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  • KL-9856 - Digital Hygro Thermometer Maximum and minimum temperature and humidity. Memory function with optional daily reset function. C/°F range selectable at any time.
    Kelilong Electron
  • TH-621/TH-622 - Digital Thermometer, dual input Digital thermometer, dual input, temperature max.1300?/1999?, data hold
    Twintex Electronics
  • KL-9826/9836 - Digital Hygro Thermometer Maximum and minimum temperature and humidity memory function with optional daily reset function. C/°F range selectable at any time. Time display .
    Kelilong Electron
  • TA138A - Mini In out thermometer Indoor outdoor thermohygrometer mini type
  • KL-9806 - Digital Mini Thermometer LCD display. In/out temperature measurement. Super-thinness design.
    Kelilong Electron
  • RH355 - Dual Input Hygro-Thermometer Psychrometer Kit Includes a RH350 with 33% and 75% calibration bottles, 2 Type K probes, PC cable, and case
    Extech Instruments
  • MT Series - Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer The IR thermometer can determine the surface temperature by measuring the amount of infrared energy radiated by the target’s surface or by contact using a thermocouple probe.The Type K thermocouple input provides contact measurements up to 300°C (572°F). The IR thermometer was designed specifically for use in food industry, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) applications, and manufacturing production etc.
    Shenzhen Micsig Instruments
  • DT-8862B/8863B - Professional Infrared Thermometers with Dual Laser Targeting 8862B/8863B series professional dual laser infrared thermometers with color alert is great for processes that require temperature control and monitoring, its white backlit dual LCD display will change to red when reading exceeds High or Low set points.
    Shenzhen Everbest
  • IR-AH Series - Handheld Type Digital Radiation Thermometers The IR-AH series is non-contact handheld type digital radiation thermometers for the measurement of temperature. The thermometers have features of a wide measuring range from -50°C to 3000°C, digital displays of the measured value in the finder and on the panel board, and storing function of the measured data. An RS-232C port is provided to transmit the measured data to a personal computer. With a Data Logging Software (sold separately) , you can analysis and manage the measured data.
  • TempTestr® - IR Thermometer These economical infrared thermometers provide noncontact measurement, so you can measure temperature from a safe distance.
    OAKTON Instruments
  • VIR50 - Dual Laser IR Video Thermometer Built-in VGA (640 x 480) Camera
    MicroSD card for capturing images (JPEG) and video (3GP) for viewing on your PC
    Dual laser indicates ideal measuring distance where the two laser points converge to a 1" target spot
    Fast 150 millisecond response time, color LED bargraph for viewing trends
    Type K Thermocouple input
    Air Temperature and Relative Humidity measurement
    Adjustable emissivity increases measurement accuracy for different surfaces
    Adjustable High/Low set points with audible alarm alerts user when temperature exceeds the programmed set points
    MAX/MIN/AVG/DIF functions, Auto Power Off
    USB interface
    Complete with microSD card, general purpose Type K bead wire probe, USB cable, rechargeable 3.7V battery, and carrying case
    Extech Instruments
  • WD-39642-00 - Mini TempTestr IR Thermometer This pocket-size infrared thermometer takes surface temperature readings of any liquid, solid, or semi-solid in less than one second.
    OAKTON Instruments
  • DVM439 - INFRARED THERMOMETER (-31°F ~ 689°F / -35°C ~ 365°C) # aser sight technology# temperature readout in °C or °F# large LCD display with amber backlight# real-time maximum temperature reading# last measurement memory recall by pressing °C/°F key while powered off# auto power-off function
  • SDT140 - Digital Thermometer Input Type: K type Thermocouple No. of Input: Single Input Connector: Sub-Mini
    Brighton Electronics
  • 635 - INFRA-RED THERMOMETER WITH LASER POINTER The 635 is a portable easy to use 3 digit, compact sized infrared digital thermometer with laser pointer, designed for simple one hand operation. Meter comes with Backlit LCD display. Auto hold function and auto power down (20 seconds approx.) after releasing MEAS button to extend battery life. Laser pointer. Reading hold. Adjustable emissivity
    B&K Precision
  • CENTER 307 - Thermometer Mini Size Mini Size. Auto Range. Wide Measuring Range. Auto Power Off. Timer Function. REL Function. HOLD Function. Max/Min Function. Resolution 0.1 ¢XC,0.1¢XF
    Center Technology
  • WT110 - Wireless RF Thermometer In-Outdoor Wireless thermometer Indoor outdoor with Remote function and RF Transmission & is easy to operate.Really good item to our daily life.
  • THS-814-065 - COMBO THERMOMETER IR+ FOLD OUT PROBE Fold-out, speedy type K probe Affordable & Professional! Slips into a shirt pocket
  • TA328 - Indoor hygro thermometer 1)Temperature range: Indoor:-10℃ to 60℃ 2)Indoor Hygrometer range:25% RH to 98% RH 3)Fix the unit on a wall indoor with a screw or can be placed on desktop. 4)Check the maximum or minimum temperature and humidity by pressing the MAX./MIN.Switch.The memory will show the maximum or minimum temperature of the period from the last reset on the relative.
  • DT2000RTD - 3-IN-1 THERMOCOUPLE/RTD/IR THERMOMETER Displays readings froma) Any of five popular thermocouple typesb) 100 Pt Resistance-Temperature Detector(RTD) orc). Integral laser-sighted 7:1 IR thermometerwith adjustable emissivity. Very wide measurement range. High accuracy. Compatible with Types K, J, T, E and Rthermocouples. Jumbo backlit LCD. Min/Max memory + data hold + relativemeasurement. Sensor and temperature unit switchable onfront panel. RS-232 output. Auto power off. Tripod mount.
    General Tools & Instruments
  • DT-10 - Electronic Thermometer • Temp. Range: 50ºC to 300ºC
    • ºF/ºC switchable
    • Min-Max Memory
    • Data Hold Button
    • Precision:±2℃,
    Shenzhen Honest Metal
  • AST-HT200 - Pocket Infrared Thermometer Pocket infrared thermometer / mini ir thermometer with below functions ,it is very good hand tool in our daily life.
  • IR-FA Series - Fiber Optic Radiation Thermometer The IR-FA series is a fiber optic radiation thermometer featuring multi-function and high-speed response. Three types, single-color type for low temperature, single-color type for medium/high temperature and two-color type, are available. Parameter setting function, signal modulation and analog output are built in. Various options including lens assembly with finder, laser-spotting function, analog input and communications interface are available.
  • KT307 - Infrared thermometer The infrared thermometer is non-contact infrared temperature measuring instrument, featuring a 4 digits backlight LCD, scan/hold function and auto power off
    KTI Ketai Instrument

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