Wafer - aka Semiconductor Substrate,Solar Cell Substrate

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  • PILOT - Control Software for wafer probing and inspection systems An integral part of SemiProbe’s patented adaptive architecture, PILOT control software consists of a number of DLL-based functional modules linked through the SemiServer for communicating to and from the PS4L and other test equipment. Standard control modules include the Navigator and Position Matrix, with a host of more sophisticated capabilities for applications like automated wafer mapping and pattern recognition.
  • P4 - Semi-Automatic Wafer Probing System The Pacific Western Systems Probe 4 is a time proven semi-automatic wafer probe system. The Probe 4 was introduced over ten years ago as a cutting edge smart probe system, and PWS has continued to improve and upgrade the drive and control system to meet the many changing requirements of our customers. The P4 evolution has been customer driven, and explains the longevity of the P4 as a production platform for Test and Mapping systems.
    Pacific Western Systems
  • WAFER FABRICATION PALLETS Precision Machined Super High Temperature Ceramic Pallets for Wafer Fabrication. Ceramic engineering specializing in Silicon Carbide, Boron Carbide, Alumina, Zirconia and Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT) based ceramics, composites and thin films for High Strength, high temperature, semiconductive composite boards designed for use in wafer fabrication or hybrid circuits in vapor deposite ovens. 
    Test Electronics
  • Phoenix V10 - Wafer Transfer System A palm-sized PLC with a built-in Operator Panel. The panel offers a graphic display screen and keypad. The Graphic HMI display screen can show images, text, and graphs according to real-time parameters. It can also display graphs based on historical values, to reflect trends of recorded data.
    MGI Automation
  • 6EG 300MM WWD - CMP for 200mm and 300mm Whole Wafer Failure Analysis Strasbaugh's 6EC CMP system is an excellent tool for WholeWaferDeconstruct™, a whole wafer sample preparation technique for frontside failure analysis and yield enhancement. Its semi-automatic operations are programmable through a color, touch-screen GUI for repeatable and accurate process control.
  • Wafer Edge Inspection The wafer edge inspection system measures the surface of the wafer with high precision using three image processing cameras. Defects larger than 300 nm are thus reliably detected.
    Micro-Epsilon Group
  • Optistation-3200 - Wafer Inspection System One of Nikon's most advanced and versatile semiconductor inspection systems, the Optistation 3200 provides three-mode macro inspection capability – front, backside center, and backside perimeter – as well as high performance lighting techniques that allow for detection of a wide variety of process defects and particle/scratch detection.
    Nikon Instruments
  • 400SW - Wafer/Chip/Package Semi-automated ESD Tester Semi-automated ESD tester featuring Ecdm 400E, Universal ESD Simulator. Used with a manual wafer probing system or a die manipulator, wafer or die level semi-auto ESD test can be done, as well as packaged device test. Damage is detected by V-I curve or leakage current change detection.
    Tokyo Electronics
  • VisEdge CV300 - Wafer Edge Inspection System Representing the semiconductor industry?s first inspection solution capable of meeting the full range of wafer-edge inspection requirements in a production environment, the VisEdge CV300 system leverages KLA-Tencor?s proven Optical Surface Analyzer (OSA) technology. Many advanced IC manufacturers are facing an average of 10 to 50 percent greater yield loss at the wafer?s edge relative to their best yielding region and a comprehensive inspection strategy that includes advanced edge inspection has become critical. Built on a highly extendible platform, the tool?s combination of unique optics design and advanced defect classification capabilities allows IC manufacturers to overcome the limitations of existing edge inspection techniques and enable broader capture and better distinction of edge defectivity to increase yield.
  • STI3000 - Wafer Probe Test System The STI3000 is a wafer-level MEMS and mixed signal ASIC probe test system that combines several functional STI test equipment blocks for testing gyros, accelerometers, pressure sensors, microphones, resonators, and mixed signal ASICs.
    Solidus Technologies
  • HS-PL - Wafer and Cells PL System Photoluminescence (PL) Imaging is a unique non-invasive inspection tool as it can be used in-line at many different steps of the cell manufacturing process. This facilitates the direct comparison of data obtained at one process step to data obtained at another. Additionally, PL imaging can be compared to electroluminescence (EL) imaging on finished cells using comparable equipment.
  • WIS 8000 - Wafer Inspection System Macro / micro wafer inspection system for 200 and 300mm wafers. Auto conversion between 200 & 300mm wafers with recipe. FOUP, FOSB & open cassette (std 2 ports with 3rd load port as optional). Easily upgradeable to become wafer sorter station. Uses reliable robotic arm. Wafer mapping up/down loading from central wafer mapping system & editing.
  • Direct Dock Wafer Probing Interfaces inTEST direct-dock wafer probing interfaces give you the best of both worlds, combining the highest performance electrical interconnect components with the most dependable mechanical assemblies. We work closely with the major test and wafer prober manufacturers to design our products into their probing platforms, ensuring compatible form, fit, and function. 
  • WS50 - Double Side Wafer Prober Since the WS50 provides ideal test methods for testing high-voltage devices, it is capable of high-accuracy testing and high reliability using a newly-developed contact method for both sides probing wafers.
    ShibaSoku Co. Ltd
  • HED-W5000M - Wafer ESD Tester Real device's ESD waveform The real device's ESD waveform can be displayed. ◆On wafer, assured waveform Standard waveform for HBM/MM is assumed on wafer. ◆Realization to achieve the automatic destruction judgment of just after zap Allows to implement the destruction judgment by Vf/If measurement after pulsing ◆Easy to selection between pin and pin It is possible to make a positioning of any two pins by using manipulator.
    Hanwa Electronic
  • EB-8 - Wafer Probing Coaxial-Driven Chuck Stage RF Probing Field Upgradable 20X~4000X Magnification Backlash-Free Movement Choice Of Microscope (Tilt) Up/Down For E-Z Revolving Objevtives
    EverBeing Int'l
  • SPR-3504 - VTR- Wafer Transfer Configuration 4 axis cylindrical coordinate system
    Mass 65kg
    Operation Range X-axis: 730mm(Arm length 245mm)
    ?-axis: 330°
    Z-axis: 50mm
    Operation Speed X-axis: 180°/sec
    ?-axis: 240°/sec
    Z-axis: 100mm /sec
    Payload 2kg/arm (include end effector)
    Repeatability Within ±0.1mm
    Vacuum level 1.3x10-6Pa
    Daihen Advanced Component
  • ESI 9900 - ultra-thin wafer dicing The ESI 9900 is the first production-ready, fully automated wafer dicing system that uses proprietary, laser-based technology to quickly and efficiently dice ultra-thin wafers (<50 microns). The 9900 reliably yields die that can withstand the rigors of advanced packaging requirements
    Electro Scientific
  • WT-2000 - Multifunction Wafer Mapping Tool The WT-2000 is a powerful tabletop measurement platform for performing many different semiconductor material characterization measurements.
  • NC-3000R - Non-contact wafer sorting system by clean robot High accuracy measurement system for large diameter wafer Non-contact measurement of resistivity, thickness and conductivity (P/N) Standard cassette number:Total 7 cassettes by Loader (Sender) and Un-loader (Receiver) Compact design of Two-stage by measuring area and transfer area
  • FM200 - Sapphire/SIC Wafer Flatness and Surface Appearance System Sapphire/SIC wafer flatness and surface appearance system provide a previous surface flatness testing solution, though non-contract lighting testing to record the whole information of the surface, rapid and fast measurement for various of surfaces, line and all kinds of surface information.
  • Wafer Test Automatic KLA wafer probers with tray-to-tray-wafer-handling are operated 24h a day and 7 days a week. Data retention bake/tests are done at wafer level
    Das Test Haus
  • Comet 2 station Back to Back - 25 to 25 BTB Wafer System The Comet 2 station BTB system is a friendly, clean, reliable and robust Mass Wafer Transfer system, customized for your different boats and carriers. The 2 station BTB allows the transfer of 25 wafers from transport cassette to 25 position process boat with a complete rotation of the wafers.
    R2D Ingenierie
  • W-GM-5200 - Wafer Edge Grinding Machine Newly-developed grinding unit enhances the rotative precision of the spindle, and improves the surface roughness. The non-contact measuring method achieves the stable alignment. Performs the non-contact measuring of the pre-processed wafer thickness at multiple points, the diameter and notch depth of the post-processed wafer. The modular concept to make the optimum process line possible. Low damage grinding method is available. Machine specification ready for 300mm and 200mm wafer. Visual system (optional) for measuring the chamfer width of periphery and notch.
    Tokyo Seimitsu

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Wafer - thin crystalline material sliced from ingot.