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  • Series 5000C - Curve Tracer Our curve tracers are used worldwide for high volume production, quality control and final testing of descrete semiconductor devices. Provided with an Intel based single board computer(SBC) and Windows based software, the Scientific Test curve tracer is highly reliable, extemely fast, very easy to operate, and provides quick creation of digital curves for data storage and intuitive manipulation.
    Scientific Test
  • DS-1200 - Battery-Tracer The DS-1200 Battery-Tracer efficiently tests installed, stand-alone, photovoltiac (PV) systems. This product takes current-voltage (I-V) curves of PV arrays up to 1000 Watts. The DS-1200 is a regulated programmable load that provides a constant-current discharge for 6 and 12 volt batteries.The DS-1200 is controlled by a PC compatible computer running Windows.
  • AT-2004 - Advanced Wire Tracer The 57S81 is a high power-density, low profile, 500 watt AC/DC and DC/DC Power Supply with up to 8 outputs for VME/VXI and General Purpose applications. It accepts both 270 Vdc and 115/230 Vac (single phase) inputs. It provides full output power at +85°C baseplate temperature. ANSI/VITA Signaling is standard.
    Amprobe Test Tools
  • 187 MCT - Cable Tracer and Digital Multimeter Designed for RJ45/RJ11 modular cables, 10/100 base-T cable and Token Ring cable etc. ● The LAN cable tester can verify cable continuity, open, circuit and miss-wired. ● The remote receiving unit is available for installed cables far away either on the wall plates or on the patch panels. ● Auto and manual scan function. ● Ground wire test. ● Display : LED indication for wire status.
    Standard Electric
  • CT-100 - Wire Tracer Heavy duty, recommended for tough industrial applications. Traces live wires buried underground or hidden behind walls up to 4 feet deep .
    Amprobe Test Tools
  • CFT-810 - Audio Fiber Tracer
  • TG30 - Wire Tracer/Tone Generator Kit Trace communciations and coaxial cables
    Extech Instruments
  • LKZ-710 - Wire Tracer Wire tracer LKZ-710 is designed for detecting conductors in various environments (concrete, brick, wood) being under voltage, without the need to disconnect any devices from tested network.
    Sonel S.A.
  • AT-4001CON - Advanced Wire Tracer with Soft Case Extremely easy to use. One universal transmitter- automatically switches to work with either energized or non-energized systems. Receiver not position sensitive- does not need to be rotated in order to provide accurate readings. Traces live wires buried or hidden behind walls. Traces energized and non-energized (open, broken) wires.
    Amprobe Test Tools
  • TCT-700 - 3-in-1 TRACER/TONER/CABLE TESTER he tester including tracer, toner and cable tester with remote terminator. BNC to F female test cable. BNC terminal resistance. 9V block battery. Belt clip. Screw. Nylon bag. User's manual.
    Goldsun Electronics
  • PVPM1000C40 - I-V Curve Tracer for Photovoltaic Modules up to 1000V and 40Adc The PVPM1000C40 is a mobile measuring device with integrated battery supply and battery charger in a durable and watertight plastic housing. The device has its own industrial miniature PC and a high-contrast LCD TFT display and thus its function is independent of other devices. However if desired a PC can be attached for data transfer and further analysis of the measured values over a standard USB interface.
    PV-Engineering GmbH
  • KE801 - Laser Tracer - Fiber&Copper Cable Finder Kit The rugged, light-weight KE800 unit is a tool box-ready technician's toner with a built-in red laser visual fault locator (VFL). The unit performs a number of testing functions in addition to providing powerful tracing tone for use with the Probe. When using the RJ45 plug the KE800 unit will detect LAN service and automatically blink the Link activity light on an Ethernet switch to aid in cable ID. The unit is protected to 400 Vac in all modes.
    Kurth Electronic
  • 2007 - Power Finder Closed Circuit Tracer Fast, simple energized circuit tracing. Traces circuits in nonmetallic conduit. Finds shorts to ground. Supports transmitter-to-receiver distances up to 4 miles(6.5 km). Accessories included: transmitter plug, (2) receptacle blades, test leads, (1) 9V battery, carrying case. Lifetime Limited Warranty.
    Greenlee Communications
  • 40180 - Wire Tracer / Tone Generator and Amplifier Probe Kit Heavy duty kit with audible tone easily identifies wires or cables
    Extech Instruments
  • 168 CB - Multi-purpose Cable Tracer and Non-contact Voltage Detector Four transmitter plug types - RJ-11 - RJ-45 - COAX - Alligator clips ● Two unique audible tones: - Fast alternating tone - Slow alternating tone ● Telephone line polarity check - Tip side - Ring side ● Cable tracing ● Telephone line status check - Clear line - Busy line - Ringing line ● Continuity check. ● Transmitter plug storage.
    Standard Electric
  • AT-2003 - Wire Tracer Traces unenergized and open (broken) wires. Locates breakers, neutral and ground lines. 
    Amprobe Test Tools
  • cetisPV-CT-L1 - IV-Curve Tracer Lab/Production cetisPV-CT-L1 is a Photo Voltaic Curve Tracer for Laboratory or production applications. As a stationary device it measures the I/V-curves of photovoltaic cells and modules in a wide range fitting to customer needs. Outstanding features of the cetisPV-CT-L1 are the high precision layout of the electronic section, measurements in 2- or 3-quadrants plus a service friendly, modular mechanical design.
    H.a.l.m. Elektronik
  • I-V - DS-Tracer Curver tracer We produce a line of photovoltaic (PV) test instruments. Our I-V Curve Tracers have become the standard used by module manufactures, research facilities, and electric utilities for measuring PV systems. Our tracers are sold by Daystar,Inc. as their DS-Series of I-V Tracers.
  • DGL-50X - Cable Path Tracer Can separately exploit the out-of-service or in-operation power cable's underground route and depth.
    Xi'an Sifang EM Co
  • 5220 - Adjustable Noncontact Wire Tracer, Operated by Two LR44, 1.5V Batteries Testing range: 12 to 600V AC Locates breaks along live, insulated wires and power cords Adjustable sensitivity allows tracing of wires behind walls, around switches or receptacle Easy to recognize by audio signal and LED indicator Compact, lightweight, sleek and handheld design Complete with a durable built-in pocket clip Operated by two LR44, 1.5V batteries UL and cUL approvals
    Peaceful Thriving
  • MT Tracer Essential tool for Data Center Maintenance - Quickly verify MPO / MTP® fiber cable type (A, B, C), continuity and end-to-end polarity.
    AFL Telecommunications
  • 765670 - Curve Tracer Software It is particularly well-suited to DC parametric tests of minute signals. The high-speed, high-accuracy real-time V-I curve tracer consists of the GS Series Source Measure Unit and the 765670 Curve Tracer Software.
    Yokogawa Meters &
  • T180 - Cable Tracer Waveform Square Wave Frequency 1.13KHz +/- 15% Amplitude 9V P-P Over Voltage Protection 100V DC Single Tone yes Alternating Tone yes AMPLIFIER PROBE (T180-A) Frequency Detection 1Hz - 12KHz Receiver Distance 50 - 60 mm Sensitivity Control yes Connection RJ11 connector

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