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  • RH101 - Hygro-Thermometer + InfraRed Thermometer Humidity, Air Temperature and non-contact Surface Temperature measurements
    Extech Instruments
  • KL-9856 - Digital Hygro Thermometer Maximum and minimum temperature and humidity. Memory function with optional daily reset function. C/°F range selectable at any time.
    Kelilong Electron
  • KL-9826/9836 - Digital Hygro Thermometer Maximum and minimum temperature and humidity memory function with optional daily reset function. C/°F range selectable at any time. Time display .
    Kelilong Electron
  • UT321 - Digital Thermometer with USB Interface Supports 4 types of thermocouple.
    Sinometer Instruments
  • ST-8822 - /ST-8823 Compact InfraRed Thermometers 8822/8823 Series Wide Range Mini IR Thermometers provide non-contact wide temperature measurements:
    Standard Instruments
  • KL-9806 - Digital Mini Thermometer LCD display. In/out temperature measurement. Super-thinness design.
    Kelilong Electron
  • INFRARED THERMOMETERS Very easy to measure surface temperature of an object without contact 1 Year limited warranty 3 Digit LCD display with Backlight Laser sighting Fixed emissivity at 0.95 Accuracy ±2% of reading or ±4ºF(±2ºC) 8:1 distance to target ratio ºC/ºF selectable Temperature range: - 5º to 518ºF ( - 20º to 270ºC) 1 Year limited warranty
    Brighton Electronics
  • 5831-A - Benchtop thermistor thermometer Benchtop thermistor thermometer with 10 mV/degree analog output. 5831 with 10 mV/degree analog output
    Omega Engineering
  • 4189 - Traceable® Humidity/Thermometer Sensors detects humidity changes in 1 second
    Computer output
    Memory recalls Min/Max readings
    Control Company
  • IRT200 - Temp Check Gun Style Infrared Thermometer 8:1 Distance to spot ratio, Min/Max function to hold either minimum reading or maximum reading on the display in Max mod.
    Sperry Instruments
  • H240 - Four Channel Thermometer with Data Logger The model H240 is an easy to use four channel thermocouple thermometer with a built in data logger feature.
    Anaheim Scientific
  • 201 - Outdoor thermometer Indoor outdoor thermometer with alert is high quality with smart sensor. simultaneously displays indoor andoutdoor temperature. Outdoor temperature measurement is recorded via a thin probe that can easily be threaded through any window or opening. The min/max memory records the highest and lowest temperature values. Temperature is user selectable for ℉ or ℃. Designed for easy reading.
  • IR-ESC Series - Scanning Type Radiation thermometers The IR-ESC series is scanning type radiation thermometers for low temperature and is applicable to measure width-direction temperature patterns of moving or rotating objects. The temperature range is 100°C to 600°C.
  • MS6511 - Digital Thermometer K/J/T/E types Supports 4 types of thermocouple. Multiple LCD display.
    Sinometer Instruments
  • UT322 - Digital Thermometer with USB Interface USB interface to computer.
    Sinometer Instruments
  • IR-2G - 2 in 1 InfraRed Thermometer & Flash Memory 2 in 1 InfraRed Thermometer & Flash Memory
    Shenzhen Everbest
  • CA846 - Digital Thermometers The Thermo-Hygrometer Model CA846 is a portable, compact digital meter designed for simplicity and one-hand operation. The meter uses an NTC as the temperature sensor, providing excellent response time to changes in temperature, good repeatability and accurate readings
    AEMC Instruments
  • IR-PRO-100 PROFESSIONAL INFRARED THERMOMETER 100:1 distance-to-spot ratio USB interface for real-time data capture Type K thermocouple socket Backlit LCD display
  • E2T Pulsar III - Infrared Thermometer (Pyrometer) Infrared thermometry for sulfur reactors and other high temperature furnaces. Temperature range: 350 ... 2000°C. Simultaneous Measurement of Refractory and Gas Temperature.
    LumaSense Technologies
  • DIT 510 - Infrared Thermometer For Simple One Hand Operation. Auto Power off Function. Valox Housing to Withstand Accidental drops. Detection element : Thermopile. Sighting : Laser Marker 1mW. Backilt LCD Display. Analog Output:1mV/¢J 
    Tecpel Co. Ltd
  • IBL-MT4 - NON CONDUCT INFRARED THERMOMETER This Digital Non Contact type Infra Red Thermometer with laser sensor uses temperature sensor of Thermopile 6 - 14 mm and measures temperature from -50 to 280 Degree C and also in Fahrenheit scale.
    International Biological
  • ADD7850 - Infrared thermometer Temperature range:-50 ~ 550℃ (-58~1022℉) Distance Spot Ratio:12:1 Emissivity:0.95 preset
  • CHY 801B - Multi type tri display thermometer Highly accurate thermometer with 0.1% basic accuracy. Three display for easy observations. Thermocouple offset Adjust. Four types K/J/T/E for common use. Robust protective Holster. Auto-Power Off and Backlight functions. MIN/MAX/AVG/REL/HOLD/ functions.
    CHY Firemate Co
  • QT418L1 - Infrared Thermometer Range -76/932 degrees F (-60/500 degrees C) 12:1 distance to target ratio Accuracy +/-2% of reading with 1/10 degree resolution Measures Maximum temperature during scan Bright, built-in laser guided aim Carrying case available, sold separately
    Tel-Tru® Manufacturing

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