Wafer - aka Semiconductor Substrate,Solar Cell Substrate

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  • Rapitran II 50XTx/Rx - Wafer Transfer System The Rapitran II, 50X2 Wafer Transfer System will transfer a load of 50 wafers from two plastic cassettes into a quartz boat or specified carrier and back again. Its unique design saves valuable clean room space while providing a safe reliable transfer.
    Faith Enterprises
  • GATS-3200 - Fastest Flying Probe Test System for Semiconductor Substrate Interconnect Test * Test individual packages or
    * Test Multi-image panels with Step&Repeat Function
    * single flying probe top using very high speed voice coil motor (VCM) technology
    * 50 - 100 tests per second ... high throughput
    * Dual Flying Probe Top for testing bump-to-bump nets
    * flying probe head allows testing of all nets including each power and ground point
    * 4-wire test capability
    W.M. Hague Company
  • Wafer Chucks To simplify system development and reduce costs, Aerotech manufactures and integrates high precision, custom engineered chucks. Custom designs include chucks for 200 and 300 mm silicon wafers, as well as other substrates such as reticles and flat-panel displays.
  • 6EC 200MM WWD - Wafer Failure Analysis Strasbaugh's 6EC CMP system is an excellent tool for WholeWaferDeconstruct™, a whole wafer sample preparation technique for frontside failure analysis. Its semi-automatic operations are programmable through a color, touch-screen GUI for repeatable and accurate process control.
  • FC contact system (wafer level) Minimum 0.12mm pitch
  • 300 FA - Automated 300mm Wafer Inspection System The 300FA Automated Failure Analysis system integrates more applications with ergonomic ease of operation. A small footprint, high speed, low cost per feature and serviceability contribute to its award winning CoO.
  • e-Xplorer™ - surface metrology for semiconductor wafers Currently undergoing advanced R&D field testing, the e-Xplorer system is designed to help increase precision and reduce costs in manufacturing semiconductor wafers. Its outstanding nanometric sensitivity enables the system to detect even the most elusive defects in form and planeness on wafers up to six inches in diameter. An optional zoom x3 option allows you to significantly increase the system's lateral resolution without compromising precision.
    Imagine Optic
  • STI3000 - Wafer Probe Test System The STI3000 is a wafer-level MEMS and mixed signal ASIC probe test system that combines several functional STI test equipment blocks for testing gyros, accelerometers, pressure sensors, microphones, resonators, and mixed signal ASICs.
    Solidus Technologies
  • RW-200/300 - Sliced Wafer Carbon Demounting and Cleaning Machine Demounting and cleaning to high throughput fully automatic ingot after cutting in the slicing machine and wire saw.
    Tokyo Seimitsu
  • Rapitran II 25 - Wafer System The Rapitran II series of transfer systems can be modified in many different ways for customized application, and can be fully integrated for complete automation through the RS-232 serial port.  
    Faith Enterprises
  • WAOI Master 3000 - Wafer Probe Mark Inspection System This system is optical inspection system which inspects the pad marking and ink marking of Wafer surface automatically. This inspection system is composed of the wafer cassette part, wafer loading/unloading part, high magnification vision align part, inspection control part and inspection vision part.
    Synapse Imaging Co
  • MX 70x - High Resolution Thickness & Surface Profiler for as-sawn Wafers The MX 70x series measure Thickness, Warp, Waviness, Roughness and are usable for nanotopography.
    E+H Metrology GmbH
  • NC-6800M - Non-contact wafer sorting system of stacked wafer in loader Auto wafer pick out from stacked port of loader side Wafer pick out method is vacuum contact or electrostatic absorption Non-contact measurement of resistivity, thickness and conductivity (P/N) 300 pcs of wafers stackable on Loader and 6 cassettes on Un-loader (Receiver) Each cassette station number can be changed by customer's request
  • SPR-3003 - VTR- Wafer Transfer Configuration 3 axis cylindrical coordinate system
    Mass 60kg
    Operation Range X-axis: 730mm(Arm length 245mm)
    ?-axis: 330°
    Z-axis: 50mm
    Operation Speed X-axis: 180°/sec
    ?-axis: 240°/sec
    Z-axis: 100mm /sec
    Payload 2kg/arm (include end effector)
    Repeatability Within ±0.1mm
    Vacuum level 1.3x10-6Pa
    Daihen Advanced Component
  • AW200™ - Series C-SAM® Automated Wafer Bond Inspection The AW200™ Series is a high-capacity, high-throughput automated C-SAM® system designed to deliver maximum sensitivity for the evaluation of bonded wafers in applications such as SOI, MEMS and others.
  • F80-c - Product-Wafer Metrology Process engineers want film thickness measurements fast and without a lot of hassle. Our innovative Thickness ImagingTM technology allows Filmetrics to offer easy recipe set up, industry-leading throughput, and all at a mere fraction of the cost of competing metrology tools.
  • Sagittarius WLR - Wafer-Level Reliability STAr Sagittarius WLR comprises of the industry de-facto standard parametric integrated software with full suite of wafer-level reliability (WLR) test algorithms for electromigration (EM), hot-carrier injection (HCI), biased temperature instability (BTI), time-dependent dielectric breakdown (TDDB), etc. Special applications for multi-die WLR for enhanced throughput are also available.
    STAr Technologies
  • Summit 11000/12000 - 200mm Wafer Probe Stations The Summit series measurement platforms, with PureLine™ and AttoGuard® technology, allow you to access the full range of your test instruments for 200mm and 150mm wafers. Whatever your application: RF/Microwave, device characterization, wafer level reliability, e-test, modeling, or yield enhancement, Summit series platforms lead the industry in on-wafer measurements.
    Cascade Microtech
  • SHR-1000 - Sheet Resistance Tester for Wafers Light excitation of the n+p or p+n layer structure and pick up of the resulting surface potential by capacitive probe. The detected potential is determined by the sheet resistance of the material.
  • MicroSense PV-6060 - Photovoltaic Wafer Thickness, TTV, Resistivity Measurement Module The MicroSense PV-6060 is a high accuracy metrology module that offers unparalleled throughput and stability for measurement of solar wafer thickness, wafer total thickness variation (TTV) and wafer resistivity. All measurements are completely non-contact with real time analog outputs, for high throughput without wafer breakage. Designed for simple integration into automated wafer transports, the PV-6060 is intended for use by OEMs manufacturing in-line solar wafer inspection and sorting systems.
  • Sedona - Wafer Handling System & Cassette Indexer The Sedona wafer handling system is designed to transfer wafers from MGI magazines containing wafers in a coin stack configuration, separate one wafer at a time from the stack and place the wafers into plastic cassettes. The system can also reverse the operation and move the wafers from plastic cassettes into a coin stack.
    MGI Automation
  • Wafer Edge Inspection The wafer edge inspection system measures the surface of the wafer with high precision using three image processing cameras. Defects larger than 300 nm are thus reliably detected.
    Micro-Epsilon Group
  • Model 3710-HS - Solar Wafer Inspection System Integrated with 2D Geometry, Surface, Micro Crack, Saw mark inspection system and Resistively & Thickness, Lifetime tester by customer defined, Chroma 3710HS is a fully user configuration wafer sorter system with very low breakage rate and high through put.
    Chroma ATE
  • PM8WLR - Wafer-Level Reliability Testing for Wafers up to 200 mm Developed to meet the critical needs of 90 nm or smaller process technologies used by semiconductor manufacturers, the PM8WLR probe system provides long-term process reliability measurements at temperatures up to 300°C. Multi-site probe cards can be easily integrated with the probe station and reduce test times to a minimum.
    Cascade Microtech

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Wafer - thin crystalline material sliced from ingot.