Wafer - aka Semiconductor Substrate,Solar Cell Substrate

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  • MicroSense PV-6060 - Photovoltaic Wafer Thickness, TTV, Resistivity Measurement Module The MicroSense PV-6060 is a high accuracy metrology module that offers unparalleled throughput and stability for measurement of solar wafer thickness, wafer total thickness variation (TTV) and wafer resistivity. All measurements are completely non-contact with real time analog outputs, for high throughput without wafer breakage. Designed for simple integration into automated wafer transports, the PV-6060 is intended for use by OEMs manufacturing in-line solar wafer inspection and sorting systems.
  • PE-4 - Wafer Probing Compact Size Light Weight Price Affordable Electro-Optics Application Light Intensity / Wave Length Measurement for LED / LD / PD RF Probing East / West University Lab. Suitable Ideal for small wafer less than 4" Side-Driven Chuck Stage Backlash-Free Movement
    EverBeing Int'l
  • 02-0000-10-00 - Wafer MDP full size 2D Industrial PC, complete software, cable, communication tools soft- and hardware for Ethernet, MDP measurement software with statistic, zooming, reporting, electric and electronic, cover and all the mechanical tools, assembled and tested.
    ATMvision AG
  • GB4P Robot System - wafer handling The GB4P Robot System with integral wafer pre-aligner is the most compact robot and pre-aligner package available on the market today for wafer handling applications up to 200mm, standard payload and throughput. Identical in size to Genmark's original GB4 robot, the GB4P houses a built-in pre-aligner for wafers ranging from 2"- 8" in diameter. The adjustable feature on the pre-aligner allows for simple and fast configuration for different wafer sizes. Engineered for single or dual wafer transport, the GB4P robot is available with an extensive variety of reach and vertical stroke combinations. Genmark's GB4P Robot System is a highly accurate, repeatable, and reliable wafer handling and aligning solution for wafer sizes up to 200mm.
    Genmark Automation
  • 6EG 300MM WWD - CMP for 200mm and 300mm Whole Wafer Failure Analysis Strasbaugh's 6EC CMP system is an excellent tool for WholeWaferDeconstruct™, a whole wafer sample preparation technique for frontside failure analysis and yield enhancement. Its semi-automatic operations are programmable through a color, touch-screen GUI for repeatable and accurate process control.
  • AIT XUV - Ultra-violet Illumination Laser-Scanning Patterned Wafer Inspection The AIT XUV is KLA-Tencor's next-generation double-darkfield optical inspection tool incorporating UV illumination to achieve the critical sensitivity requirements needed for the 65-nm node. The AIT XUV provides detection capability for current-layer defects at speeds up to three times faster than the prior-generation AIT XP system.
  • P5C - Semi-Automatic Wafer Probing Sustem The P5C is an entry-level, low volume production probe and inspection system incorporating computer controlled wafer alignment and stepping. The P5C is a member of the field proven family of Pacific Western System's substrate handling systems. The P5C's powerful interactive Real Time Wafer Mapping software significantly simplifies the test and production engineer's tasks.
    Pacific Western Systems
  • ESI 9900 - ultra-thin wafer dicing The ESI 9900 is the first production-ready, fully automated wafer dicing system that uses proprietary, laser-based technology to quickly and efficiently dice ultra-thin wafers (<50 microns). The 9900 reliably yields die that can withstand the rigors of advanced packaging requirements
    Electro Scientific
  • PILOT - Control Software for wafer probing and inspection systems An integral part of SemiProbe’s patented adaptive architecture, PILOT control software consists of a number of DLL-based functional modules linked through the SemiServer for communicating to and from the PS4L and other test equipment. Standard control modules include the Navigator and Position Matrix, with a host of more sophisticated capabilities for applications like automated wafer mapping and pattern recognition.
  • 300 FA - Automated 300mm Wafer Inspection System The 300FA Automated Failure Analysis system integrates more applications with ergonomic ease of operation. A small footprint, high speed, low cost per feature and serviceability contribute to its award winning CoO.
  • Surfscan SP2XP - Wafer Surface Inspection System The Surfscan SP2XPwafer surface inspection system is the unpatterned wafer inspection system best designed for all types of bare wafer substrates, including prime silicon wafers, epitaxial, SOI (silicon-on-insulator) and engineered substrates, to meet 45nm IC manufacturing requirements.
  • WiTAP™ - Non-Contact Wafer & 3D Packaged Device Test Technology Non-contact probing of chips and 3D packaged devices, chip debugging and verification, non-contact, high-speed chip-to-chip communications, and Through-Silicon Vias (TSV) replacement. By utilizing radio frequency (RF) transceivers embedded in the circuit to be tested and a complementary set of transceivers in the “virtual probe card,” WiTAP™ executes proximity testing of SiP devices across the gap between the probe card and the device under test (DUT).
  • Wafer Dicing The services available at KYEC consist of single cut through or dual cut for 4?, 5?,6?,8?and 12? wafers .This includes silicon wafer, glass based , sensor, dual material , solder or gold bumped wafers.
  • Thin Film Reference Wafer When measuring the thickness of substrates such as silicon wafers or optical layers, consider our Silicon-Silicon Dioxide (Si-SiO2) Reference Wafer.
    Ocean Optics
  • Rapitran II 25 - Wafer System The Rapitran II series of transfer systems can be modified in many different ways for customized application, and can be fully integrated for complete automation through the RS-232 serial port.  
    Faith Enterprises
  • AW200™ - Series C-SAM® Automated Wafer Bond Inspection The AW200™ Series is a high-capacity, high-throughput automated C-SAM® system designed to deliver maximum sensitivity for the evaluation of bonded wafers in applications such as SOI, MEMS and others.
  • GATS-2100 - High Volume Semiconductor Substrate Interconnect Tester Pre-align *load *CCD camera alignment *electrical test * unload * sort of pass, opens, shorts, and alignment errors. The GATS-2100 concurrent approach provides unmatched volume capability... 2.5 seconds per device. As with all Nidec-Read Test systems, the GATS-2100 offers you the most test technologies for your requirements
    W.M. Hague Company
  • STI3000 - Wafer Probe Test System The STI3000 is a wafer-level MEMS and mixed signal ASIC probe test system that combines several functional STI test equipment blocks for testing gyros, accelerometers, pressure sensors, microphones, resonators, and mixed signal ASICs.
    Solidus Technologies
  • PS-5026B - Portable Manual Wafer Probe Station Portable manual wafer probe station 500 mm x 500 mm x 500 mm Electrically isolated chuck with vacuum interface and wafer backside potential connector Trinocular stereo zoom microscope with 80 times magnification and camera interface for chipfotos Ultra long-life 20000 lx white LED ring light Including 3 MP USB video camera High reliability Low cost
    High Power Pulse
  • HED-W5100D - Wafer ESD Tester Correspond to 300mm Wafer. This tester can measure LED or the large sizes Wafer, such as a system LSI. And Zap of HBM/MM can be performed. The Automatic destructive judging by V/I measurement can also be performed after Zap. ◆Waveform guarantee in Zap needles. HED-W5100D carries out the calibration before shipment in the place of Zap needles. Therefore, Correlation of the Result of a Package Device becomes clear easily. ◆Correspondence to Standards This Tester corresponds to the Standard of JEITA, ESDA, and JEDEC. A Zap unit adopts the plug-in system and also has the waveform of Customer's requests. ◆Connection with TLP This Tester is the best for TLP Testing with deep relation of ESD. The protection circuit of a device with an ESD problem is investigated.
    Hanwa Electronic
  • WAOI Master 4000 - CMOS Wafer Inspection System This system is an optical inspection system which inspects the particles on the surface of CMOS Wafer, surface scratch defect, pad marking, ink marking or dead pixel automatically.
    Synapse Imaging Co
  • WI-22xx Series - Wafer Inspector The ICOS® WI-22xx Wafer Inspector performs automated optical inspection and metrology of microelectronic devices on a variety of wafer substrates, surface inspection, and 2D bump inspection. The WI-22xx Wafer Inspector offers a dramatic improvement in wafer inspection speed, allowing manufacturers to transition to larger LED and MEMS wafer sizes.
    ICOS Vision Systems
  • Direct Dock Wafer Probing Interfaces inTEST direct-dock wafer probing interfaces give you the best of both worlds, combining the highest performance electrical interconnect components with the most dependable mechanical assemblies. We work closely with the major test and wafer prober manufacturers to design our products into their probing platforms, ensuring compatible form, fit, and function. 
    Alto Inspection

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Wafer - thin crystalline material sliced from ingot.