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  • KL-9826/9836 - Digital Hygro Thermometer Maximum and minimum temperature and humidity memory function with optional daily reset function. C/°F range selectable at any time. Time display .
    Kelilong Electron
  • 4980 - Dual-Laser-Pointer IR-Thermometer, -50 ... +800°C These non-contact infrared thermometers can be used to measure the temperature of objects surface that is improper to be measured by traditional (contact) thermometers such as moving objects, the surface with electricity current or the objects which are uneasy to be touched.
    PeakTech Prüf- Und
  • KL-9806 - Digital Mini Thermometer LCD display. In/out temperature measurement. Super-thinness design.
    Kelilong Electron
  • MS6550B - Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer Optical Resolution (D:S) (50:1) lWide temperature measurement tange lLaser target pointer lReadout is ?&?selectable lKTC/infrared thermometers selection lTemperature Resolution: 0.1?or 0.1? lLCD with double temperature display and 4 bits lMAX(highest), MIN(lowest),DIF(difference),and AVG (average) temperature display lEmissivity adjustable (0.10 to 1.00) lHigh-temp,and low-temp.alarm.
    Precision Mastech
  • PCE-MF 1 - Infrared Thermometer The PCE-MF 1 Mini Infrared Thermometer is a robust and easy-to-use device that measures surface temperature. The PCE-MF 1 Mini Infrared Thermometer has a display which shows both the current temperature and max. and min. values during the measurement.
    PCE Instruments
  • KL-9856 - Digital Hygro Thermometer Maximum and minimum temperature and humidity. Memory function with optional daily reset function. C/°F range selectable at any time.
    Kelilong Electron
  • CENTER 301 - Thermometer Dual Input Dual Input. Dual Display. Simulataneous MAX AVG MIN Measurement. Auto Power Off. REL Function. HOLD Function. Resolution 0.1 ¢XC,0.1¢XF 
    Center Technology
  • DT200 - Differential thermometer The DT200 gives fast, accurate, reliable temperature measurements with recording of MIN/MAX and time stamp. The rugged, water resistant design will withstand most working conditions while the ergonomic design fits easily in your hand and offers an easy to read triple digital display. 
    Kane International
  • MS6550A - Infrared Thermometer Optical Resolution (D:S) (50:1) lWide temperature measurement tange lLaser target pointer lReadout is ℉&℃ selectable lKTC/infrared thermometers selection lTemperature Resolution: 0.1℃ or 0.1℉
    Kingding Industrial
  • HT-6889 - Infrared Thermometers Precise Non-contact measurements * Unique flat surface, modern housing design * Laser Targeting * LCD with back light * °C or °F select switch * laser ON/OFF switch * Automatic power off * Over range indication * Max,Min DIF,AVG record * Adjustable emissivity * High and low alarm
    Starmeter Instruments
  • CHY 800A - K/J-types thermometer Data Storage for 120 samples. Highly accurate single input thermometer with 0.1% basic accuracy. Large display for easy to read. Robust protective Holster. Thermocouple offset adjust. °C/°F selection. MIN/MAX/HOLD functions. Display back-light. Auto-Power Off. Auto-Range: 0.1/1°. Wide measuring ranges suit for versatile applications.
    CHY Firemate Co
  • EX450 - 8 Function Professional MultiMeter + InfraRed Thermometer Averaging, autoranging DMM with large digit LCD display and IR temperature function
    Extech Instruments
  • RH355 - Dual Input Hygro-Thermometer Psychrometer Kit Includes a RH350 with 33% and 75% calibration bottles, 2 Type K probes, PC cable, and case
    Extech Instruments
  • TTH-006 - Hygro Thermometer with Alert (1)Hygrometer Specification: (2)Size: 110× 100× 20mm (3)Working voltage: 1.5V (4)Temperature gauge scope: -50~70℃ (-58~158℉) (5)Hygrometer Moisture gauge scope: 10~95%RH (6)Display resolution: 0.1℃/℉, 1%RH (7)Accuracy: ± :±1℃/℉; ±5%RH (8)Temperature sampling period: 10S
  • DA430 - Hygro-Thermometer Anemometer The Pacer DA430 Rotating Vane Hygro-Thermometer Anemometer is a high quality instrument providing highly accurate humidity, air velocity, and temperature measurements in harsh environments via a user-friendly & intuitive interface. Applications include manufacturing, laboratory, computer rooms, environmental control, flow hood monitoring, and other applications where precise air measurement is required.
    Pacer Instruments
  • 800025 - Wireless Thermometer Set Read the temperature inside an environmental chamber or clean room without opening the door. Mount the sensor outdoors (the sensor is weatherproof), in green houses, warehouses, air ducts and other hard to reach places and continuously monitor their ambient temperature from a remote location. The wireless sensor broadcasts the temperature to the monitor from up to 100' (30M) away without obstructions via a wireless RF signal.
    Sper Scientific
  • TTH-001B - Hygro thermometer with Back light New hygro thermometer with backlight function . 1.Size: 110× 100× 20mm 2.Working voltage: 1.5V 3.Temperature gauge scope: -50~70oC (-58~158 ° F) 4.Moisture gauge scope: 10~95%RH Display resolution: 0.1C/0.1 F, 1%RH 5.Accuracy: +/-1C/1 F, +/-5%RH
  • BE300 - Non-Contact IR Infrared Thermometer This IR Thermometer with good precision is designed to quickly & accurately measure temperature of object's surface from -50 to 380°C or -58 to 716°F with Laser guide. It safely measure the surface temperature of hot, hazardous, reflective, shiny, hard-to-objects with ease.
    Bestone Industrial
  • 300/400/600/700/900 Series - Vapor Actuated Remote Dial Indicating Thermometers Indicates media temperature using a temperature-actuated liquid in the sensing element and a highly accurate, high quality pressure gauge As the media temperature increases, the capillary fill fluid vaporizes, increasing pressure in the Bourdon tube to activate the movement and pointer for proper indication
  • 392050 - Penetration Stem Dial Thermometer Measures temperature in air, liquids and semi-solids
    Extech Instruments
  • EM526 - INFRARED THERMOMETER This thermometer is a non-contact temperature measuring thermometer using infrared technology. You can use it to measure the surface temperature of an object or use it to find leaks along walls, molding, ductwork and more, the auto color change feature provides quick, intuitive feedback, showing you where to caulk, insulate, etc.
  • Non Contact Digital Infrared Thermometer For Hot And Cold Food After take aim and press key, surface temperature of measured object will be read in a second > With ℃/℉ temperature unit convertible > Adjustable emissivity from 0.10 to 1.00.(The default is 0.95) > Field of View: 12:1.(D:S= 12:1,example: at a distance of 12 inches the reading spot size is 1 inches) > Multifunctional measurement: maximum value, minimum value,temperature difference,average value,contract value > Allows non-contact precisions measurement,movable object ,charged surface and hard-to-reach objects measurement.
    Guangzhou Amittari
  • AF110 - Infrared Thermometers Range of products from -32 C to 2200 C.
    Rinch Industrial
  • BE1350 - Digital Professional Infrared Thermometer The Professional Digital Infrared Thermometer is a reliable device used for measuring temperature of the object's surface, which is applicable for various hot, hazardous or hard-to-reach objects without contact safely and quickly. Just aim the Laser Point, press the button, and read the temperature in less than a second. It makes aiming even more precise.
    Bestone Industrial

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Thermometers - An instrument for measuring temperature.