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  • AT-1000 - Advanced Wire Tracer Trace energized lines up to 300VAC or VDC. Trace unenergized and open conductors. Identifies breakers and fuses without powering down 
    Amprobe Test Tools
  • Series 5000C - Curve Tracer Our curve tracers are used worldwide for high volume production, quality control and final testing of descrete semiconductor devices. Provided with an Intel based single board computer(SBC) and Windows based software, the Scientific Test curve tracer is highly reliable, extemely fast, very easy to operate, and provides quick creation of digital curves for data storage and intuitive manipulation.
    Scientific Test
  • Breaker Blaster - AC/DCAudible Circuit Tracer Anyone who works in HVAC, automotive, or who services units with low voltage will want to add the 12-24 AC/DC Breaker Blaster to their tool box.
    GTi Products
  • ICT - Interactive Curve Tracer STAr Sagittarius ICT is a full function user friendly interactive control software for most parametric instruments or systems. User defined system can be easily created with Sagittarius ICT's unified environment that further allows complete interactive controls of the system as well as developing of test flows by using GUIs without the need for any programming.
    STAr Technologies
  • LKZ-710 - Wire Tracer Wire tracer LKZ-710 is designed for detecting conductors in various environments (concrete, brick, wood) being under voltage, without the need to disconnect any devices from tested network.
    Sonel S.A.
  • TCT-700 - 3-in-1 TRACER/TONER/CABLE TESTER he tester including tracer, toner and cable tester with remote terminator. BNC to F female test cable. BNC terminal resistance. 9V block battery. Belt clip. Screw. Nylon bag. User's manual.
    Goldsun Electronics
  • 5220 - Adjustable Noncontact Wire Tracer, Operated by Two LR44, 1.5V Batteries Testing range: 12 to 600V AC Locates breaks along live, insulated wires and power cords Adjustable sensitivity allows tracing of wires behind walls, around switches or receptacle Easy to recognize by audio signal and LED indicator Compact, lightweight, sleek and handheld design Complete with a durable built-in pocket clip Operated by two LR44, 1.5V batteries UL and cUL approvals
    Peaceful Thriving
  • PR-608/608A - Tone & Probe Kit Cable Tracer The Net Toner & Probe Kit is a practical telecom and network installation, maintenance and troubleshooting tool. The kit helps you locate and identify wires, pairs and cables.

    The Net Toner has the unique features of enhancing talk battery power supply to allow communication over inactive pairs, using telephone test sets. It provides two able tones which allow you to trace cable and locate faults for troubleshooting both voice and data circuits. It also tests cable continuity and can determine line 1 and line 2 polarity and voltage in data and voice lines. It features a tone signal, two alligator clips, & 4-conductor (RJ12) modular cable to test telecom, cats cabling, coax cable and bare wires. In continuity mode, when a short circuit is detected an audible sound will be heard (PR-608A only). The short circuit test function are only applied to line 1 4/5 when using the RJ12 plug cable. The tone generated by the Net Toner can be easily traced by the Net Probe or any other commercial probe.
    Pansco Ltd
  • FC6001 - RF TRACER The Aceco FC6001 radio frequency tracer is useful in locating stuck transmitters or bugging devices in a room or automobile. It excels at tracing RF signals for RF security and counter-surveillance applications. Supplied as a complete with internal NiCd pack, AC wall charger and 7 section telescopic antenna.
    ACECO Electronics
  • 370B • 371B - Curve Tracers High-resolution DC Parametric Measurements With the 370B (Resolution Down to 1 pA or 2 µV) High Voltage and Current Sourcing With the 371B (Up to 3,000 V or 400 A) Built-in Cursor Measurements - Dot, Window and Function Line Kelvin Sense Measurements Sweep Measurement Mode Waveform Comparison and Averaging Fully Programmable 1.44 MB Floppy Drive Stores Setup and Bitmap of Curves Direct Hardcopy with Third-party Printer
  • MI 2093 - Line Tracer Field proven instrument for under-wall low voltage installation tracing, fuse finding, short-circuit spot determination and metal installation tracing. Accurate fuse locating
  • FC6003MKII - RF TRACER The Aceco FC6003MK?radio frequency tracer is useful in locating stuck transmitters or bugging devices in a room or automobile. It excels at silent detecting RF signals for RF security and counter-surveillance applications. Supplied as a complete with internal NiCd pack, AC wall charger, short rubber antenna and earphone.
    ACECO Electronics
  • NF-801B - Wire Tracer & Wire Trackers #DC Electricity Level Testing/Low Voltage Reminding Function of checking cables: fast find out the twin cables in need among so many cables in no time (hint of sound, at the same time, has high shine glitter of induction indicator light) 2. Sensitive: induction distance less than 20 mm, strong anti-jamming ability 3. Function of verifying cable: can fast test the basic physical connecting feature of open?short cross and more(emitter and receiver can show line state at the same time)
    Shenzhen Noyafa Electronic
  • AT-2003 - Wire Tracer Traces unenergized and open (broken) wires. Locates breakers, neutral and ground lines. 
    Amprobe Test Tools
  • 180 CB - Cable Tracer The Amplifier Probe is designed to identify and trace wires or cable within a group without damaging the insulation. Work with any Tone Generator to identify wires. Volume control for increased sensitivity and adjustable to suit work environment.
    Standard Electric
  • Visual IP Trace - IP and Website Tracer Trace an IP address or web site back to its origin/location. There can be many reasons why anyone would want to trace an IP address or web site, everything from verifying a web sites location to avoid any potential phishing attempts, to verify a customers order, tracking a potential hack attempt and so on.
  • PR-68 TestAll - Cable Tester, Tracer, Tone Generator, Network tester The Testall is an attempt to put together in a small package all the features a professional or amateur working with network cables might need. The first is a pin-by-pin cable tester that displays results on a remote terminator and can run automatic and manual tests. The second is a tone generator with a normal frequency signal and a high frequency signal for tracing twisted pair, coax and telephone cables, (the tone probe, a separate unit, is included), the third is a network test mode, which detects network activity and speed and forces the port light of the cable it is plugged to blink, so you can identify it. A few other capabilities round out the package: a cable continuity test, a polarity test, an over current indicator and a battery-low warning LED to prevent misreading due to battery failure.
    Pansco Ltd
  • RD-1200S - Multi-Tracer The RD-1200S Multi-Tracer is an integrated measurement system for testing multiple photovoltiac (PV) modules under natural or simulated sunlight. It is controlled with MTRACE software. MTRACE operates on an standard desktop PCs running WIndows. Some features of the Multi-Tracer are periodic I-V curve measurement of attached modules, rugged MOSFET load with individual over voltage and thermal cut-off protection on each load transistor, and pyranometer and ambient temperature data acquisition.
  • FC6002MKII - RF TRACER The Aceco FC6002MK?radio frequency tracer is useful in locating stuck transmitters or bugging devices in a room or automobile. It excels at silent detecting RF signals for RF security and counter-surveillance applications. Supplied as a complete with internal NiCd pack, AC wall charger, short rubber antenna and earphone.
    ACECO Electronics
  • TC-470 - Cable tracer Suitable for identification and maintenance of telephony networks and also for testing any kind of lines not-connected to the mains.
    PROMAX Electronica
  • BT-120 - Circuit Breaker Tracer When you need to identify circuit breakers quickly and efficiently, count on the Amprobe BT-120 Circuit Breaker Tracer, a durable and dependable tracer. Make sure you identify circuits accurately with the Amprobe Circuit Breaker Tracer, The BT-120 Circuit Breaker Tracer works on all electrical systems from 90V to 120V AC so you can meet the latest code requirements.
    Amprobe Test Tools
  • INTE097 - LOGICAL TRACER-ANALYZER LARS One of the main applications of VXI-LARS module is simultaneous control of parallel interfaces and buses, which requires simultaneous estimation of logical signals at great amount of lines (48 channels per one VXI-LARS module).
  • CP115 - "proTraceTM" Circuit Tracer * Circuit tracer * Quickly and easily traces branch circuits. * Easy to read LED display. * Not affected by line noise including computer, dimmers, etc. * Works on lines with 24-300 VAC. * Includes "proTrace Receiver", transmitter, instructions and carrying case. * Made in U.S.A.
  • Breaker Blaster` - Audible Circuit Tracer Find 120 VAC circuits from a distance with a high decibel audible tone.
    GTi Products

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