Video Signal Generators

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  • HDMIPATTERN2 - HDMI®/DVI Portable Video Signal Generator The HDMIPATTERN2 HDMI®/DVI Portable Video Signal Generator lets you quickly test DVI-D (digital) and HDMI-capable displays, making it easier to diagnose and troubleshoot digital video calibration issues. The device can be powered by either the included AC adapter or a 9V battery, offering a conveniently portable solution for mobile installers and technicians. USA
  • Digi Gen Multigen - HD, SD SDI and Composite Video & Audio Generator The Digi Gen Multigen is a simple to use multiformat video generator for use in control rooms and facilities where racking is available. The unit includes HD SDI, SD SDI and composite video generation with embedded audio and either AES/EBU or analog audio outputs. 16 video test signals are availablefor each of the outputs in digital this can be 525 or 625 and in analog either NTSC or PAL.
    Hamlet Video International
  • K-270/K-270M - Programmable Video Signal Generator K-270 is Video Signal Generator for high resolution LCD, PDP Module as supporting LVDS, TMDS mode that is Serial transfer mode.
  • DVC-3 - Video Test Pattern Generator The DVC-3 Video Test Pattern Generator by Hall Research provides 28 static and dynamic test patterns for a display with a Component, VGA, and DVI/HDMI input. This is the ideal tool for technicians when testing, evaluating, troubleshooting a video system.
    Hall Research
  • VG-01 - FlexMedia multi-standard digital and analog video generators The FlexMedia VG-01 features multi-standard digital and analog video generators that address the latest HDTV and 3D TV test requirements. In combination with the VA-01 High Definition LVDS Video Analyzer, it performs TV mainboards video interfaces test at breathtaking speed.
  • K-8278A - Programmable Video Signal Generator HDMI V1.4 standard specification (3D Format, Audio Return Channel, 4K x 2K Graphic Size, Ethernet Channel) Multi Ports Output (HDMI 4ports, DisplayPort 1port) Wideband Dot Clock (Analog 330MHz, DVI Dual link 330MHz) DisplayPort V1.1a
  • VG-882-A - Portable Video Signal Generator Multi-interface signal generator for TV production line. Best cost performance. HDMI x 4 ports, PC analog and TV interfaces.
    HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) and 3D functions are supported as an option. HDCP / EDID / CEC testing of individual HDMI ports (Option) Remote box operation (RB-1870 or RB-1871) Program edit by software SP-8870 (USB communication)
  • SPG300 - Video Signal Generators The SPG600 and SPG300 Sync Pulse Generators provide synchronization and test signals for both traditional analog and mixed digital and analog facilities, in both NTSC/525 and PAL/625 environments.
  • Model VG1 - Video Test Generator This extremely low cost, video generator produces a complete color composite video signal. The video pattern is a full field 7 bar pattern (EIA type color bars) or the unit can be adjusted to provide any full field color desirable even color black. The output video level is adjustable to a nominal 1V p-p into a 75 ohm load. This design has a sync generator, video pattern generator, color encoder and power supply sections. The encoder section can be used alone for converting computer video graphics in the CGA mode to composite color video.
  • TG700 - Multiformat Video Generator The TG700 is a multiformat, analog and digital, precision signal generation platform. Designed with the changing needs of the video industry in mind, the TG700 offers sync pulse generation and test signal generation for a wide array of analog, serial digital, and digital high definition formats. 
  • K-706 - Programmable Video Signal Generator MHL V2.0 specification(HDMI V1.4 / 1080p_60Hz) 3D Format(Frame sequential, Top and Bottom, Side by Side) DisplayPort V1.1a specification(Max. 300MHz) 4CH output ports HDCP/EDID RS-232C Remote Controller
  • K-8268DP - Programmable Video Signal Generator K-8268DP Programmable Video Signal Generator supports Analog/DisplayPort/SDTV/HDTV/HDMI/MEDIA PLAY signal output. It has standard video regulation and fits into the multimedia display application for LCD TV & Monitor, PDP TV, projector industries all over the world.
  • 22293 - Programmable Video Pattern Generator Chroma 22293 is able to provide analog/ digital/TV signals concurrently: For the analog signal RGB output, the pixel frequency is up to 250MHz that meets the RS-343A standard, and it supports Y, Pb, Pr/Y, Cb, Cr/Y, R-Y, B-Y. Meanwhile it can select the sync signal of 3-step output to fit in the HDTV test application. For the digital signal TMDS output, the pixel frequency is 25~330MHz and resolution of test screen supports UXGA and higher.
    Chroma ATE
  • TSG-1™ - Video Test Sequence Generator The TSG-1™ is an uncompressed video playback device capable of outputting video test sequences in their pure form. It enables accurate testing of your digital video workflow, and is a cost-effective alternative to other uncompressed playback solutions on the market.
  • MSPG-6000 - Video Signal Generator MSPG-6000 is consisted of individual output through 8 signal Generator, and displaying each other Time & PATTERN. It can be install by ANALOG, CVBS & S-VIDEO, SCART, DTV, HDMI, MEDIA PlAYER Slot. MSPG-6000 is Multi video signal Generator, It can test the standard panel and Multi media contents.
    Master Co. LTD
  • K-8507 - Programmable Video Signal Generator K-8507 offers a total video signal test solution for Smart Panel and Multimedia video signal test signals. This generator has standard video regulation and standard TV signal outputs NTSC/PAL/SECAM/SDTV/HDTV/Teletext/V-chip/Closed Caption function also fit into the multimedia display application for LCD TV, PDP TV, projector industries all over the world
  • K-6100B - Wireless Video Signal Generator Analog RGB, Digital (DVI) support Maximum 50 mode of time data Maximum 50 of pattern data Possible to send and receive Timing, Pattern, EDID and control code Used with K-5400, Possible to set up function group ROM Program Upgrade by PC
  • K-8255 - Programmable Video Signal Generator 250MHz Analog Video rate DVI-I 165MHz digital output Graphic 1024 x 1024 (BMP) NTSC, PAL, SECAM Composite and S-Video output SCART, D-Connector (D5) D-TV (TV) Signal output Capability : YPbPr output Audio R, L output Built-in 500 Timing formats Large custom memory: 300 Timing, 200 Pattern 100 Function group, 100 Scan group
  • 810B - Composite Video and s-Video Black Burst Audio Tone Generator The 810B is a high-performance black burst and 1kHz audio tone generator. It outputs two composite and one s-Video (Y/C) black burst signals in NTSC or PAL formats and a 1kHz audio tone simultaneously.
    Kramer Electronics
  • VLTG-800 - VIDEO LINE TEST GENERATOR The VLTG-800 Video Line Test Generator creates a standard NTSC video signal that can be observed on a Monitor to display a series of vertical lines that defines the maximum number of "lines of definition" that the CCTV system is capable of displaying. The Generator creates eight groups of lines, ranging from 100 to 800 lines. By observing which groups of lines are crisp and clear and which groups are blurred and indistinguishable, the maximum number of "Lines Of Definition" may be easily determined.
    FM Systems
  • K-5500 - Programmable Video Signal Generator This product is transferring Video and Audio signal directly to Display device without signal cable. It’s designed as a minimized size and weight for comfortable usage in production line and AS repair part.
  • K-8267DP - Programmable Video Signal Generator K-8267DP Programmable Video Signal Generator supports Analog/DisplayPort/SDTV/HDTV/HDMI signal output. It has standard video regulation and fits into the multimedia display application for LCD TV & Monitor, PDP TV, projector industries all over the world.
  • MSPG-3233MT - Video Signal Generator Analog was a main item in display device industries at the past time, but from now on, the digital is getting developed with multi-function and large-sized resolution. Preparing for this change, this signal generator is an essential equipment of CRT, LCD, PDP, TV, D-TV display device industries, which was made for generating analog signal, digital signal, and TV signal, D-TV signal, HDCP Code simultaneously and sufficiently examining a large-sized display device.?Resolution:WUXGA
    Master Co. LTD
  • VG-880 - Portable Video Signal Generator The model VG-880 video signal generator offers the ultimate in cost performance. It was developed for the efficiency of the production lines of FPD panels. It features a high-speed drawing engine to yield a maximum of 16 bits each for RGB (ramp patterns) and a maximum clock frequency of 300MHz (during 120Hz vertical frequency tests). Furthermore, it supports the latest FPD standards.

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Video Signal Generators - provide video and/or television waveforms for use in analysis of devices that employ a video signal.