Wafer - aka Semiconductor Substrate,Solar Cell Substrate

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  • L300N/L300ND - FPD / Wafer Inspection Nikon Eclipse L300N/L300ND FPD / Wafer Inspection microscopes incorporate Nikon's renowned CFI60 infinity optics, offering the world's highest level of optical performance. The enhanced epi-fluorescence function, which enables 365nm UV excitation, is optimal for the inspection of semiconductor resist residues on 300mm wafers and organic electroluminescence displays.
    Nikon Instruments
  • Wafer Probing Systems Klocke Nanotechnik offers a complete series of Wafer Probing products, from single manipulators over sets of manipulators, different levels of automation and software - up to complete automatic systems including pattern recognition software. The manipulators resolution of 2 nm is by far enough to hit any existing wafer structure, also in the next years.
    Klocke Nanotechnik
  • WT-1000 - Lifetime Tester for Wafers The WT-1000 is provided for fast, non-contact carrier lifetime measurement method that is capable of characterizing silicon material in each process step of solar cell manufacturing from as-cut wafer to the finished solar cell. WT-1000b is a model for block measurements
  • EET 1000 & EET 2000 - Ergonomic Wafer Transfer System For high reliability wafer transfer with a minimum of human interaction, MGI's EET 1000 and 2000 mass wafer transfer system combines solid state technology, robotic control interfaces and precision stepper motor positioning to move wafers from carrier to carrier.
    MGI Automation
  • Wafer Processing System Air bearing
    Six axes of motion
    Laser interferometer feedback
    Integrated wafer chuck
  • EB-6 - Wafer Probing Coaxial-Driven Chuck Stage RF Probing Field Upgradable 20X~4000X Magnification Backlash-Free Movement Choice Of Microscope (Tilt) Up/Down For E-Z Revolving Objevtives
    EverBeing Int'l
  • 02-0000-02-00 - Wafer optical and geometry inspection system The ATM optical and geometry inspection system is a fast, non-contact technology and very small and easy to use system to detect defects in wafers for solar production application.
    ATMvision AG
  • WT-2000 - Multifunction Wafer Mapping Tool The WT-2000 is a powerful tabletop measurement platform for performing many different semiconductor material characterization measurements.
  • IS-T1 - BT Imagine New wafer Thickness System Measurement Technique Laser Triangulation 1-3 Laser Sensor Spots Laser Spot Size Optimized for Accuracy and Precision.
    BT Imaging Pty Ltd
  • SPR-3002 - VTR- Wafer Transfer Ambient Temperature 15 to 80°C (Vaccum seal unit)
    15 to 35°C (Atmosphere side)
    Configuration 2-axis cylindrical coordinates system
    Mass 32kg
    Operation Range X-axis: 600 mm (arm: 200mm)
    ?-axis: Endless
    Operation Speed X-axis: 1.3 s/600 mm
    ?-axis: 1.6 s/180°
    Payload 1.0kg/arm
    Repeatability ±0.2mm
    Vacuum level 1.3×10-6Pa
    Vibration Resistance 4.9m/sec2or less (0.5 G or less)
    Daihen Advanced Component
  • 300 FA - Automated 300mm Wafer Inspection System The 300FA Automated Failure Analysis system integrates more applications with ergonomic ease of operation. A small footprint, high speed, low cost per feature and serviceability contribute to its award winning CoO.
  • WS-8800 - Fully Automatic 4 Point Probe System for Silicon Wafer Measurement of resistivity, thickness, conductivity (P/N) and temperature Tester self-test function and wide measurement range Thickness, measurement position and temperature correction function for silicon resistivity Each cassette station number can be changed by customers request
  • IRIS™ - Die & Wafer Inspection Systems SemiProbe's family of IRIS Wafer Inspection System (WIS) enables the user to inspect, locate and identify defects created during wafer processing, packaging, or handling operations. The WIS system excels at analyzing diced die on stretch frame or singulated die in waffle packs to find damaged die. With the intuitive PILOT control software, the user has the ability to create single and double sided wafer maps, bin and save the results, as well as ink. Built using the patented PS4L adaptive architecture, the WIS can be configured for manual or automatic inspection on either a semiautomatic or fully automatic platform.
  • RG-100PV - Semi-auto 4 Point Probe System for Solar Cell Substrate Semi-auto 4-point probe system for solar cell, thin film on substrate samples multi-points measurement Even pitch and random pitch for Max.1,000 points 2-D/3-D square mapping software for even pitch 2-D pseude square mapping software (option)
  • PE-4 - Wafer Probing Compact Size Light Weight Price Affordable Electro-Optics Application Light Intensity / Wave Length Measurement for LED / LD / PD RF Probing East / West University Lab. Suitable Ideal for small wafer less than 4" Side-Driven Chuck Stage Backlash-Free Movement
    EverBeing Int'l
  • Rapitran II 25 - Wafer System The Rapitran II series of transfer systems can be modified in many different ways for customized application, and can be fully integrated for complete automation through the RS-232 serial port.  
    Faith Enterprises
  • WI-22xx Series - Wafer Inspector The ICOS® WI-22xx Wafer Inspector performs automated optical inspection and metrology of microelectronic devices on a variety of wafer substrates, surface inspection, and 2D bump inspection. The WI-22xx Wafer Inspector offers a dramatic improvement in wafer inspection speed, allowing manufacturers to transition to larger LED and MEMS wafer sizes.
    ICOS Vision Systems
  • Puma 91xx Series - Darkfield Patterned Wafer Inspection The Puma 91xx series is the second generation of the Puma family of UV darkfield inspection systems, providing cost- and performance-optimized defect monitoring for 65nm design rules and beyond. Data rate enhancements give the Puma 91xx nearly double the throughput of the Puma 9000 at equivalent sensitivity.
  • 400SW - Wafer/Chip/Package Semi-automated ESD Tester Semi-automated ESD tester featuring Ecdm 400E, Universal ESD Simulator. Used with a manual wafer probing system or a die manipulator, wafer or die level semi-auto ESD test can be done, as well as packaged device test. Damage is detected by V-I curve or leakage current change detection.
    Tokyo Electronics
  • Inprocess Wafer Inspection Monolithic Replicated Mirrors, Assemblies, Sub-assemblies
    OPCO Laboratory
  • Tesla - On-Wafer Power Device Characterization System Tesla solves the challenge of thin wafers, power dissipation and current/voltage requirements
    Cascade Microtech
  • Wafer Probe Systems TEL's wafer probe solutions are designed to improve test flow cost-of-ownership through innovations that address the key elements of the test process: capital investment, tooling, labor, overhead and reliability.
    Tokyo Electron Ltd
  • SPR-311S - VTR- Wafer Transfer Ambient Temperature +15??+70? (Vaccum seal unit)
    +15??+35? (Atmosphere side)
    Configuration 3-axis cylindrical coordinates system
    Mass 30kg
    Operation Range X-axis: 459 mm (arm: 153 mm)
    ?-axis: 330°, Z-axis: 10 mm
    Operation Speed X-axis: 1.2 s/459 mm
    ?-axis: 1.5 s/330°
    Z-axis: 0.6 s/10 mm
    Payload 0.2kg/arm
    Repeatability ±0.2mm
    Vacuum level 1.3×10-6Pa
    Vibration Resistance 4.9m/sec2or less (0.5G or less)
    Daihen Advanced Component
  • WT-1000 - Lifetime Tester for Wafers The WT-1000 is provided for fast, non-contact carrier lifetime measurement method that is capable of characterizing silicon material in each process step of solar cell manufacturing from as-cut wafer to the finished solar cell. WT-1000b is a model for block measurements
    NI King Technology

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Wafer - thin crystalline material sliced from ingot.