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  • KL-9856 - Digital Hygro Thermometer Maximum and minimum temperature and humidity. Memory function with optional daily reset function. C/°F range selectable at any time.
    Kelilong Electron
  • 4373 - Traceable® Memory/Waterproof Thermometer Waterproof with data log memory. Max/min temperature reading.
    Control Company
  • KL-9826/9836 - Digital Hygro Thermometer Maximum and minimum temperature and humidity memory function with optional daily reset function. C/°F range selectable at any time. Time display .
    Kelilong Electron
  • ADD 006 - A/C Digital Thermometer @Press button once to change the temperature unit. @DATA HOLD FUNCTION: @Press "HOLD" button once to retain readingor icon flashing @then press "HOLD" button once again to release the HOLD function.
    TalentCar Electronic
  • KL-9806 - Digital Mini Thermometer LCD display. In/out temperature measurement. Super-thinness design.
    Kelilong Electron
  • 800007 - Thermometer 2 Channel Type K/J Although mini sized, light weight and inexpensive, these units provide extremely accurate and reliable temperature measurement with all the versatility and range of type K & J thermometers. Features relative, min/max/ave temperature, hold, and touch tone buttons. Results are displayed on a large 1¼" x 1¾" LCD. An adjustment allows the user to easily calibrate to ice point or any other standard. Model 800007 will read and display results from two probes simultaneously and track the difference between them (T1-T2). Come ready to use with a 9V battery and beaded wire probe (2 probes for 800007). N.I.S.T. traceable certificate of compliance available.
    Sper Scientific
  • ST-8818 - Series Professional High Temperature InfraRed Thermometers 8818 Series High Temperature IR Thermometers point and measure technology provide fast, easy and accurate readings for most surface temperature measurements.
    Standard Instruments
  • DT-10 - Electronic Thermometer • Temp. Range: 50ºC to 300ºC
    • ºF/ºC switchable
    • Min-Max Memory
    • Data Hold Button
    • Precision:±2℃,
    Shenzhen Honest Metal
  • 65 Series - Handheld Infrared Thermometers Reach for a rugged Fluke 60 series IR thermometer for jobs requiring temperature measurement in hard-to-reach, hot, rotating, or dangerous situations Get accurate readings over a broad range of temperatures -40°C to 760°C (-40 °F to 1400 °F). Plus, the enhanced optics allow you to measure smaller objects further away. All with a comfortable and easy to use handheld device.
  • TA368 - max min hygro thermometer time The instrument has one string to deduct location behind one’s back and prop up the board, can hang on the wall or put on the desk
  • MS6520A - Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer Optical resolution 10:1 lAutomatic range lDual LCD Display lMAX?MIN?AVG value selectable l?/?display selection lBack light lSingle-spot laser sighting lHold function lLow battery indication lAuto Power Off
    Precision Mastech
  • AST6896 - Infrared Thermometer 1350 1.Backlight LCD display 2.High Temperature range:-50 °C -1350 °C( -58 °F -2462 °F) 3. Distance coefficient: 50:1 4.Tyep K Temp.Range:-50°C to 1370°C/-58°F to 2498°F 5.Tyep K Temp.Resolution:0.1°to 2000°,1°over 2000° 6.Response Time:Less than 150ms 7.Resolution:0.1°C/°F
  • VA8020 - Thermometer and Vane anemometer VA8020 measures air speed and temperature. It is ideal for quick spot checks at air outlets on account of its integrated measurement with the 40mm vane. Timed mean calculation is possible. In addition to air speed and temperature, testo 410-2 also measures air moisture. Testo's very own, patented humidity sensor guarantees accurate readings. In this way, air conditions can be reliably checked.
    Shanghai Yi Hua V&A
  • UA1320 UA6802 - Digital Thermometer Digital Thermometer
    Shenzhen High Technology
  • 445713 - Big Digit Indoor/Outdoor Hygro-Thermometer Simultaneous display of Temperature and Humidity
    Extech Instruments
  • 20T - Palm Top 2 channels high accuracy thermometer The optimal solution to calibrate all type of thermoelectric sensors, transmitters and temperature switches.
  • MSpro LT - Portable Thermometer Wide temperature range from -32°C to 760°C Spectral range: 8 to 14 µm Adjustable emissivity of 0.100 to 1.100 High optical resolution of 40:1 Acoustic and visual high and low alarm Price starts from 249,- Euro (plus VAT)
    Optris GmbH
  • 72-8545 - Pocket Infrared Digital Thermometer with 6:1 Ratio Simply point this thermometer at any object and push the button to get a fast, accurate temperature reading. Laser pointer helps ensure that you are pointing in the right direction.
  • CHY 804/ 804U/ 804W/ 804UW - Dual input RTD thermometer Dual input function. Pt3916/Pt3926/Pt385 RTD standard. MAX/MIN with elapsed time, AVG, REL, HOLD function. Warning beeper with Hi/Lo setting. Time setting, REL setting. According to temperature standard ITS-90. °C/°F user-selective. Resolution 0.1°C or 0.2°F.
    CHY Firemate Co
  • S3120 - Thermometer-Hygrometer S3120 - thermometer-hygrometer including dew point temperaturewith internal T+RH sensors
  • TP-307 - Thermometer The thermometers are compact size low cost units. It will fulfill the need for most of every day applications. Even though this seems to be an entry level unit, the measuring range is still wide. The sensor can provide with sufficient accuracy for application
  • CHY 806A/ 806AW - Multilogger thermometer USB Port provides excellent user interface. DC 12V adapter. Basic accuracy: 0.05%. Dual inputs with K/J/E/T/R/S/N thermocouple. Triple display with set-table backlight. Real time clock and calendar. Data logger capacity: Save data: 256 samples with real-time data. Data logger: 16 sets, Max 16000 data capacity. Easy read data with uP/down keys. Selectable Auto Power Off function. Warning beeper with Hi/Lo setting. Max/Min/AVG/REL/HOLD function. MAIN display for T1/T2. SECOND display for T1/T2. THIRD display for T1-T2, with real time clock and
    CHY Firemate Co
  • H200 - Single Channel Thermocouple Thermometer The model H200 is an easy to use single channel thermocouple thermometer with a wide testable temperature range suitable for use with many thermocouple probe types.
    Anaheim Scientific
  • ST380A - Infrared Thermometer 4-digital multiple LCD display with backlit Sigle dot laser targeting Auto data hold,max,value measurment C/F display selection Auto-power off Low battery indication
    Starmeter Instruments

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