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  • TEMPerLAN_20_8 - Web Interface Ethernet Thermometer,8 channels thermometer This network thermometer with a LAN interface enables you to remotely measure temperature via LAN . TEMPLAN series is a one of our LAN interface data collecting device. It can easily access the LAN interface, enables you to get the data of temperature, humidity, etc.
    Shenzhen Sunwin E-Commerce
  • IR100 - Mini IR Thermometer Temperature range from -34 to 446°F (-33 to 230°C)
    Economical mini size design for convenience
    Automatic Data Hold when measure button is released
    Max/Min Hold, Auto power off
    Lock feature for continuous scanning
    Fixed emissivity covers 90% of surface applications
    Complete with CR2032 3V battery
    Extech Instruments
  • IR-PRO-USB - IR-PRO USB PROFESSIONAL INFRARED THERMOMETER USB interface for real-time data capture Type K thermocouple socket Backlit LCD display
  • MT-4003 - IR Thermometer Sensor: Thermopile (6-14?m) Range: -30?C to 550?C; -22?F to 1022?F
    Prokit's Industries
  • MS6500 - LUXMETER/THERMOMETER Display: 1999counts, digit is 13mm high. Input: K type thermocouple. Data Hold.
    Shanghai Yi Hua V&A
  • 300 Series - Instrument Type Bimetal Thermometers Highest quality thermometers available on the market Corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel case and bezel provide a hermetic seal to prevent lens fogging and moisture damage Temperature ranges from -100 °F to 150 °F through 200 °F to 1,000 °F, single and dual scales available
  • 371 - Infrared Thermometer Measure 14 to 500°F (-10 to 260°C) with a non-gun style non-contact (IR) thermometer with laser sighting

    Laser sighting
    0.1° resolution
    Data hold
    Distance to spot ratio 8:1
    Test Products International
  • 4980 - Dual-Laser-Pointer IR-Thermometer, -50 ... +800°C These non-contact infrared thermometers can be used to measure the temperature of objects surface that is improper to be measured by traditional (contact) thermometers such as moving objects, the surface with electricity current or the objects which are uneasy to be touched.
    PeakTech Prüf- Und
  • OS530 E Series - OMEGASCOPE® Handheld Infrared Thermometer OMEGASCOPE Handheld Infrared Thermometer. With a combination of powerful features, the new portable and rugged OS530 series infrared thermometers offer solutions for many non-contact temperature measurement applications. Emissivity adjustable in 0.01 increments, the OS530 series provides versatility when measuring a variety of surfaces.
    Omega Engineering
  • DVM77N - NON-CONTACT INFRARED POCKET THERMOMETER -20°C TO +270°C (-4°F to +518°F) * single dot laser targeting * ambient temperature measurement * temperature readout in °C or °F * LCD display with backlight * data-hold & auto power-off function * low battery indication
  • TIF7000TP - Digital Thermometer/Pyrometer w/Surface, Air & Penetration probes Field calibratable, interchangeable probes Custom fitted ABS carrying case Auto Zero each reading with display updates 3 times per second Wide sensing range Superfast response Universal connector ºF or ºC selectable 9V Battery powered Control Box (TIF7001) with ONLY Surface, Air & Penetration probes
  • TMD-53 - Thermocouple Thermometer K/J-Type The Amprobe TMD-53 thermometer is a perfect choice for HVAC/R technicians and electricians, as well as research, industrial process, and quality control applications. The dual inputs allow easy super-heat and sub-cool temperature measurement as well as cut-out and in temperature measurements.
    Amprobe Test Tools
  • HT3310 - Professional infrared thermometer HT3301 digital thermometer is a professional meter for temperature measurements of any objects in very user-friendly mode thanks to the ergonomic “gun” shape with use of infrared rays bunch directed with accuracy by a laser pointer and a good 50:1 Distance to Spot ratio. For effect of reflection of rays, the instrument convert result in °C or °F degree, without direct contact with object.
    HT Italia Srl
  • DMM-920C/TM902C - Infrared Thermometer TM902C Infrared Thermometer Range Accuracy -50 -1200℃ ± 3% Low battery indication Yes Overload protection Yes Battery 6F22,9V Max. disp 1999 Dimensions 105×70×20mm Standard Accessories Test Lead, Battery, Manual, K-type thermocouple wire
    Zhangzhou AMPD Electronic
  • N630 - Advanced Infrared Thermometer The model N630 is an excellent non-contact infrared thermometer for many applications. It can accurately make temperature measurements from short distances and up to as much as many feet. It is easy to use and the fact that it has adjustable emissivity settings means it can give very accurate measurements from most any heat source.
    Anaheim Scientific
  • ST-8802 - Compact InfraRed Thermometer 8802 Low cost Compact IP Thermometer provides non-contact temperature measirements: Food preparation, Safety and Fire inspectors, Plastic molding, Asphalt, marine and Screen printing, Measure ink and dryer temperature, Diesel and Fleet maintenance.
    Standard Instruments
  • CENTER 375 - Precision RTD Thermometer (0.01°C) CENTER 375/376 is our most accurate temperature measuring system. With the accuracy of 0.1 °C and resolution of 0.01°C, it will fulfill the most critical measuring requirement. The unit is equipped with stand and large backlight LCD that makes this unit perfect to setup a test station on the site.
    Center Technology
  • 1310 - Thermometer Single Channel Thermometer Single Channel 3 1/2 digit LCD 2.5 Times/Sec. high temperature range with K type sensor.looks very is easy to operate value of the temperature is very is used widely in solder machine,industry pyrometry with precision sensor,and laboratory .good kit to take.
  • LT102 - Infrared Thermometer with Laser Sight Wide temperature range from 0° to 1000° F ( -20° to 538°C). Optimum 8:1 distance to measurement spot ratio. Class II laser pointer. Large LCD display with symbols and backlight. Quick selection between °C/°F. Continuous reading and data hold modes. Soft holster for instrument protection
    General Technologies
  • VT04 - Visual IR Thermometer HVAC Combo Kit The VT04 Visual IR Thermometer provides a built in digital camera with a thermal heat map overlay to detect hot and cold spots instantly. The VT04 eliminates the tedious task of recording multiple measurements manually.
  • CHY 803/ 803U/ 803W/ 803UW - Single input K/J thermometer Single input. K/J-type thermocouple function. MAX/MIN with elapsed time, AVG, REL, REL RECALL, HOLD function. Warning beeper with HI/LO setting, Hi/Lo RECALL. °C/°F user-selective. Resolution 0.1°C or 0.2°F. TIME setting, REL setting.
    CHY Firemate Co
  • 4189 - Traceable® Humidity/Thermometer Sensors detects humidity changes in 1 second
    Computer output
    Memory recalls Min/Max readings
    Control Company
  • T05A - Dual Sensor Thermometer In Out * One display shows the first channel temperature.,one display shows the second channel temperature * Memory for highest and lowest temperature (2 key function: RESET, MAX/MIN)
  • INF155 - Infrared Thermometer Designed to offer technicians a clear choice among a blurred array of options in today's market. With three instruments to choose from, The Scout series has a solution best suited for any application, whether it's quick spot checks at close range or sampling extreme temperature ranges in environments too hazardous or too remote to approach. All three are a reliable way to check, locate, and monitor temperature variances and are perfect for HVAC/R, electrical, industrial, facility, residential, marine, or automotive diagnostics and maintenance.
    UEi Test & Measurement

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