502 - ATR-Wafer Transfer Ambient Temperature +15°C to +35°C
    Configuration 4-axis cylindrical coordinates system
    Mass 36kg
    Operation Range X-axis: 360 mm (arm: 120 mm)
    ?-axis: 330°
    Z-axis: 300 mm
    Operation Speed X-axis: 1.0 s/360 mm
    ?-axis: 1.3 s/180°
    Z-axis: 1.5 s/300 mm
    Payload 3kg/arm
    Position repeatability ±0.2mm
    Vibration Resistance 4.9m/sec2or less (0.5G or less)
    Daihen Advanced Component

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Wafer - thin crystalline material sliced from ingot.