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  • Series 5000C - Curve Tracer Our curve tracers are used worldwide for high volume production, quality control and final testing of descrete semiconductor devices. Provided with an Intel based single board computer(SBC) and Windows based software, the Scientific Test curve tracer is highly reliable, extemely fast, very easy to operate, and provides quick creation of digital curves for data storage and intuitive manipulation.
    Scientific Test
  • CS-8000 - SEEKER, CIRCUIT TRACER Advanced patented non-directional sensing technology. Superior sensitivity and functionality providing for accurate tracing & locating. Ergonomic receiver with information-rich full-color graphical LCD. Graphics and audible signal provide quick and easy to understand tracing feedback. Traces concealed wiring, locates junction boxes, and finds breakers for live or open circuits. Locates and identifies blown fuses. Finds shorts and breaks in conductors. Low pitch, high volume audible indicator. User-selectable automatic or manual gain capability for fast, convenient use. Can be used on GFCI protected circuits. Automatic backlight on receiver maximizes battery life. Supports transmitter-to-receiver distances up to 4 miles for closed circuit tracing. Lifetime Limited Warranty.
    Greenlee Textron
  • TP-CB83 - Cable Tracer_Phone Tester Operating Temperature & Humidity 0 degree C ~ 40 degree C, 80% Max. Storage Temperature & Humidity -10 degree C ~ 50 degree C, 80% Max. Power Source Amplifier Probe : 9V battery. Phone Tester / Generator : 1.5V AA battery x 6 Dimensions Amplifier Probe : 270 (L) x 50 (W) x 25 (H) mm Phone Tester / Generator : 143 (L) x 74.5 (W) x 33.6 (H) mm Weight Amplifier Probe : 125g (battery included) Amplifier Probe : g (battery included) Safety Standard EN 6136-1, EN 55011, EN 61000-4-2, EN 61000-4-3 Accessories Instruction Manual Batteries Carry pouch
  • VS6810 - Portable PV I-V Curve Tracer VS-6810 portable I-V Curve Tracer measures the I-V characteristics of Photovoltaic (PV) cells, module, and Array. It has a very wide Voltage range: 0V to 200V, and current rage from 0.1A to 10A; resolution: 0.01mA
    Industrial Vision
  • DS-100 - I-V Curver Tracer The Daystar DS-100C accurately measures the output of photovoltaic modules and systems up to 50 kW. It is rugged, portable, and designed for field use. Daystar Tracers, developed in the late 1980's, were one of the first portable, self-contained units available for testing installed photovoltaic systems. Daystar Tracers have proven accurate, reliable, and durable and are used by many photovoltaic companies and national laboratories around the world.
  • 3399 - Fox & Hound Cable Tracer The Fox & Hound™ wire tracing kit consists of a versatile Fox 2™ Tone Generator (Toner) and a high performance Hound 3™ Inductive Amplifier (Probe). The Fox 2™ is a battery operated handheld multi-function Toner that generates multiple tones (Pulse or Warble), performs some basic telephone line tests (loop mA, line polarity, and ringing voltage), provides a visual and audible continuity test, and integrates our own True Trace and TripLatch tests while providing overload protection up to 120 VAC. The Hound 3™ is a battery operated handheld lightweight Probe, with a thumbwheel Sensitivity control and Signal Strength indicator LED. It improves on previous designs with built-in LED headlights to illuminate dark areas and reduce fluorescent light noise, a bandpass filter to suppress unwanted frequencies, an earphone jack for noisy or quiet work areas, and an easy access battery cover.
  • Breaker Blaster` - Audible Circuit Tracer Find 120 VAC circuits from a distance with a high decibel audible tone.
    GTi Products
  • 187 MCT - Cable Tracer and Digital Multimeter Designed for RJ45/RJ11 modular cables, 10/100 base-T cable and Token Ring cable etc. ● The Lan cable tester can verify cable continuity, open, circuit and miss-wired.
    Standard Electric
  • TG30 - Wire Tracer/Tone Generator Kit Trace communciations and coaxial cables
    Extech Instruments
  • PR-68 TestAll - Cable Tester, Tracer, Tone Generator, Network tester The Testall is an attempt to put together in a small package all the features a professional or amateur working with network cables might need. The first is a pin-by-pin cable tester that displays results on a remote terminator and can run automatic and manual tests. The second is a tone generator with a normal frequency signal and a high frequency signal for tracing twisted pair, coax and telephone cables, (the tone probe, a separate unit, is included), the third is a network test mode, which detects network activity and speed and forces the port light of the cable it is plugged to blink, so you can identify it. A few other capabilities round out the package: a cable continuity test, a polarity test, an over current indicator and a battery-low warning LED to prevent misreading due to battery failure.
    Pansco Ltd
  • MP-160 - I-V Curve Tracer MP-160 I-V Curve Tracer, which can measure all types of PV cell and module technologies. The MP-160 employs the electronic load method, and thus both a broad measurement range and high resolution are realized. The MP-160's performance makes it ideally suited both for indoor evaluation employing solar simulators, and for outdoor evaluations under natural sun light.
    EKO Instruments Co
  • Tracer Gas Leak Detection Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) has released its patent pending Nitrogen Purge leak detection technology that interfaces with the TracerMate CS instrument. Nitrogen Purge utilizes a layer of flowing gas along a tool sealing area to isolate atmospheric gases inside the sealed trace gas accumulation chamber, keeping a controlled background signal.
    Cincinnati Test Systems
  • T180 - Cable Tracer Waveform Square Wave Frequency 1.13KHz +/- 15% Amplitude 9V P-P Over Voltage Protection 100V DC Single Tone yes Alternating Tone yes AMPLIFIER PROBE (T180-A) Frequency Detection 1Hz - 12KHz Receiver Distance 50 - 60 mm Sensitivity Control yes Connection RJ11 connector
  • LKZ-710 - Wire Tracer Wire tracer LKZ-710 is designed for detecting conductors in various environments (concrete, brick, wood) being under voltage, without the need to disconnect any devices from tested network.
    Sonel S.A.
  • TC-6300 - Trainsistor Curve Tracer Easy Comparison of ststic characteristic-curve for semiconductors
    C&C Instruments Co
  • AT-2003 - Wire Tracer Traces unenergized and open (broken) wires. Locates breakers, neutral and ground lines. 
    Amprobe Test Tools
  • PR-06 PLUS - Tone and Probe Kit Cable Tracer Net Probe Plus is a multi-function probe especially for today’s network environment, cable typically are terminated end in HUB or switch ports. It not only used to receive tone to trace a wire or cable, but also by transmitting a link pulse to the far end device to blink the link light for the connected port to identify an active network cable or port connection on a HUB or switch. Simultaneously, it will send back a signal to the probe to blink or light the〝Active Net〞LED to confirm the status of an active network. It also transmits a tone on pair 4/5 through RJ45 jack on Net Mode that can be detected with another probe to identify the conductor within a bundle, or at a cross connect point.
    Pansco Ltd
  • LKZ-700 - Wire Tracer Wire tracer LKZ-700 is designed for detecting of cables and conductors in various environments (concrete, brick, wood, ground) being under voltege, without the need to disconnect any devices from tested network, as well as in non-voltage environments.
    Sonel S.A.
  • KE2093 - Line Tracer Purposely designed to be used on electrical installations, various cable networks, pipe installations and telekommunications.
    Kurth Electronic
  • AT-1000 - Advanced Wire Tracer Trace energized lines up to 300VAC or VDC. Trace unenergized and open conductors. Identifies breakers and fuses without powering down 
    Amprobe Test Tools
  • MATS-2100RMT - Magnetic Field Tracer The apparatus is mainly to measure the distribution of the surface magnet of the multipole toroidal magnetic core, include the peak value, angle, area, width and half height of each magnetic pole. Auto determinate the number of poles of the toroidal magnetic core and the polarity of the magnetic pole, statistic and analyse the measuring result,
    Hunan Linkjoin Technology
  • AT-2004 - Advanced Wire Tracer The 57S81 is a high power-density, low profile, 500 watt AC/DC and DC/DC Power Supply with up to 8 outputs for VME/VXI and General Purpose applications. It accepts both 270 Vdc and 115/230 Vac (single phase) inputs. It provides full output power at +85°C baseplate temperature. ANSI/VITA Signaling is standard.
    Amprobe Test Tools
  • CT108 - Tone Tracer Receives tone generated by CT107. Equipped with internal speaker, no handset required. Hannd set connections present for use in noisy areas.
  • ET64220 - Wire Tracer A must-have tester for audio/video installers and data com technicians. Multi-purpose wire tracer for identifying wires such as coax, CAT 5, speaker, phone, or any non-energized (non-live) wires. Adapter plugs include: RJ-45, RJ-11, coax, automotive fuse blade, and insulated clamps. Adjustable sensitivity positively identifies a single wire when multiple wires are routed in close proximity. Audible and visual indication.
    Sperry Instruments

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