UV Cameras

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  • CoroCAM 504 - Corona Camera The CoroCAM 504 is a unique Daylight corona camera with color visible and solar-blind ultraviolet for specialized applications such as electrical corona and arcing detection and imaging. The CoroCAM 504 also has the patented feature using the on-screen menu to remove the solar-blind filter from the UV detector optical path which increases the UV sensitivity in low-light environments, such as generator winding inspection. This is the most sensitive corona camera available!
    Ox Creek Energy Associates
  • DayCor® Ranger - Van Mounted Corona / Arc Detection Systems A comfortable and safe to operate corona inspection system mounted on a vehicle roof and remotely controlled from inside the vehicle. Fits lengthy and long distances inspections. System is controlled through a precise pan and tilt unit and a monitor that displays in real time the camera‚Äôs output. Shock absorbers protect the imaging unit when driving in harsh terrain.
    Ranger can easily be mounted and dismounted on most vehicle makes.
    Features include: rapid optical zoom; auto focus; UV events counter; video and stills capture and playback; full remote control; saved preset inspection angles.
    Ofil Ltd
  • ROSS 8600 - X-ray Streak Camera Introducing the latest evolution of the Sydor ROSS product family. Like the UV & IR versions, the X-Ray system will deliver high precision and accuracy enabling single secondary electron detection and world-class performance in the most demanding applications.
    Sydor Instruments

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