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  • 02-0000-09-00 - Wafer TTV, Bow, saw marks inspection system The ATM TTV, bow and saw mark inspection system is a fast, non-contact technology and very small and easy to use system to detect defects in wafers for solar production application.
    ATMvision AG
  • WT-1000 - Lifetime Tester for Wafers The WT-1000 is provided for fast, non-contact carrier lifetime measurement method that is capable of characterizing silicon material in each process step of solar cell manufacturing from as-cut wafer to the finished solar cell. WT-1000b is a model for block measurements
  • QuadPro - Resistivity Wafer Mapping System The Signatone QuadPro Process Development Resistivity System is available in both manual and automatic 8" and 12" systems. The software allows for selecting 1, 5, 9, 25 or 49 points for automated testing and mapping of the test sample. Can automatically step through 9, 25, 49, or 121 test points on wafers of size 100 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, or 300mm.
  • Wafer Grinding KYEC provides wafer grinding services for silicon wafers, including gold and solder bumped wafers. Our core strengths are on wafer grinding includes: Grinding thickness: Mass Production: 4 mils for 6" and 8? wafers, 8 mils for 12? wafers. Engineering capability: 2 mils for 6? and 8? wafers, 2 mils for 12? wafers
  • Rapitran II 50XTx/Rx - Wafer Transfer System The Rapitran II, 50X2 Wafer Transfer System will transfer a load of 50 wafers from two plastic cassettes into a quartz boat or specified carrier and back again. Its unique design saves valuable clean room space while providing a safe reliable transfer.
    Faith Enterprises
  • SortMax200™ - Wafer Sorter Achieve exceptional performance with Genmark's SortMax200™ wafer sorter, designed for handling wafers up to 200mm. The SortMax200™ can be configured to accommodate a maximum number of eight open cassette stations.With years of experience building bridge tools integrating different processes such as wafer thickness measurement, UV cleaning/erasing and ID application to name a few, Genmark delivers the most reliable and serviceable 200mm small footprint sorter on the market today. A wide variety of wafer mappers, pre-aligners, and end-effectors are some of its many options.
    Fully compliant with SEMI standards and fab requirements, Genmark's 200mm wafer sorter SortMax200™ is easily configurable to customer's changing requirements.
    Combined with Genmark's powerful and customizable ECS300 Equipment Control Software featuring standard operational functions such as Sort, ID, Transfer, Compress, Align and Merge/Split.
    Genmark Automation
  • WT-3000 - Dual FOUP Wafer Mapping Tool 300mm 13-slot cassette indexer, including open cassettes for 100-300mm wafers
  • 281x Series - Brightfield Patterned Wafer Inspection Systems The 2810 and 2815 are the industry's first memory- and logic-specific full-spectrum DUV/UV/visible brightfield patterned wafer defect inspection tools, detecting a broad range of defect types on all processing layers at high production throughputs.
  • WI-2xx0 - Wafer Inspectors The WI-2200 and -2300 Wafer Inspectors perform 100% automated optical inspection and metrology of microelectronic devices on a variety of wafer substrates, surface inspection, and 2D bump inspection. Key market segments for this automated optical inspection system include semiconductor IC, optoelectronics, advanced packaging, and MEMS.
    ICOS Vision Systems
  • WAFER AUTOMATED INSPECTION Automated inspection up to 400x the human eye for a clearer view. GDSI’s Automated Inspection services provide improved product quality, manufacturing productivity and time to market. Macro defects can happen during wafer manufacturing, probing, bumping, dicing, or by general handling, and can have a major impact on the quality of a microelectronic device. Our NSX-95s quickly and accurately detect yield-inhibiting defects, providing quality assurance and valuable process information.
    Grinding And Dicing
  • Multiposition Four Point Wafer Probe 8" and 6" versions available. Lever operated probe with switched current leads to prevent sparking. For 4-point measurement of wafer resistivity and 3-point spreading resistance measurements. Simply pre-set to measure wafer from one to 25 positions.
    Jandel Engineering
  • 04-9900-00-00 BL - Wafer Inspection System (WIS) Wafer Inspection System (WIS) with new Black Label Technology Inline Wafer Inspection System with Loader and Sorter This Wafer Inspection System (WIS) has been technically relaunched and is based on the latest Black Label Technology made by ATMvision AG.
    ATMvision AG
  • Direct Dock Wafer Probing Interfaces inTEST direct-dock wafer probing interfaces give you the best of both worlds, combining the highest performance electrical interconnect components with the most dependable mechanical assemblies. We work closely with the major test and wafer prober manufacturers to design our products into their probing platforms, ensuring compatible form, fit, and function. 
  • EX-QS - Wafer Mapping Sensors EX-Q wafer mapping sensors represent a dramatic improvement in wafer mapping detection. Consistent apparent wafer thickness provides detection performance previously only thought possible with through beam sensors. EX-Q sensors have ample detection headroom (sensitivity) to detect the darkest and/or most extreme wafers now and in the future. EX-QS is an EX-Q repackaged in a smaller case to accomodate applications where space is limited.
    Cyberoptics Semiconductor
  • Inprocess Wafer Inspection Monolithic Replicated Mirrors, Assemblies, Sub-assemblies
    OPCO Laboratory
  • AD3000T/S - Wafer Dicing Machines Optimized spacing by utilizing all components and optional unit well within the compartment
    Tokyo Seimitsu
  • CP7300 - Wafer Metrology System Employing proprietary optical scanning technology, the CP7300 provides fast, noncontact, automated 3D surface height, roughness, and local area planarity and uniformity measurements on wafers for rapid, quantitative characterization of photo-lithographic, etch, and polishing process effects.
  • EG6000e - Wafer Probers The demands of 300mm production require highly accurate parametric testing at increasingly lower current and voltage levels. The EG6000e is designed to answer this challenge, offering exceptional low electrical noise and fast settling for high-throughput measurements.
    EG Systems
  • Vertical Wafer Accessory - For Analysis of Semiconductor Wafers The Vertical Wafer Accessory is an in-compartment tool for transmission analysis of semiconductor wafers for Carbon, Oxygen and BPSG. The accessory accommodates wafers up to 6 inches (150 mm) in diameter.
    Pike Technologies
  • Phoenix V10 - Wafer Transfer System A palm-sized PLC with a built-in Operator Panel. The panel offers a graphic display screen and keypad. The Graphic HMI display screen can show images, text, and graphs according to real-time parameters. It can also display graphs based on historical values, to reflect trends of recorded data.
    MGI Electronics
  • Reflex TT - Wafer Inspection Solution The Reflex TT™ Tool is a manually loaded tool for detecting particles, scratches, area defect and micro-roughness (haze) on unpatterned wafers of various shape and diameter from 50mm up to 300mm and 450mm. It is a very flexible tool for process characterization and contamination monitoring for R&D purposes. Simple operation and user friendly software make the Reflex TT a valuable tool for a wide range of applications.
    Rudolph Technologies
  • MX 70x - High Resolution Thickness & Surface Profiler for as-sawn Wafers The MX 70x series measure Thickness, Warp, Waviness, Roughness and are usable for nanotopography.
    E+H Metrology GmbH
  • EB-8 - Wafer Probing Coaxial-Driven Chuck Stage RF Probing Field Upgradable 20X~4000X Magnification Backlash-Free Movement Choice Of Microscope (Tilt) Up/Down For E-Z Revolving Objevtives
    EverBeing Int'l
  • Wafercheck 150 - Semiconductor Wafer Analyser The WaferCheck 150 system is a complete and easy-to-use system for Time-resolved Photoluminescence (TRPL) measurements. TRPL is a very powerful tool for the contact free characterization and investigation of semiconductor materials.
    PicoQuant GmbH

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