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  • AT-113 - Digital Hygro-Thermometer (1)Size: 130*32mm (2)Working voltage: 1.5V (3)Temperature gauge scope: -50~70oC (-58~158 ° F) (4)Moisture gauge scope: 10~95%RH (5)Display resolution: 0.1oC/° F, 1%RH (6)Accuracy: ± 1oC/° F, ± 5%RH (7)Temperature sampling period: 10S
  • R3120 - Thermometer-Hygrometer R3120 - thermometer-hygrometer including dew point temperature with internal T+RH sensors
  • S0122 - Dual Channel Thermometer S0122 - dual channel thermometer for temperature logging from internal sensor and external probe including temperature difference between channels
  • 1523 - Handheld Thermometer Readout The 1523 Reference Thermometers from Fluke’s Hart Scientific Division measure, graph, and record PRTs, thermocouples, and thermistors. These thermometer readouts deliver exceptional accuracy, wide measurement range, logging, and trending, all in a handheld tool you can take anywhere.
  • R3121 - Thermometer-Hygrometer R3121 - thermometer-hygrometer including dew point temperature with external T+RH probe with cable length of 1 meter. Cable lengths 2 and 4 meters available optionally. Probe diameter is 18mm, length 90mm.
  • MS6514 - Digital Thermometer with USB Interface Supports 7 types of thermocouple.
    Sinometer Instruments
  • IRT206 - Infrared Thermometer With Laser Rugged and ergonomic design for general purposes. Ultra low power consumption in shutdown mode. Extended long time measuring reliability Backlit LCD display.
    General Tools & Instruments
  • NI T880 - InfraRed Thermometer The InfraRed thermometer NI T880 is a highly compact instrument with rough grip. This meter is one of the smallest available on the market. The NI T880 can measure temperatures without contact. A laser pointer for indication of the measuring spot is included within the instrument. This laser can be switched on and off.
    Nieaf-Smitt B.V.
  • 306 - Hand Held Thermometer 306 Hand Held Thermometer with dual channel two K type sensors,it is very smart and precision let me share with you its features,then you will like it .
  • EM528A - Precision Infrared Thermometer Backlight and laser pointer on/off option. Average, Difference, Max. and Min. Measurement. High, Low alarm functions. Extra bright laser pointer
  • HHM63 - Stick Type DMM/Thermometer HHM63Stick Type Multimeter, 2500 count resolution W/Microprocessor-Based DMM, DCV Accuracy: 0.25%, Resistance accuracy: 0.3% ,Backlit LCD display, Frequency accuracy up to ± 0.05% Frequency resolution up to 0.001 Hz
    Omega Engineering
  • 42530 - Wide Range IR Thermometer Wide Temperature range: -58 to 1000°F (-50 to 538°C)
    High 0.1° resolution to 199.9°
    Built-in laser pointer, °F/°C switchable
    Fixed emissivity (0.95) covers 90% of surface applications
    8:1 Narrow field of view
    Audible and visible overrange indicators
    Complete with 9V battery and carrying case
    Automatic Data Hold
    Extech Instruments
  • R060 Series - Surface Temperature Sensors (Resistance Thermometer) The R060 series is sensors, having a platinum resistance thermometer element as a sensing element, for measurement of surface temperature of stationary objects with minimum heat disturbance. Various types including general type and flexible type are available for specific measurement conditions.
  • PRT-5 - Precision Radiation Thermometer The Model PRT-5 Precision Radiation Thermometer is a batterypowered, infrared radiometer. Extremely versatile, this instrument makes highly sensitive, non-contact temperature measurements in any selected range between -50?C and 150?C.
    Pyrometer Instrument
  • D0321 - Dual Channel Thermometer D0321 - dual channel thermometer with switchable reading of temperature difference among channels and alarm setting for temperature difference among channels
  • 4189 - Traceable® Humidity/Thermometer Sensors detects humidity changes in 1 second
    Computer output
    Memory recalls Min/Max readings
    Control Company
  • TIF7610 - IR Thermometer PRO To measure a surface temperature, the user aims the IR Thermometer at the target, presses a button, and reads the temperature display. The device has an optical lens that collects the radiated infrared energy from the object and focuses it on the detector. The detector converts the energy into an electrical signal that's amplified and displayed as a temperature reading. An infrared thermometer measures temperature by sensing the magnitude of radiated energy at infrared frequencies. Using this data and the actual temperature of the detector, the thermometer calculates the temperature of the surface that emitted the energy.
  • 8220 - Mini Infrared Thermometer 1:1 Name: INFRARED THERMOMETER (Pen Type) Spec: -20℃ ~ 220℃ Class: INFRARED THERMOMETER(home type)
  • ST360 - Infrred Thermometer Non contact measuring. Built in laser targeting.
    Sinometer Instruments
  • CF-IR - CLOSE FOCUS INFRARED THERMOMETER Clock and chronograph Dual laser Max temp and hold features
  • PDT550 - Waterproof pocket thermometer Water proof. Built-in magnetic mount. Select a color for each application. Features include  -58° to 571°F. MIN/MAX. Data Hold. Auto power off 
    Kane International
  • 376 - Combination non-contact (IR) and contact thermometer Combination non-contact (IR) and contact thermometer. -58 to 950°F (-50 to 510°C) IR and -40°F to 2,192°F (-40 to 1200°C) contact; depending upon K-type probe

    Non-contact (IR) range: -58 to 950°F (-50 to 510°C)
    Contact range: -40 to 2,192°F (-40 to 1200°C) depending upon optional probe selected
    Laser sighting
    Distance to spot ratio 11.5:1
    Adjustable emissivity (0.3 to 0.99)
    °C and °F selectable
    Record function (min/max)
    Test Products International
  • JT-820 - Infrared Thermometer 3 1/2 digital Automotive meter. Maximum Display:1999. Continuity test. Diode test. Weight: 180g(with battery)
    Rinch Industrial
  • 874C - General Purpose Digital Thermometers Tegam's 874F and 874C Budget Series thermometers provide the economical solution for general-purpose temperature measurement needs. The units accept type K thermocouples and probes. Constructed with ABS material for resistance to inorganic salts, alkalies, and many acids and exceptional durability, this meter is designed for the toolbox and for use in the field.

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