Wafer - aka Semiconductor Substrate,Solar Cell Substrate

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  • PM300WLR - High-Throughput Wafer-Level Reliability Testing The PM300WLR is the world's only dedicated probe system for wafer-level reliability (WLR) test of substrates up to 300 mm. The PM300WLR provides quick, accurate results before the device is packaged. This means critical reliability information for design and process improvement is delivered faster and at significantly lower cost than with traditional testing of packaged devices.
    Cascade Microtech
  • Rapitran II 25 - Wafer System The Rapitran II series of transfer systems can be modified in many different ways for customized application, and can be fully integrated for complete automation through the RS-232 serial port.  
    Faith Enterprises
  • Wafer Probe Systems TEL's wafer probe solutions are designed to improve test flow cost-of-ownership through innovations that address the key elements of the test process: capital investment, tooling, labor, overhead and reliability.
    Tokyo Electron Ltd
  • PM8WLR - Wafer-Level Reliability Testing for Wafers up to 200 mm Developed to meet the critical needs of 90 nm or smaller process technologies used by semiconductor manufacturers, the PM8WLR probe system provides long-term process reliability measurements at temperatures up to 300°C. Multi-site probe cards can be easily integrated with the probe station and reduce test times to a minimum.
    Cascade Microtech
  • MAT350 - 300 mm Wafer Positioning Platform Highest level of performance in a traditional X-Y stacked configuration using recirculating bearing guides. High throughput with unsurpassed step and settle 
  • 04-9900-00-00 BL - Wafer Inspection System (WIS) Wafer Inspection System (WIS) with new Black Label Technology Inline Wafer Inspection System with Loader and Sorter This Wafer Inspection System (WIS) has been technically relaunched and is based on the latest Black Label Technology made by ATMvision AG.
    ATMvision AG
  • 6EG 300MM WWD - CMP for 200mm and 300mm Whole Wafer Failure Analysis Strasbaugh's 6EC CMP system is an excellent tool for WholeWaferDeconstruct™, a whole wafer sample preparation technique for frontside failure analysis and yield enhancement. Its semi-automatic operations are programmable through a color, touch-screen GUI for repeatable and accurate process control.
  • NC-6800 - Non-contact belt drive wafer sorting system Non-contact measurement of resistivity, thickness and conductivity (P/N) Standard cassettes station number: Loader (Sender); 4, Un-loader (Reciever) ; 6 Each cassette station number can be changed by customers request Eddy current method for resistivity, Electric capacitance method for wafer thickness
  • Wafer Test We are ready to help you with your wafer test application needs. Whether your project calls for custom turn-key components or your own supplied materials, we can help. Please fill out the applications form to the right and we will contact you immediately.
    BucklingBeam Solutions
  • W-GM-6200 - Wafer Edge Grinding Machine Edge Grinder for Forefront 450mm Wafer.
    Tokyo Seimitsu
  • 281x Series - Brightfield Patterned Wafer Inspection Systems The 2810 and 2815 are the industry's first memory- and logic-specific full-spectrum DUV/UV/visible brightfield patterned wafer defect inspection tools, detecting a broad range of defect types on all processing layers at high production throughputs.
  • 02-0000-01-00 - Wafer µ Cracks Inspection The ATM micro cracks inspection system is a fast, non-contact technology and very small and easy to use system to detect defects in wafers for solar production application.
    ATMvision AG
  • GATS-3200 - Fastest Flying Probe Test System for Semiconductor Substrate Interconnect Test * Test individual packages or
    * Test Multi-image panels with Step&Repeat Function
    * single flying probe top using very high speed voice coil motor (VCM) technology
    * 50 - 100 tests per second ... high throughput
    * Dual Flying Probe Top for testing bump-to-bump nets
    * flying probe head allows testing of all nets including each power and ground point
    * 4-wire test capability
    W.M. Hague Company
  • HED-W5100D - Wafer ESD Tester Correspond to 300mm Wafer. This tester can measure LED or the large sizes Wafer, such as a system LSI. And Zap of HBM/MM can be performed. The Automatic destructive judging by V/I measurement can also be performed after Zap. ◆Waveform guarantee in Zap needles. HED-W5100D carries out the calibration before shipment in the place of Zap needles. Therefore, Correlation of the Result of a Package Device becomes clear easily. ◆Correspondence to Standards This Tester corresponds to the Standard of JEITA, ESDA, and JEDEC. A Zap unit adopts the plug-in system and also has the waveform of Customer's requests. ◆Connection with TLP This Tester is the best for TLP Testing with deep relation of ESD. The protection circuit of a device with an ESD problem is investigated.
    Hanwa Electronic
  • Wafer Scanner For both standard and flip chip wafers, the Wafer Scanner™ Inspection Series provides superior yield management for 3D/2D bump and RDL metrology, bump and RDL defect and macro defect inspection throughout post-fab processes.
    Rudolph Technologies
  • 4300FP - Semi-automatic Wafer Bump Testing The Nordson DAGE 4300FP eliminates manual handling of expensive wafers. It improves cleanliness through isolation of bondtester and wafer handler and increases productivity through semi-automatic testing.
    Nordson Dage
  • Pressure Probe Module: Pressure Stimulation at Wafer-Level The Pressure Probe Module (PPM) is the perfect tool for testing all kinds of pressure sensors from piezo-resistive to capacitive and absolute or differential. The PPM system tests all sensors from atmospheric pressure up to 6 bar.
    Cascade Microtech
  • L300N/L300ND - FPD / Wafer Inspection Nikon Eclipse L300N/L300ND FPD / Wafer Inspection microscopes incorporate Nikon's renowned CFI60 infinity optics, offering the world's highest level of optical performance. The enhanced epi-fluorescence function, which enables 365nm UV excitation, is optimal for the inspection of semiconductor resist residues on 300mm wafers and organic electroluminescence displays.
    Nikon Instruments
  • WiTAP™ - Non-Contact Wafer & 3D Packaged Device Test Technology Non-contact probing of chips and 3D packaged devices, chip debugging and verification, non-contact, high-speed chip-to-chip communications, and Through-Silicon Vias (TSV) replacement. By utilizing radio frequency (RF) transceivers embedded in the circuit to be tested and a complementary set of transceivers in the “virtual probe card,” WiTAP™ executes proximity testing of SiP devices across the gap between the probe card and the device under test (DUT).
  • AutoWafer Pro™ - High-Resolution Scan of 200mm and 300mm bonded wafer With extensive analysis capabilities at both the wafer and device level, there’s no need to reload and rescan wafers to get all the diagnostic images you need. And with high-speed scanning managed by fully automated wafer handling, AutoWafer Pro supports 100% inspection for improved yields and a faster time to market.
  • IS3000 - Dark Field Wafer Defect Inspection System Dark field wafer inspection system for 45 nm generation
    Effective for yield enhancement by the high sensitivity / high speed inspection capabilities. Superior cost effective inspection tool. DFC (Dark field real time classification)
    Recipe set up in minutes. Precise coordinate system for SEM review.
    Hitachi High-Technologies
  • LotCommander - Wafer Lot Process Software LotCommander Provides Wafer Lot Process Management For Pacific Western System Wafer Probe Systems. # Load Options ? specifies how wafers are loaded, and what to do if load failure occurs # Alignment Options ? specifies auto-align or manual-align details # OCR Options ? specifies OCR configuration # Pause Options ? allows the operator to verify probe to pad alignment before processing the entire wafer lot
    Pacific Western Systems
  • Wafer Edge Inspection The wafer edge inspection system measures the surface of the wafer with high precision using three image processing cameras. Defects larger than 300 nm are thus reliably detected.
    Micro-Epsilon Group
  • PVI-6 Solar - Automated Optical In-line Solar Wafer and Cell Inspection The PVI-6? is designed for optical in-line dual sided inspection of photovoltaic (PV) wafers and cells. The newest addition to KLA-Tencor?s ICOS division?s PV portfolio, the PVI-6 provides customers with the capability to inspect solar wafers and cells at the highest speed and accuracy for all stages of the production process. These new capabilities enable solar manufacturers to achieve substantial yield improvements and more accurate product classification
    ICOS Vision Systems

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Wafer - thin crystalline material sliced from ingot.